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hope you had a great Week and i have big news on monday and it will be longer but veeeeeeeery interessting (and i will answer your question there KaumiThomason ) but many things about kiro and cathy will be reaveled and i even describe one of MY Top 10 Video Games!!! Speaking of Video Games: I'm so hyped cause of the Game City Vienna on Sunday!!! I hope i can play the KH 3 Demo and the Smash Bros Ultimate Demo and get Nintendo Stuff.
Photos will come 100 %!!! :happybounce:
:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Happy Bounce Happy Bounce Happy Bounce Happy Bounce 
Yo hi Friends! Today finally is the Day (where i will be busy afternoon, but first the 2nd Part of Thomas x Leah comes finally) but first i wanna put something clear:

You know what i don't like, Max-Black25 ? I don't like disrespect and that i still have to get angry. I always told HAKDurbin and other Shippings (don't worry, you are great Friends) that we respect Shippings herew and if you don't like certain Shippings, you don't have to LOVE them. But please, do NOT make any rude Art about them. Let People ship what the Ship, right? It doesen't has to make Sense.
Oh and for you, HAKDurbin i explain what i mean here: In my Amourshipping Story, the People wished that Ash and Serena had 6 Kids (cause of a Pokemon Team, i guess).

Their Names are, from the oldest to the youngest: Terry, Sharron, Lola (not my Oc, she belongs to WillDynamo55 ), Lincoln & Luna (Twins) and Ashton (which has Lotte from magedusted as Partner).
For me the Story was NOT Important cause of Ash x Serena, it was important cause Kiro met Cathy in the Story. In this Story we finally knew Kiros Character: humble, shy, kind-hearted, respectful, peaceful.
Cathy is on the other Site pretty stubborn, has the heart of the Tongue, but is a great Teacher and Listener. Plus she doesen't want to start War, but if someone huminliates others, she punishes him.

I really love that Cathy says what it's her mind. That makes her Unique. Speaking of unique, i'm also tired if someone says all my OCs are just "Perfect" or "boring". I told Elythe (which i also credit her cause i am allowed to use her OC Leah again) for the Story. If i wanna tell you ALL something IMPORTANT that NO-ONE is perfect, quite the Opposite. They are far from Perfect and all have their Weaknesses.

To count just a few, NOT only from Kiro:

Charlie: Smoked and drinked a lot, a big Lyer and a Macho-Man. Also super stubborn and can be very nasty.
Lisa: Not very confindet, big Crybaby sometime, worrys a lot, nervous.
Vivian: Can't cook, sew, or clean very good (is more a Real Guy), swears a lot, pretty violent sometimes.
Lawrence: May seem cool, but is more like "girly-like". But unlike Vivian, he is more the Thinker (but not a good Fighter).
Anita: Also not very confident and a easy target for Huminilation (cause she is "Not your dream girl" for many). Also crys a lot and doesen't get Attention from Nelson first.
Nelson: Very hidious looking for many, very rude and nasty first, has to wear braces and has freckles, phsysical Weak.

So that were only some Weaknesses, but you know what the say? These Weaknesses make People unique. This Account excists that we help each other and care for each other.
Or like the say: If good Friends help each other, every stupid Person has NO Chance huminilating them! Hope you find good Friends too.

Speaking of Friends, now let's finally go to the Story of Thomas and Leah again!
This Chapter is dedicated to you NekoCopicat , anjel-chan , LeafGreen1924 and SixPackCharisma !
Please NOTE: Like always, this Story is ONLY for Fun and that you LEARN something Important. All the Characters, Events, Towns... may be ficitonal, but i would love to read your Feedback.
Special thanks again go to Elythe .

The NEXT Chapter of: The Woman of my Dreams!
Falling Leaves by Elythe

As you may know, Thomas wasen't popular at School anymore since he (sadly) said that he loved a Vampire.

All Girls called him "Freak", "Weirdo" or "Idiot" and all Boys laughed at him, throw Pencils or other School Tools at him (even Books) but the biggest Jerk of all was Jack.
"Ahahaha, finally you A-hole got what you deserved, you Bastard!" "HEY! Leave my Mom out of this!" Thomas defened himself. "Oh, did i hurted your Slut Mom?" "Thats it, you are gooing down, Asshole! Lets fight after School!"

After School, Jack was there and was not alone. "Hey, i said one against one" Thomas said angrly. But Jack diden't cared. He ordered his awful Friends to beat up Thomas badly. Thomas got many Scars and his Face diden't looked good. Cecilia and Tsuyoshi were worried. "What happened, Champ?" Tsuyoshi asked. But Thomas coulden't told his Dad the Truth or he would be grounded forever!
So he just said: "Nothing, Dad. Please don't worry. I was only careless in Sports today!" "This sounds like a Lie" Cecilia said. "Please don't worry Mother" Thomas said. He was normally a honost and honorable young Man, but he just doesen't to worry to his dear Mother. Sadly nothing could cheer Thomas up now and he started to cry. Gladly his Sisters Gabriela and Angelica (also her Twin-Brother Renji) heard that Thomas was sad. Normally their Brother was a cool and great Brother, but everyone knew that something was wrong. "What's wrong, big Brother?" Gabriela asked. She was a cute and nice Girl with Red curly hair and charming Personality. Thomas younger Brother was the opposite of him: Not very strong and easily scared, but as honost as him. Angelica was a bit like her big Brother, but she wasen't that reckless.
"Oh, i dunno if i can tell you... you all will laugh at me" Thomas said sighning.
"Come on, you are our Big Brother, we don't laugh at you" Gabriela said, hugging him. Thomas was always thankful that he had such good Siblings. He showed Guts and told his Siblings about the weird Dreams and Leah. "Really? I dunno if thats true or not, but it seems that Leah could seek for you" Angelica said astonishing. "We-e-e-l-l i dunno if i would search for her. This all s-e-e-m-s s-p-o-o-k-y and s-c-a-r-y!"
"I dunno if it's good to look for Leah either" Gabriela said. But do you really love her? "Yes. My Heart says that she could love me too. But when i told that this Jerk Jack, he beat me up!"
"Such a Asshole" Angelica cursed, but Thomas also told him that he defeneded their Mother cause Jack was calling her a Slut.
"I hope this Idiot gets what he deserved" all 3 now said. Thomas was happy to had a Moment with his Siblings. Finally in the next Night, he dreamed of a spooky Castle like his younger Brother Renji described him.
Everyone looked scary and with many Monsters, but Thomas wasen't scared. Sadly he diden't sawed Leah there, but was that a Sign of her? Normally he diden't prayed, but this Time he did cause he wanted that Dream to be real. Thomas noble and pure Heart for Leah were stronger that the hate and offending Comments he always get. It took some Time, but finally Jack coulden't break his Pride anymore.

Chapter 5: The adult Thomas

The years passed. Thomas dreamed of Leah every night and he even wrote Storys, Songs and Poems about her. He even drawed her like he sawed her Portrait in her Dreams. He was still a Virgin, but if he would have Sex, he only wanted it with Leah. But of course he also had tousand other thoughts in Mind: Would she love him? Is she real? What about the Monsters and the spooky Castle?
Leah at the other Hand was living in her Castle all alone. What Thomas coulden't now, but maybe you to: She was cursed! She was a Succubus, an "evil" Monster for many.
She also was in the same Age as Thomas, even Vampires age differently. To make sense: Thomas was now 22 and Leah 122, (like in Hotel Transylvania).

She was alone. Many Men wanted to meet her, but no-one managed to get into the Castle. Many died on the Way or were to frightend to enter the Castlevania. So Leah was a Virgin too.
But it wasen't easy for her (you will find out in the NSFW Part why). Of course the only ones which knew the Truth were Cecilia and Tsuyoshi. But the thought that Thomas has forgotten about Leah.
But you know what the say- True Love always lives in someone honost- at least in this Story it's True! Thomas diden't wanted to tell his Parents his Truth. But what could he do? Everytime he sawed Bats on Posters, Books, Movies etc... he had to think of Leah. He got a sweated Face and red Cheeks. Also in his Dreams Leah wanted finally to meet him. Poor Thomas.

Still adult, but had childish Dreams. Of course this big stupid Jerk called Jack was still his Enemy and he heard of Leah too. "This Jerk Kurusu will pay" he thought. Don't worry, this Idiot will get what he deserved, i can guarentee you. But this Time Thomas stayed cool and just said to him: "Hey, Jack. You were right! I was only childish and was dreaming too much, you can play with Vampires!"
Jack diden't knew what to say anymore. He wanted to attack Thomas, but then he thought (gladly he wasen't super smart as a Thomas) : "Hey, what if that Leah is real? Maybe i search for her, marry her and be more famous that this stupid Kurusu Family!" Jack and Thomas gratuated, but Jack only could do it cause his "slime Daddy" aka the Director let him pass.
He diden't want Thomas to pass, but Thomas really knew that only with a Graduation he could meet Leah. "Sighn, get your Diploma, Kurusu" the Director said.
"I did it Mom & Dad" Thomas cheered and hugged his Parents. "We are so proud of you" Tsuyoshi said, but then he said the Thing he shoulden't say: Glad that you diden't want to meet Leah...
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" Thomas now said. Leah excists?!? "TSUUUUUUUUUYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHI" Cecilia now screamed at her Husband, why did you had to burst that out?!?
"I'm sorry. I'm deeply sorry, i really sorry, don't punch me with your Psyhic Powers... oops!!!" "Whaaaaaaaaats wrong with you both?!?" Thomas said and wasen't cool anymore.
He looked seriously now and told his Mother to tell him the Truth about the "Powers" she had and the Truth about Leah. First Cecilia (of course) diden't wanted to tell you, to not loose her soon.
But Thomas demanded many Times to hear the Truth. Finally, Cecilia said to her oldest Son (with Tears in her Eyes, though): "I'm so sorry that me and Dad lied to you, Thomas. But we know how reckless and stubborn you can be. We only diden't told you the Truth about my Powers cause we don't know if you haven't any. But it's true, i can travel into other Dimensions and have very strong Pshyhic Powers.
I also diden't met your Dad here in this World, i met him in the so called "Digimon" World. There are many Digital Monsters living there, and your Dad saved me from the Vampire Digimons "Myotismon", "Lady Devimon" and "Demidevimon". Since that Day i despice Vampires and when i heard about Leah, i wanted to forget her too. But then i felt sorry for her cause her Family got cursed by an Evil Witch.
But if i told you about her, you would search for her... but you are not gooing to look for her, or would you?"

Then Thomas said with his serious and honost Voice, while hugging his Mother: "Mother, i love you so much and you too, Dad. Also my Siblings are very important to me. But i always loved Leah and maybe it's my Destiny to be with her. I know this sounds crazy and weird, but i always loved her." "Do you really love her, Son?" Tsuyoshi asked. "More then you can imagine, Dad. I know you and Mom love me and don't want that i don't get hurt, but i swear i will return to you. But i have to find Leahs Castle and will not stop looking for him. "But can you really promise that, Son? What if you don't made it..." Cecilia said worried, but then a friendly Voice said: "I think he can!" "Grandpa!" Thomas said. "Dad" Cecilia said. Yes, it was Kiro! "Did you heard all?" Cecilia asked. "Yes, i did, i was there standing too and your Mom too."
"Hi, Thomas Sweetie" Cathy said, hugging him. "Hi Grandma" Thomas said. "I think you can do it" Cathy said, no i'm sure of it. You got the Stubborness from me but the good Heart from your Mom and Grandpa.
You can DO ANYTHING! "She is right" Kiro nodded. We believe in you. You will meet Leah and if she really loves you, you know she could be your Wife.
But of course it wasen't easy. Also Jack heard all of the Speech of Kiro and his Grandchild. He wanted to get rid of Thomas...

THE END for now.

Did you enjoyed the Story so far? What do you think will happen? How do you think can Thomas remove the Curse? And most of all: Will Leah love him?
Jack: NO!!!! Me: Shut up, i ask my Friends and Watchers!

Last for you booman1 : I explain my Ryuaan and Daryl Story for you.
In the Fanstory also Leah (and the Spider OC from Elythe appears) Ryuuan is my coolest OC but he had forgotten Damon and Damon forgot Ryuuan. The Storys showed us that Brothers come before Girls, but first Ryuaan always wanted to "get laid". First he asked Daryl, which only wanted Friendship. Then he had Sex with Lola, but she diden't want to be in his Harem.
Damon on the other Hand had sex with the Oc of Elythe (forget her Name, sorry) and Rachel. But both felt somehting was right.
Ryuaan met (and fell) for Leah (which is not a Succubus in that Story) and the Spider-Girl and both for them, but before Ryuaan and Damon could think of the Harem, the leave their Girls but both realized that their Brothership is more important. In the End both were said that the still haden't Girlfriends, but in the End the Ladys return to him.
Also their old Enemys Clay and Jay apologize to them cause Ryuaan and Damon showed them that these two aren't perfect either. Jay in the End looses his Virginity to Lola.

So that's Enough. Hope you love the Storys and Feedback is appreciated!



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