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Town Cliff

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The gauntlets look like metallic cloth, and I could point out tons of things about that shield, but besides that this is pretty great art. I love your game mockups. =D

So, about stuff that could be improved to make this work even better...

To be a bit more specific about the gauntlets:
Besides having sharply angled fingers and those segmented thumbs, they lack any structure of steel gauntlets. The open inner palm, articulation around the wrists,... ( ref:… ) I'm not asking for pixeling out every single sheet of steel. Just making a steel-less inner palm and adding a few wrist lines would be good enough.

Oh, and there is a thing about that door to be mentioned:
That center stone above the door would eventually fall down smashing someone's head. You'd either fit that block in place by giving its edges quite an angle, or more often you make the entire upper door case out of a single stone block. ( ref:… )

And to be quick about the shield:
If you have plate armour, then you do not need a shield, unless you are showing off on a parade or joining a joust. That second hand better fits a bigger can opener weapon. And even if you wanted to have a shield... that one is too small to be useful. Almost buckler size and you really don't need a buckler in full plate armour. ( ref:… or…)
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Good stuff!, thanks for for the criticism.
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Have you made a game?
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So cool!  Unsure how this game would play though....turn-based combat maybe?
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When it's a FPS and yet, it turned out to be 2D.

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This is super charming
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Awesome as always =D
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orgasm This is SO GOOD
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Hopefully Bethesda knows who to turn to now if they want to make a classical Elder Scrolls game :D (Big Grin) 
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Aye! Or at least who to use for inspiration for it.
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