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What Types Would I Be? by Kiryu2012 What Types Would I Be? :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 0 7
190 Dragon-Type Prompts
Inspired by :iconLediblock2: and :iconSkarmorySilver:.
Pure Dragon:
-Crystal Palace based Iguanodon
-Lizardfolk with frilled ears similar to Gorgo’s, and a crocodilian tail
-Dracorex with larger horns, sharp teeth, and sizable claws
-Dragon type Eeveelution
-Serpentine dragon based on woodcut designs
-Western style Dragon with vestigial wings that function as a larger pair of arms
-Charles Knight styled Tyrannosaurus
-Large dromaeosaurid with scaly skin and curled horns
-Terrestrial mosasaur with clawed flippers and a spiny back
-Crystal Palace based Megalosaurus
-Tiger with Eastern dragon motif
-Carnivorous Parasaurolophus with sharp claws and pointed teeth
-Alphyn with draconic head and forelimbs
-Larger cousin of Kangaskhan that’s more aggressive and has some ratio of males that can be proud fathers
-Monstergirl with both dragon and theropod features, having horns and scaly skin alongside theropod-like legs, sharp claws and teeth, and a long
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 2 3
Name: Mariana
Alias: N/A
Height: 250 meters
Weight: 800,000 tons
Length: 450 meters
Description: Mariana is a massive mosasaur standing upright, with a body shape rather similar to that of Monsterverse Godzilla’s. His thick and muscular digitigrade legs end in four talons on each foot, while his fairly long and strong arms each end in four sizable claws. His powerful tail is tipped with flukes, and several rows of osteoderms run down his back. His eyes are fiery orange, while his body is blue, with dark blue stripes running down his back. He has a double row of sharp teeth, his flesh and blood are blue, and his hands and feet are webbed.
Backstory: A late-surviving species of mosasaur, Mariana dwelled at the bottom of the Mariana Trench (hence his name). When some dumb humans decided to set off a nuke within the trench to see what would happen, Mariana was awakened, absorbing the nuclear fallout and emerging from his home to give t
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 2 0
Death Battle Claim: Trogdor vs Charizard by Kiryu2012 Death Battle Claim: Trogdor vs Charizard :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 5 0 Mr. Grinch (Art by Dragonlover101040) by Kiryu2012 Mr. Grinch (Art by Dragonlover101040) :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 8 0 Crocodile Aesthetic by Kiryu2012 Crocodile Aesthetic :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 6 0 Godzilla Aesthetic by Kiryu2012 Godzilla Aesthetic :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 6 0 Kaiju Aesthetic by Kiryu2012 Kaiju Aesthetic :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 6 0 Dark Beast Aesthetic by Kiryu2012 Dark Beast Aesthetic :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 4 0 Chimera Aesthetic (F2U) by Kiryu2012 Chimera Aesthetic (F2U) :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 5 0 Let's see how this goes by Kiryu2012 Let's see how this goes :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 2 2
DBX: Beowolf vs Xenomorph Warrior

No Rules
Just Bloodshed

The dark sewers stretched for miles through the underground. No light pierced the darkness except for the barely functioning light bulbs, their glow hardly permeating the pitch black that filled the manmade tunnels.
And it was through these tunnels that a lone Beowolf prowled. The Grimm had been lured here by the negativity that still lingered within these sewers; fear, anger, horror. All were felt in the manmade tunnels and the Beowolf came to feed from them.
However, the Grimm was not alone in these sewers. As the wolflike beast continued his way through the tunnels, another form emerged from a different section of the sewers. This beast, though not a Grimm in nature, was every bit as black as the night just like it, and its claws and teeth were more than capable of rending the flesh of any unlucky soul that came here.
Its tail flexing behind it, th
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 5 0
Death Battle Claim: Drunk As I Like by Kiryu2012 Death Battle Claim: Drunk As I Like :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 5 2 DB Claim: Tyrannosaurus vs Giganotosaurus by Kiryu2012 DB Claim: Tyrannosaurus vs Giganotosaurus :iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 8 14
Super Smash Bros Bio: Godzilla

Real Name: Godzilla, Gojira
Weight Class/Playstyle: Heavyweight
Debuts: Godzilla (1954)(Film Appearance/Godzilla vs 3 Giant Monsters (1984)(Video Game Appearance)
Voice Actor: Godzilla
Bio: In the year 1954, Tokyo was ravaged by a monstrous titan of radioactive power named Gojira, or Godzilla. The kaiju’s reign of terror resulted in the lost lives of thousands of people, until the brave Doctor Serizawa sacrified himself to end Godzilla’s destruction by killing him with the Oxygen Destroyer. However, this would be far from the end for Godzilla, for the kaiju has come back to continue his legacy. To this day, Godzilla has either terrorized or saved the Earth, destroying cities and battling other daikaiju as he continues to reign as King of the Monsters.

:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 4 2
DB Tourney Round 1: Overview

Kiryu: Welcome folks, to something a little bit different today.
Gwangi: Wait, don’t you still have other Death Battles that need to be done-
Kiryu: Shut the fuck up, I’ll do them! Anyway, today is the day we start the Death Battle Tournament. Basically, this will be a tournament featuring most of the characters we’ve made profiles for, with each fighter pitted against one another in a series of brackets, with the winner of each round moving up a bracket. Here is the current bracket:
Gwangi: And now, onto the rules!
-All fighters will be placed in a randomly chosen environment, which may or may not play a factor in the outcome of the fight itself depending on the setting itself.
-In some fights, one or both of the fighters will have their size(s) adjusted to avoid size stomps.
-To save up on time and energy, there will not be any preludes like for normal Death Battles. Rather, all
:iconkiryu2012:Kiryu2012 1 1



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If I ever discover a new dinosaur species, you bet your ass I'm gonna be naming it Bobobo.

Youtube Recommended: LGBT Characters in RWBY Suck and Here Is Why in 5 Minutes

Me, who was only watching Gmod videos, reaction mashups, and Smash Ultimate montages recently: :ICON: Demoman is shocked  

Tagged by :iconthatrandomdbwriter:

1.) What are you most proud for in life so far (in or outside of social media)
Hell if I know.

2.) WHat's your favorite live-action show?
Don't have one.

3.) WHat's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a forest?
Haven't been in a forest in years, so I can't say.

4.) What movie directors do you hate the most?
I have no idea.

5.) What's your favorite show on Netflix?
Don't have one.

My questions: None

I tag: Nobody


Kiryu2012's Profile Picture
The Son of Khaos
Just a guy who likes writing Death Battles, DBXs, and stories in general.

-My Little Pony
-Godzilla, Gamera, and daikaiju as a whole
-Team Fortress 2
-Death Battle
-More that I can't be bothered to add

Where else you can find me:
Furaffinity: Kiryu2012
Tumblr: Kiryu The Chimera
Steam: (SiNG)Kiryu2012
Discord: Kiryu2012#1618

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:iconshamuplz3::iconshamuplz4::iconsonicchaseplz: :iconhomerrunplz::iconsaysplz:You're too slow!

:iconhomerrunplz::iconsaysplz:Let's do this!:iconweegeewalkplz:

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:iconw1plz::iconw2plz::iconw3plz::iconheavyplz::iconsaysplz:I AM BULLET PROOF!!!





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:icondisneyhadesplz::iconsaysplz:Oh, right. :icongraveplz:


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:iconalduinplz::iconsaysplz:Oh, crap, Paarthurnax's having another Mario moment.


:iconheavyplz::iconsaysplz:POW, HAHA!
:iconheavyplz::iconsaysplz:You are dead. Not big surprise.

I ship it. :U



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( (> CAN'T
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<) )> SLEEP
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