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I love this however maybe try cleaning up the line work and add some shading to the figure as well ? But overall I love the idea it’s r...

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Your the One Who's Haunted...
I actually got inspired to draw some art from listening to a very scary popular pokemon song called " Destiny Bond". I love that song so much and its so fitting for this month !pokemon gif Gastly pokemon gif gengar haunter emoticon gaspirit pokemon gif Haunter 
A Tree of ... Eyes!?
I thought I would do something related to this spooky and scary month of October. So I decided hey, why not draw something creepy. So yeah this is a tree full of eyes XD I try my best to do scary stuff but hey, at least I tried big tree [not hot] Get Your October Sp00ks On [Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern uncarved Halloween fella ( Universe ) 

so yeah sorry if anybody has a phobia of eyes and stuff XD. so yeah let me know what you guys think so yeah Stay spooky !furious wave F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! Halloween fella (Badges) 
Nai's expressions
I wanted to do some expressions with Nai. I also wanted you guys to see the difference of how she sets up her hair during the day and night time. I turned diown the opacity on her night Hair design so you can see that she clips her ponytail to the front of her hair. So yeah let me know what you guys think.
My rainbow Quartz
Hey guys Kiritost here! And I decided to start posting my old fusions I made of my gemsonas with other people's gemsonas.
so yeah, this is a fusion of My turquoise pearl, and a friend's Rose Quartz. So let me know what you think of this fusion.Rainbow Quartz Emoticon GIF Steven Universe - Pearlfect! graceful steven Gif GIF Steven Universe - Feels! GIF Steven Universe - Have a Great Weekend!  also some comments and criticism would be nice.
Pokemon Ultra Adventures comic chapter2 part 12
Looks like Lillie is starting to notice something about Dustin and Nai.. Mio (Surprised) [V2] Danisnotonfire 20 Mitsuki - Disgust 

anyway Hey Guys Kiritost here finally coming out of my Art hiatus. So I decided to post a ton of new art to make up for my long absence with the next ultra adventures page.

So in this page is another night scene of Dustin and Nai having a conversation while Lillie and Hau are spying on them again. However the real story of this comic will begin after this page so yeah.

some comments and criticism would be nice to help me out a bit. 
and after this episode will begin the crossover episode called " Give me Liberty!" which is  of Jadethestone's character Will from her Nuzlocke comic meeting Nai so keep an eye out for that because I'm excited to do this crossover! 159 Croconaw pokemon gif Machop #095 Onix Togetic Is Happy Gif pokemon gif Gastly #164 Noctowl 

I Do not own pokemon at all just a fan of it ! I also do not claim the characters from the game that are Lillie and Hau, but the two protagonist are my oc's. 

so please be sure to tell me what you think about this page so yeah until next time bye guys !  Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] Bunny Emoji-71 (Hello Hi) [V4] Shigure Sohma (Bye-Bye) [V1] 

previous page

next page : coming soon  
Hey guys kiritost here and I was tagged by one of my friends named Jadethestone  to do at least 10 facts on one of my characters from my comics. And one in particular she chose was my character named Nai. 
here is a picture of my fan character Nai pokemon ultra comic characters: Nai Shikkani by Kiritost

So yeah here are a couple of facts about her and a little short story of her life.

(1. Nai is inspired off a really good friend of mine who I knew since 6v grade and still know today
(2. Nai doubts everything she does when it comes to making the right decision in her life in generalArmin Arlert (Regret) [V6] Tsumiki Mikan | Regret  
(3. She loves frozen yogurt and has a sweet tooth for mostly any dessert.Pink Heart Icon Sweet Cookie Bit Chibi hatsune miku dance emoticon 

(4. Nai is originally from the Hoenn region which is now called New Hoenn because of the Omega ruby and Alpha sapphire thing.F2U | Bouncy Trainer Ruby / Brendan (E) | PKMN F2U | Bouncy Trainer Sapphire / May (E) | PKMN 

(5. She lives with her grandpa at a secret place that is known as Guardian valley( which is a secret village in a medow in Hoenn) after her parents disappeared when she was 8

(6. Nai is actually a teenager like Dustin and is about 16 years old.

(7. She has a huge crush on Dustin but doesn't show it.

(8. Nai is known for having a powerful connection with her pokemon through her aura just like Dustin. Lucario's Aura Emote Purple Fire Lucario Cry icon 
(9. As a aura guardian during her hoenn adventures with reuniting with Dustin after his journey in Kalos, she obtained a jirachi  Jirachi Icon which she decided to leave behind in guardian vallery with her grandpa.

(10. Nai's battle style is a bit similar to dawn's and Serena's from the pokemon anime with putting on a fantastic performance to show off her pokemon while getting the upper hand with her strategies.

Bonus story: Nai was a little girl who was sent to guardian valley because her parents had to do on a archeologist trip to the sky temple where rayquaza is located ( I'm calling it sky temple because I can't think of the name). Then one day someone brought news to Nai's grandpa of what happened to her parents. Some say they were killed by rayquza, other say that her parents just vanished from existence. a couple of years later Nai was finally old enough to start her adventure as a pokemon trainer but also a aura guardian as well. 
Instead of picking from a treekco, torchic, and mudkip, Nai was given a choice between three starter pokemon from sinnoh. Of course Nai chose a piplup and begin setting off her journey through out New hoenn.

later on in her journey wanting to challenge the dewford city gym( aka Brawley's gym) to try to earn her second gym badge. However when she walked in the gym doors she saw a male trainer and his marshtomp taking on Brawley's Hariyama. until the trainer lost.
later after the lost she decides to hide behind a building pole so the person who walked out of the gym didn't see her.
so being curious,she follows him. 

she later realize that she may have met this trainer before and asked him if he remembers her. ( of course he didn't because how could he after traveling through 6 regions). But later remembers her through the rest of their journey while traveling with him and his other 2 friends.
after a few months of traveling she decides to travel on her own for awhile so she can find herself and whv she is on her journey.( I know this sounds cheesy but bear with it )then befriends a jirachi a meteor falls...

welp that is it more of her backstory will come soon in the recent comic XD  Pokemon Kaoani - Groudon Kyogre Icon 


Anyway guys I'm going to tag 3 people 

(1. Adanel - choose a character from your " my trainer is an idiot" comic and tell 8 facts about them.
(2. kiyomi0chan - pls tell me more about your syleon male human oc character.
(3. greengeckygecko - pls tell me about one of your Oc's 

welp that is all guys until next time bye !!Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] Deadpool - Bye Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] Happy Bunny Wave - Beemote SP: Stan Icon 1 GIF Steven Universe - Have a Great Weekend! 

#Tagged #Oc #facts #journal #Adanel #kiyomi0chan #greengeekygecko #jadethestone


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