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Chufagons are a closed species by mintfungi, owned by Adalgeuse and Kirsui 
Info about them: Terms of Services
This is just a masterpost to better keep track of my babies. :3

If I receive a chufa from someone else, I usually make a ref sheet sooner or later to better see how they work on my style (and to keep their designs somewhat consistent in my own work). Their ref sheets will have links to their official design and more detailed information about the chufa's personality as well.

I'll be featuring 3 newest additional art pieces of each chufa in this journal as well.
The others can be found from my gallery or my favourites.

~~ Furia ~~

Furia: chufa ref sheet by Kirsui

Other art

~~ Lordi Kaunisnaama ~~

Kaunisnaama: chufa ref sheet by Kirsui

Other art

YCH Chufa Lordi Kaunisnaama by Adalgeuse  Wanna hear a spooky story by OtterLynx  Spring Adventure by Kirsui

~~ Pip ~~

Pip: chufa ref sheet by Kirsui

Other art

The Chufa Supper by rosebvdss  log gathering by Moran-0 Chufa Gathering by nini-2004

~~ Ruska ~~ 

Ruska: chufa ref sheet by Kirsui

Other art

Autumn Chufa (SECRET SANTA GIFT) by strauberrio Mushroom Party - September Propmt by Adalgeuse Fall Chufa Custom by 102vvv

Unused MYO slots:
 1 mutation | 3 super rare | 2 rare
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