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Shooting Stars

wanted to try to make a space themed piece again.
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Looks like Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts) on a Star Destroyer (Star Wars) bridge.

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Absolutely amazing Oops! 
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This is still one of my favorite pixel animations
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Woow so cool! Deadpool icon 
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"Beautiful, isn't it? A symphony of destruction, and I have the best seat in the galaxy."
Sorry, I love villain speeches Sweating a little...   Your work is just so awesome!
Did you just think up that villain quote? It could totally be from star wars or something
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villain speeches are the shit
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Lol Damn right they are! :)
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OMG i saw this picture on youtube as a backround gif for a song called "The Copycat" by Rob Gasser. This is so awesome :D
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Holy crap, this is sooo cool. I've always found such excellent pixel art pieces to be fascinating. Man, that lighting!
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Have you ever read Stanisław Lem's books? If you like scifi/space they might be a pretty nice inspiration. :)
If you haven't and you would like to, I suggest you starting with "Fables for Robots"("Bajki robotów"), which in English (as I read on the net) was published in two volumes: "Mortal engines" and "The Cosmic Carnival of Stanislaw Lem". I think you would like it the most as it combines scifi and space with knights and fantasy.
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Before I met you, I never ever saw pixel art and animation so big... now I want to make one myself! :D Thanks for being source of inspiration for fellow animator! :D
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