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This is the 2nd part of unposted pieces I didn’t feel like were good enough. Some are unfinished*

Cliff by kirokaze Dead-moon by kirokaze
Miniquest by kirokaze
City-ruins by kirokaze

Hoverboard2 by kirokaze
Strange-at-door by kirokaze
Waiting by kirokaze
Alien-invaders by kirokaze

1. Cliff  2. Dead moon
3. miniquest  4. City ruins
5. Hoverboard  6.Stranger at door
7. Waiting  8. Alien invaders

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Hi there,
Sometimes, when I practice making pieces I don't post them because I don't feel like they're good enough to my already low standard, but here there are 6 of them in part.

Cube-rain by kirokaze First-flight2 by kirokaze
Titan-slayers by kirokaze
Armor-upgrade2 by kirokaze Lady by kirokaze
Builder by kirokaze

1. Cube rain  2. First flight
3. Titan Slayers  4. Armor upgrade
5. Snow Lady  6. Builder