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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 8:15 AM
Well, new website is up! Huzzah! Check it out at:

....Not very good at making links. (Oh hey it made it for me! How thoughtful! :D)

For those of you that have Skyrim on steam. You no doubt have tried out the steam Workshop system, where you can get mods for your game. I have been enjoying this far too much as its the only thing I play on weekends and after drawing all day.

While trying out mods like one that where you can freeze to death or a mod that makes blizzards more intense (And when I mean intense I mean I can see a few feet in front of me.) I thought of something that would be pretty cool but dangerous to add to Skyrim.........AVALANCHES!!!Is that how you spell it? Oh well.

We all know that being dragonborn, you have the advantage of using your shouts.....what if it becomes a disadvantage as well as an advantage in using the environment! Imagine a group of bandits chasing you along a mountain side, and you let out a loud shout. Then you hear a rumble and look up to see a massive wall of snow heading your way. Though usually impossible in real life, you could jump out of the way and take out the bandits!

This mod could also add rockfalls, falling glaciers, and if someone is VERY good at coding, shatter the ground beneath you. Its the kind of mod which if you want more immersion, challenge and test your computer. But it can also be aggravating to anyone who is not wise with their shouts. I will probably pitch that to some modder later.

Well I hope everyone had a good Easter, other then that, the job search continues!


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Sometimes I question why i act this way....but then i remember...ohh pills. This woman i know i think is pretty cute, but oddly enough i cant say anything around her, its like i have absolutely nothing to say, or like a mute button. But also sometimes she does get a tad bit annoying, just that she spurts out japanese too many times and it makes me feel like i was going to have an aneurism. My friend Dom i cant wait to move in, just being in a room with someone i can trust will make me relax. My job is going to be tough but i think i can handle it. But just trying to communicate with this woman is not as easy as i thought, aw hell i dont see why i cant talk to her its like a fucking wall. No doubt it is because of the way i act around her, all i do is something different from everyone else, reason forth is because all the times i am kind and cheery, the people i care for only see me as a friend, and for me it has been too many times. Oh well, im love retarded i guess, i need to stop being that way, otherwise i will be going nowhere. Also half of me says to hell with love, that it screwed me over everytime and that im walking into another trap. There is always hope, i just got to wait for it to catch up. Dom, U DA PINECONE!!! Peace and honor to everyone!
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Im having a bit of trouble with the submition....but when i get through it it will be working on a plague marine...from chaos horde of warhammer 40k...made in ink charcoal and looks wicked...cant wait to finish that one...
Sweet im finally in deviant art....soon enough i place in some pics....this is going to be sweet...