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Coffee In rain

By kirokaze
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12 frames, except for the horizontal animation.
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© 2015 - 2021 kirokaze
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Wie kann man sich das als Hintergrund auf dem PC machen und das es sich da auch animiert bewegt? Ich finde das so gut gemacht, wenn man es die einfach darf als für PC Hintergrund? Gute Arbeit Übrigens! :D

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Excelente trabajo, Nice Job!.

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como faço para baixar este gif?

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can i use your art as art cover on my youtube beat project?

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This is a beautiful artwork! Can i use this as a youtube background for my lofi music?

(will link the artwork)

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Hey kiro! Can I take a frame of this and work with it for my PSN cover photo? The watermark will be cropped out, but I'll manually restore it. Also, what font did you use for your watermark?

EDIT: it'll be cropped out because I use black bars at the top & bottom of the screen to make art fit, and the image is an improper aspect ratio compared to the photos anyway.

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Hey, nice Gif. I saw this as a background in a twitch stream. Now I would like to set this gif as a wallpaper on my computer. But when I download it, the size is ,like here on deviantart, not 1920x1080. So, I would like how I could download your pixelart gif without making looses in size of your art.

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Download it, convert it to PNG, resize to 1920x1080 and use if you need higher quality.

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I love your artwork so much! Is it okay for me to post it on Tumblr? I will make sure there’s a Link on it to your page.

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Amazing work. :) Found on Reddit but wanted to find you to let you know. :) Also was wondering if I was able to use the image with link of course here for my stream when i am away thanks.

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thanks, but sorry no
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Ok thanks for responding :)

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Hmm... Originally seen this used in a YouTube video.  Sorry that you seem to have problems with that, but I honestly wouldn't have found this otherwise.  I love this kind of pixel art style, but not sure what the name of the style is.
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thanks, i'll contact that guy
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Wtf is with these pig thick artists denying opportunities for free publicity on peoples twitch pages and the like? kirokaze Why do you bother making your art if not for other people to view & appreciate it? If anyone ever asked me for some of my art to use on a youtube video, twitch page and the like I would be ecstatic because not only does it show that I am skilled and that people enjoy my work but it also serves as a way of getting my name out there and receive free publicity from it! Like almost everyone here, I enjoyed your work and was hoping to work with you on a few ideas I've got for my twitch page but I refuse to work with people who carry your sort of selfish "I am too good for you & your YouTube Channel" attitude so well done on throwing opportunities down the drain as it has now cost you another one! 
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Choosing begar

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Because I see value in publicity, I am a choosing beggar? HUH? Logic much?

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As a professional business consultant, I would not recommend a client to do work for free. It may not cost much to purchase Kirokaze's work, but generally, I think it is polite to ask. It is also a well-known concept to pay for hard work and talent.

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