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Final Battle

One of my characters, Kelryn, an apprentice assassin. I wanted to try and put a little more of a background in my work and let the characters interact with the environment a little more. I'm always a little more attracted to illustrations that tell a little bit of a story but realized I hadn't really explored that with my own work in a long while. 

Always good to practice environment work a little more no?

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Oh damm....I am so cold....why is it getting so dark?

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Impressive art work, congratulations! Clap :) (Smile) 
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She reminds me of an older Arya Stark, also an assassin apprentice at the moment at the House of Black and White (Game of Thrones). Maybe a return to the North and Winterfell?
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I really love this, the emotion and intensity is spot on.

It gives me ideas, may I perchance write something taking inspiration for this?

I would of course link back to the original and give full credit for the inspiration!
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I would love that! I'm always flattered when one of my characters or my work can spark something in someone. I would love to see the result!
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Well I finished the piece and I took the liberty (I hope you will forgive me) of using the image for the cover.

I admit that I presumed a bit with what was happening here but I hope you enjoy it: First and Final Battle

Thank you again for letting me work based on your material.
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Pretty intense scene. I sure like it. So are we to assume she didn't make it past the apprentice stage?
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I actually haven't decided yet. She's a character from a story that I'm planning on turning into a graphic novel in the future. I just haven't fully fleshed out the whole thing yet :)
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I see, well if she makes it I'm sure she learned why it's preferable to assassinate people during their sleep. ;)
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