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Just finished this in Daz 4.10. Rendered with 30 human characters and stonemason's urban environment. No post work was done. this is entirely within Daz Studio. :) Would love to hear what ya'll think!
Getting ready for the next adventure...
Iray rendered in daz 4.10
enterprise by JRXTIN
drydock and cargo ship by mattymanx
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Spirituality and the Mountain
By Michael David Mundwiller
June 24, 2016

   I am by no means a prophet, medium, messiah, guru, priest, pastor or any other such thing. I have my beliefs which are between me and my God and Goddess. I am not trying to suggest that my way is the only way as the world's major religions will and often push, even if it is only to their own congregations. What I have is my idea of how things between humanity and deity/deities should be.
A few years back I had a most unusual dream.

I stood upon a vast barren plain. Out before me, the plain extended so far that the curve of the earth was visible in the distance. A lone mountain, like Erebor from Tolkien's The Hobbit stood high over the plain. I knew immediately that this was no feature known on our planet. The sky was dark near the horizon and was brightest at the mountain's peak.
Around the base of the mountain, there were billions of people. From every race and creed. They wandered around the base and the mountain was so great that it took a lifetime for a person to walk completely around it. And there were people climbing the mountain, though there were nearly as many paths to the top as there were people.
At the top of the mountain, voices could be hear like a chorus. It was both male and female, it was filled with the infinite variations found in the languages of humanity.
And I heard the voices say in the most loving and deeply saddened tone say, “Come to me. Each of you, come to me.”
At the bottom of the mountain, I saw that there were great gateways with men guarding them, saying you can only climb the mountain this way. Yet they do not allow people to pass freely. There is no wall, but the people have been so confused by the guards that they do not realize it. The men guarding these gates give conflicting sermons to those wanting to climb. Some say that in order to be with the god they teach about, they must kill all those who refuse to enter through their gate. They teach that this will bring Deity or Deities down from the mountain's top. Still others teach that if they sit and wait as things fall apart, wait until things get bad enough that Deity or Deities will come down and clean up our mess. Both lines of thought teach that evil is an entity out to get the “Faithful” not that good and evil are a choice, a hallmark of the human condition.
There were yet other gates that were open and people were invited to climb along those paths. And there were still others who found paths that had no gates.
I wondered at those who ignored the gated areas completely and found their own path. These were those who wanted to find their own path because none of the gates they were exposed to made sense to them.
As I stood there, The voice/voices sounded from behind me and said, “This is how I see them. I mourn that all are not free to find us in their own way.”
I heard men and women as if they spoke the words together as a choir, as if they came from the same source. I turned to see, but what I saw I cannot describe adequately with words. Imagine seeing every man and woman you have ever encountered, all at once trying to occupy the same space. It was too much for a scientific mind like mine to take in.

I will take this moment to say that I have always sought out information in a scientific way. I have been told that GOD's ways are not ours and GOD can do anything HE wants. This made no sense to a young child looking for a logical answer. I want you to understand I was not a “normal” child. By the time I was in First Grade, I was reading Tolkien. This is not meant to be a boast, but a means of showing that my understanding of the planet on which we live on was greater than that of a “normal” child. I always thought that if GOD made the universe, he had to obey the rules of the universe or be a hypocrite. Right?

Getting back to my tale, (I hope I haven't lost you yet) I turned from this magnificent/terrifying being in an effort to keep my sanity. When my world settled around me I turned back and found the entity cloaked in a fine forest green fabric that covered from head to toe. I could no longer see the face or the hands.
I asked “What are you? Who are you?”
“The One that is Many and the Many that are One. You wish to know about the mountain beyond?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“The mountain is the symbol of the paths of spirituality. The gates are religions. The people are all those looking to find their own paths to answers the world cannot provide.”
I asked the only question I could think of. I thought it was the dumbest thing I could have said.
“Are you God?”
The was a masculine/feminine chuckle. “I am and I am not. I am a symbol for what you seek. Your mind's way of interpreting things you are not yet able to understand. For each person, there is One or there is Many. No one is wrong and everyone is wrong. No one is right and everyone is right. For you there must be a Balance, Male and Female, Light And Dark, Positive and Negative. Good and Evil.
“You will share this if you choose. But there will be consequences. No choice is wrong. Making a choice is an action. Actions have reactions. It is as simple as this. I want all to know that the gates are not the only way.”
“Why me?” I asked.
“Why not?” was the reply, and then he/she/they were gone. There was no flash of light, no puff of smoke, just there and then not.

I guess you might be wondering what the point to this was? I have firmly believed since then that this is my truth. If you believe my tale is true, a fabrication, or something made up by the “Devil”, then that is entirely up to you. And that is the point. Religions are made by men and women to control men and women. It is to further the “wealth” and “power” of  those in control. Spirituality is the relationship between a person and their deity.
There are other ways. If you follow a path of peace and love, live it. Don't say you are and then show up at a rally with a sign that says GOD HATES ______.  This shows you to be hypocritical. Deity doesn't hate anyone. Nor does Deity back any particular point of view. These are human constructs. If your deity or deities say, “Do what you will, but do no harm”, then live it. If your deity says, “Love others as you have loved me”, then do it with out reservation or limitation. If you believe Deity wants peace amongst all Deity's children, then be at peace with all.
If your Deity says kill all those who do not believe as you do, and you follow through with that, be prepared to have that done to you and those you love. For all people have a right to exist. All people have the right to love, all people have the right to worship how they choose and whomever they choose. All paths lead to deity/deities. Men and women are loved equally. And they will fight to live as they choose.
If your faith says not to tolerate certain things, then separate yourself from those things. If it doesn't want you to do certain things, then do not do those things. Let Deity judge others on their merits. You will be judged on yours and yours alone. Your faith and standing before Deity ends where mine begins. We are human and we will make mistakes. But we will each stand before Deity alone.
For those who hate, hate is a road that ends badly. Fear is the road to hate. Please find a better road. For hate will be returned with hate. Violence with violence. Death with death. Please, I beg you to find a better path.
I cannot stress this enough. Mankind needs to find a better way. Or our continuing struggle over the various forms of deity will result in our extinction.
These are my beliefs. If people agree with me, great. If you disagree with me, great. Let's talk as adults about our differences, find common ground. Discuss how we can live together on the same planet in peace. I am no prophet, not a devil, not a messiah, not a guru, not a priest, not a rabbi, not anything but a man who had a dream, a wish, an idea.
I am following my own path.

I thank you for you time and hope that this has in some way helped you in your faith. I hope that this has helped you as you travel down your own spiritual road. I ask my God and Goddess to look over you on your journey to find your own way to the mountain's peak.


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