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Isometric Shoot 'em up mockup N 2

Another shooter mock up. This time with a isometric view for a change.
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wow thats pretty cool!
love the angolation you used!
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Sweeeeeeet! Viewpoint Styles!! Thanks for letting us feature this on our Shmuproom
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Thanks letting me join the group as well.:D (Big Grin) 
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Wish this were a reality. It's gorgeous. 
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Do you envision this having scrolling motion? Or more like Final Fantasy / Pokemon where one "fleet" faces of against another on each side of the screen?
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I was thinking diagonal scrolling(isometric), but now that You have said It could also work as turn based rpg :ohyes: 
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This looks amazing
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thank you very much, soul 8-) (Cool) 
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Wow, that is actually really pretty! I liked! You made me want to play it...
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COOL! Pero casi siempre los juegos pixel art tienen el arte de ET el extraterrestre :(
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Please make a game with Game Maker, with your art will be great!
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