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Sometimes I question why i act this way....but then i remember...ohh pills. This woman i know i think is pretty cute, but oddly enough i cant say anything around her, its like i have absolutely nothing to say, or like a mute button. But also sometimes she does get a tad bit annoying, just that she spurts out japanese too many times and it makes me feel like i was going to have an aneurism. My friend Dom i cant wait to move in, just being in a room with someone i can trust will make me relax. My job is going to be tough but i think i can handle it. But just trying to communicate with this woman is not as easy as i thought, aw hell i dont see why i cant talk to her its like a fucking wall. No doubt it is because of the way i act around her, all i do is something different from everyone else, reason forth is because all the times i am kind and cheery, the people i care for only see me as a friend, and for me it has been too many times. Oh well, im love retarded i guess, i need to stop being that way, otherwise i will be going nowhere. Also half of me says to hell with love, that it screwed me over everytime and that im walking into another trap. There is always hope, i just got to wait for it to catch up. Dom, U DA PINECONE!!! Peace and honor to everyone!
  • Listening to: A song in my head.
  • Watching: My friends talking.
  • Eating: jawbreaker
Im having a bit of trouble with the submition....but when i get through it it will be working on a plague marine...from chaos horde of warhammer 40k...made in ink charcoal and looks wicked...cant wait to finish that one...
Sweet im finally in deviant art....soon enough i place in some pics....this is going to be sweet...