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"MISS (y/n)!!" you turned around to look at the child who was running toward you, she grabed your leg and look at you with crying eyes.

"what is it amanda?" you bent down to look at her eyes. "why are you crying?"

"t-theres a strange man in the bush and he said a mean word to me" she began wailing again.

"now now amanda i dont think its thats bad, what mean word did he say?" you smiled at her hoping it you could make her feel better or at least stop crying, you feel very bad to see children crying, but one things for certain a strange man in the a bush must have some proplems.

"h-he said i was a whor-" you clasp your hand around her mouth, before she could finish that word, yep defenetly has a proplem. that one word what children shouldnt know about or say.

"Amanda tell me which bush he is in" you demanded from her not thinking twice. "also dont say that word ever" if a child knew about that word then there.

"what are you going to do miss (y/n)?"

you looked down at her "well im gonna put him ina time out, can you show me where he is?" amanda smiled and nodded happily. she pointed at a bush where another child was looking at the bush there was another child. you walked toward the bush were he was, it seem like hes talking to the bush which confirmed that the man that amanda was talking about is still there.

you heard a quiet 'shuush' and 'shit'

"Dave? who are you talking to?"

"uhhh no one?"

"well it must be someone,because amanada said theres a strange man in that bush that you are talking to?" you stated looking at the bush which seem to rustel sliglty

"well maybe it her imagination?" you looked at dave, hes holding ona stuffed toy.

"well..." you walked toward dave and looked at the bush. you threw a hand toward it and grabed a base of the mans ear in it.

"ow ow ow"

"it turns out im not very stupid when it comes to children knowing curse words"

"can you let go off my ear!"



"no" you dragged the older looking male towards the insides of school.


"you sit there in the corner while i look trought these tests and, dont move" there was quiet while you sat down all look trough the first graders on what they wanted to be when they grow up and other stuff.

"i dont go to this chool im not six you know!"

"yes i know but you are on school grounds which school rules does apply you." you said still looking at the drawings and smiling at some.

"do you even know who i am??" the strange man said, sounding pretty irrated.

"no and i dont really care, you are in time out while i say so."

"look lady i dont have time for this-" you looked at him.

"what do you do in your spare time then?"


"i thought so..." you sighed, you looked at him again inspecting him. he had a white shirt, whith a strange pair of shades and a grey hat, black gloves, then a creepy looking puppet.....jeez he is kinda good looking for a child stalker,that proply what the puppet is for, to lure children in, but instead he will get children to run away from him crying, thats proply it, that a sword?

"what is your name?" he asks.


"i said what is your name?"

"its (y/n)"

"well (y/n), its seem that you dont know me" you looked at him, 'hes proply crazy he carries a sword and a puppet maybe i should call the hospital?' "I am Bro Stirder the dj extrodinare, but you can call me Bro"

"oh so you are Dave's brother, well it is finnaly nice to meet you mr strider but even though you are a famous Dj that i never heard about you still will be sitting in that corner."

"fuck" he lookes disapointed. "you are acctualy the first person that hasnt fallen for my striders charm are you maybe a lesb-" you threw an apple at him before he could finish.

"no i perfecly straight as it can be, but im worried about you, stalking children on the playground with a sword, by the way how did you even get that?"

"aah so you want to know how i got this legandary sword" he smirked "well you see i climped ontop of a anceint valcano to retrive it."

"and which anceint valcano did you go to?"

"uuh, pompeii?"

"do you know where pompeii is?"

" a corner store?"

"never try to trick a teacher mr strider."

there was silents between the two off you not the awkward kind, it just there.

"so how is my Lil bro goin in school?" he ask all of the sudden.

"hes doing great acctualy, hes getting along with three other kids which he made friends with also has a happy attidue in class which makes me very happy to see."

"well thats good"

"mr strider why were you in the playground stalking the children, and calling one of them whore?"

"I wasnt stalking!" he looked away "besides the kid deserv it..." he pouted. cute.

"no one deserves to be called a whore."

"well, iwas in the playground because Dave told me he had a crush on her and wanted to confess..."

well you wanted it so here ya go
anyway im not thinking on continuing this but i might to two shot more to get waht is happening i good the idea from this…
i thought it be pretty funny so yah
homstuck (c) hussie
Bro(c) homestuck
story (c) the homestuck trash called kirma
you (c) well we see if i continue this that is.
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Embershadow646 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Student General Artist
I'm like aggressively uninto this
Kawaii-Diana Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
I remember that video XD
Zelinklover567 Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ok that was really funny XD but hon you need to go back and double check your spelling and grammar. I saw a lotta mistakes...
kirmalight Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Professional Filmographer
i know but im to lazy to fix them, cause this is old fanfic.
Warriors0015 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015
I can't stop laughing!
mikotohidotori Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
I didn't even need to look at the video to know where you got this from. >:3 I just saw Amanda and crying in a small sentence and I already knew. Great job on this, I thought it was pretty cute. ^w^
Darkbutterflies0 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so cute :3
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