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Swampasuchus by Kiryu2012 Swampasuchus :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 9 9
Death Battle Preview: Disharmonic Hajike

Kiryu: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all.
Gwangi: It's time for a Death Battle!
The sun shined brightly over the land of Equestria. Birds flew high above the grassy ground, their songs being heard through the air. Amongst the green grass that covered the land, flowers bloomed, their beautiful colors assisting in making the land look like a true world of harmony.
Sadly, all of that was about to be ruined.
It started off simple enough. A small patch of grass began to twitch slightly, and not because of the gentle breeze that blew by, making the blades of grass sway gently. Rather, this patch began to suddenly jerk back and forth, and it appeared to be rising upwards. What started off as being a part of the endless flat land now was a clear bump in the ground, and it was about to split apart.
A clawed hand suddenly burst outwards, clumps of dirt falling from the limb as it exited the underground. The
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 1 2
Godzilla 2000 Baptizes Death Battle in Flames!

Name: Godzilla
Species: Dinosaur Kaiju
Height: 55 meters
Weight: 25,000 tons
Battled against the military
Fought the Millennian UFO, and later Orga, and triumphed
-Destroyed a powergrid by stomping it out
-Wrestled with the 40,000 ton Orga
-Knocked the UFO out of the air with his tail
--The UFO weighs 19,000 tons
-Withstood constant bombardment from the UFO’s energy shockwaves and a building falling on top of him
-Survived being sent flying backwards by the UFO’s beam
-Survived getting assaulted by the Full Metal Missiles
-The footage of the Full Metal Missiles being test
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 15 1
Name: Numachi
Height: 110 meters
Weight: 75,000 tons
Length: 110 meters
Description: Numachi stands in an upright posture, somewhat reminiscent of Charles Knight’s Tyrannosaurus, but he is capable of moving on all fours. His tail is similar in appearance to a crocodile’s, and his digitigrade legs resemble a theropod’s, but are bulkier and more muscular in comparison. His arms are long and muscular, with each hand ending in four large hook-like claws reminiscent of a Spinosaur’s. His head is a Spinosaur’s, but with bulkier, stronger jaws and bladelike teeth more akin to a Tyrannosaur’s. Running down his back is a row of backwards pointing spikes quite similar to Varan’s. His tongue is forked like a snake’s, but doesn’t function like a snake’s. His eyes are golden, his body is a charcoal gray, and his flesh and blood are glowing blue in color.
Info: Nobody knows how long Numachi has been
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 1 0
Death Battle Claim: Indominus Rex vs Indoraptor by Kiryu2012 Death Battle Claim: Indominus Rex vs Indoraptor :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 13 12
Neon Katt Never Misses a Beat in Death Battle!

Name: Neon Katt
Species: Cat Faunus
First Appearance: RWBY (Never Miss a Beat)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Battled against Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long alongside Flynt Coal
Alongside the other students, defended Beacon Academy during the invasion of the Grimm and White Fang
-Kicked Yang hard enough to send her flying into a wall
-Dodged Yang’s shots
-Repeatedly dodged Yang’s attacks
--Yang was able to keep up with Ren, who in turn was able to dodge sniper shots

-Repeatedly struck Yang in a flurry of hits
-Outran a Boarbatusk
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 7 1
Name: Tigris
Alias: None
Height: 65 meters at the shoulder
Length: 120 meters
Mass: 60,000 tons
Element: Earth
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: Tigris essentially is a giant tiger that has a body shape similar to a Siberian Tiger's, with slightly longer and more muscular forelegs than his hind legs. He sports a pair of fangs similar to Smilodon's, but they are shorter and more robust, more like a T-rex's teeth. These canines are hidden when his mouth is closed. His shoulders are somewhat hunched like a Grizzly Bear's.
Info: Tigris is presumed to be a descendent of the Ngandong Tiger, that has evolved to become the top predator of its ecosystem by becoming giant in comparison to most carnivores, and to also compete with the Dragons they coexisted with.
Personality: Tigris behaves pretty much like any other tiger: He simply wishes to be left alone and live contently, but if he is either denied this or knows he is
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 2 0
Marvel Godzilla is the King in Death Battle!
(Note: This bio includes feats done by Godzilla when he’s been at different sizes.)

Name: Godzilla
Species: Dinosaur kaiju
First Appearance: Godzilla Volume 1
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Battled with kaiju such as Red Ronin
Fought with, and then alongside, Devil Dinosaur
Fought SHIELD, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers

-Staggered the Thing with a blow from his tail

-Broke one of Invisible Woman’s forcefields

-Destroyed a dam

-Pulled a kaiju out of its tunnel

-Crushes a truck in his grip

-Tossed around Devil Dinosaur
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 17 4
Name: Drakaros
Aliases: N/A
Height: 130 meters
Length: 275 meters
Mass: 350,000 tons
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: Drakaros is a type of chimera, having the parts of a multitude of animals. He has the head of a Gorgonopsid with gray fur and golden eyes, with the black mane of a lion that bears a white stripe running down the front. His bulky body is that of a grizzly bear’s. He has the left arm of a lion, the right arm of a tiger, the blue left leg of a Tyrannosaurus, the green right leg of a Utahraptor, and the green tail of a crocodile. His flesh and blood are purple in color.
Info: Whether he was always a chimera or transformed into one still unknown, Drakaros is a monstrous chimera that roams the wilderness, hunting anything he deems edible. He’s had a long history of being pursued by a variety of alien hunters and kaiju that have deemed him a worthy challenge, only for him to either repel or kill his mar
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 1 1
Gorosaurus Kangaroo Kicks down Death Battle!
(Note: For this bio, it’s assumed that the Gorosaurus that appears in King Kong Escapes is the same individual seen in Destroy All Monsters.)

Name: Gorosaurus
Species: Dinosaur kaiju
First Appearance: King Kong Escapes
Height: 20 meters (even though he clearly stands as tall as the 50 meter tall Godzilla)
Length: 35 meters
Weight: 8,000 tons
Battled the likes of King Kong
-Though one must note that the Kong Gorosaurus fought is NOT the same Kong that fought Godzilla in 1962
Alongside Godzilla, Anguirus, and other kaiju, helped kill King Ghidorah
-In fact, he was the very kaiju who knocked down King Ghidorah and thus seal Ghidorah’s fate
-Bit onto Kong’s arm
-Bit into Kong’s leg
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 7 7
Blue Dragon Aesthetic (F2U) by Kiryu2012 Blue Dragon Aesthetic (F2U) :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 4 0 Reptile Monster Aesthetic (F2U) by Kiryu2012 Reptile Monster Aesthetic (F2U) :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 1 0
Mature content
DBX: King Godzilla vs Trilopod :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 5 4
MMMM Entry: Krustakinos
Monster Type: Crustacean
Krustakinos resembles a semi-anthropomorphic crab covered in purple armor, with large jagged claws, glowing golden eyes, a lobster-like tail, and an almost human-like mouth filled with jagged pointed yellow plates representing his teeth. His underside’s a pinkish-white, and his blood is blue.
Origin: Visiting from another planet
Hailing from an alien planet where crustacean-like aliens are commonplace, Krustakinos is an escaped convict who was wanted for the murder of many of his kind. Escaping onto a teleporting shuttle, Krustakinos arrived on our planet and, all too intrigued with the life on this planet, deciding to go on a killing spree for shits and giggles.
Motivation: Sadism
Krustakinos was always a little unhinged mentally speaking, and it was quite apparent whenever he was in battle; he had too much fun tearing his opponents’ limbs off, or bashing their heads in, or crushing, ripping, and generally
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 3 5
RWBY: Grimm Hunter
An emotion brought on by any possibility of danger. Fear drives living beings to do anything it takes to survive.
And it was fear that propelled the deer through the woods. High above, the full moon shined brightly, but its beauty was useless as the cervine ran as fast as she could. The doe’s heart beat fast, pumping blood through her veins as she forced herself to continue to gallop. There was a damn good reason for her to run as fast as she was.
Predators were on the hunt.
Hot breath brushed against the deer’s legs as her pursuers kept up with her. No matter how much she leaped and ran, the doe could not lose her assailants as they hounded her with bloodlust. The deer was near her limit, and yet the hoofed mammal made herself run still. It was all she could do.
But it was simply in vain.
Pain shot up the deer’s body as gnashing jaws caught her right flank, cutting right through the muscle and connective tissue. Blood promptly spilled out across the forest floo
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 4 0
RWBY Shipping Meme by Kiryu2012 RWBY Shipping Meme :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 2 0


Mega Tyranitar by DuchessLunaire Mega Tyranitar :iconduchesslunaire:DuchessLunaire 17 2 Ultimate Lady by Matsu-sensei
Mature content
Ultimate Lady :iconmatsu-sensei:Matsu-sensei 176 9
Which of you will oppose me first? by DELIRIO88 Which of you will oppose me first? :icondelirio88:DELIRIO88 215 18 Two Godzillas by he-burrows Two Godzillas :iconhe-burrows:he-burrows 73 4 Lazili Labs: Andromeda by GoneViral Lazili Labs: Andromeda :icongoneviral:GoneViral 90 20 Kai'Sa-Commission by SlickPens
Mature content
Kai'Sa-Commission :iconslickpens:SlickPens 182 6
Faertilitea by SlickPens
Mature content
Faertilitea :iconslickpens:SlickPens 279 18
Ruby Rose by SacaenBloom Ruby Rose :iconsacaenbloom:SacaenBloom 57 5 Makoto by SacaenBloom Makoto :iconsacaenbloom:SacaenBloom 34 4 RWBY - Chibi Neo~Picked by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Chibi Neo~Picked :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 113 9 Sacred Lake by sixpathsoffriendship Sacred Lake :iconsixpathsoffriendship:sixpathsoffriendship 42 7 Scar by Dravening Scar :icondravening:Dravening 73 1 Night and Light Fury by TsaoShin Night and Light Fury :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 4,433 338 Never Hesitate by Seffiron Never Hesitate :iconseffiron:Seffiron 79 10 Waging a War by Seffiron Waging a War :iconseffiron:Seffiron 84 13 Rampage MLP George by Pyrus-Leonidas Rampage MLP George :iconpyrus-leonidas:Pyrus-Leonidas 37 27



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It makes me sad that we don’t have a great dinosaur fighting game in the style of games like Jurassic Park Warpath or Primal Rage, but with the graphics of Jurassic World Evolution.

Such a fitting song in regards to Net Neutrality and the European copyright law.
I wanna try venison and rabbit. Alligator, too.
Never has any film in this franchise made me feel such excitement, sadness, love towards both the humans and dinosaurs, and made me want to see more and more.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a goddamn great film, is what I'm saying.


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The Son of Khaos
Just a guy who likes writing Death Battles, DBXs, and stories in general.

-My Little Pony
-Godzilla, Gamera, and daikaiju as a whole
-Team Fortress 2
-Death Battle
-More that I can't be bothered to add

Where else you can find me:
Furaffinity: Kiryu2012
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