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Hi, friends, long time no journal. :O As you may know, I reserve most of my chatter for Twitter these days, but I wanted to share this cool zine I contributed to! Preorders are open now and you can see more information about the zine here.

Here's a preview for my piece in the zine!

Other than that, I'm working on some holiday stuff because I love holiday stuff... how's everyone else doing?
WOW HI IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I HAVE WRITTEN IN HERE. :C Sorry about that. I have no real excuse, but since the last time I wrote, these things have happened:
  • I moved across town; I live in a teeny studio now and it is pretty nice
  • Everfree NW happened (con report is here! tl;dr IT WAS AWESOME)
  • KuroNekoCon happened (con report is here! tl;dr it was pretty nice!)
  • I got (and am) really, absurdly into the swimming anime
  • Attack on Titan is pretty awesome too but drawing 3DM gear kills me
  • I adopted kittens! They are both boys AND I NAMED THEM LELOUCH LULU AND RIN BECAUSE WEEABOO 4 LYFE.
(It isn't hard to guess who's who, I hope.)

There are a coupla more kitty pictures on TwitterThere are a lot of dumb Free! doodles on Tumblr. (And some Attack on Titan doodles too.) I've been dragging my feet pretty badly with the A-Kon report, but I'm really hoping to at least get a draft done before my next con...

In two weeks is RAINFURREST and I will be there with torikat in the Dealer's Den (map and stuff!). I haven't done a furry con since FWA way back in 2010, so I'm pretty excited! If anyone's going and wants to commission something for at-con pick-up, lemme know! I'll have more commission options than usual at the con, but I'm expecting to fill up pretty fast on what I'll be able to finish over the course of the con itself, so if I can get an early start on anything, that'd be cool. O:

After Rainfurrest, I just have Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma in November and then IKKiCON in Austin after Christmas, and that's it for 2013.


Hello and thanks to everyone who stopped by at Comicpalooza or A-kon! There were lots of familiar faces (even if I didn't recognize all of you immediately) and lots of awesome new people as well! They were both pretty swell weekends even if I oscillated between being really wired and really out of it for most of A-kon. Saturday night and Sunday morning were especially rough, so I'm sorry if I wasn't especially responsive to anyone during that time. x_x I've never almost fallen asleep at the table from sheer exhaustion.

The con report for Comicpalooza will hopefully be done soon. I really want to finish it and A-kon's report before my next convention, but we'll see how that goes...there are a lot of things I want to say about both shows, but it's gearing up to be a pretty hectic month for me. D;

My lease is up at the end of June, so I'll be apartment hunting and if all goes well, I'll be moved BEFORE the end of June because Everfree NW is the first weekend of July and I'd like to...not still be in the process of moving then. 8D There are a lot of pony things I want to draw for the con, but it's anyone's guess if I'll be able to finish any of it. <_<

After that, I'll be at Kuronekocon in Spokane, WA, and we'll see if I end up making it to Kumoricon over Labor Day weekend.

How are you all doing?

Everybody's somewhere for Memorial Day weekend

Despite pretty awesome guests, Comicpalooza is the small fry amidst the Memorial Day weekend conventions. Fanime, Anime Boston, Anime North, Animazement, and Phoenix Comic Con are all that weekend. BUT if you're in Houston and you'll be there at this small fry, then you can come find me. 8D (Click to enlarge)

Annnnnd of course, the weekend after I'll be at A-kon in Dallas. I WILL BE SOMEWHERE THERE. COME FIND ME. AND BRING ME COFFEE.

How is it May already

So A-kon finally finished sending out Artist Alley confirmations last night, but unfortunately, my hotelmates were not among those that got in, so I'm out a room for the con at the moment. Who did get in? You guys got space for one more? ;__; I'd really like to stay in the Hilton Anatole if possible. I'm not a big fan of needing to go back and forth from the con hotel and somewhere else, especially since I hear parking is going to be a huge ordeal at the new hotel this year. The Doubletree is apparently on the same block as the Anatole, so that's cool too? I'll be keeping most of my stuff in AA, so I won't take up a lot of room. Lemme knowwwww. D;

In other news, I wrote an in-depth review of, which I mentioned in my other journal lambasting dA's commission platform. Like everything else I write, it's kind of long, but hopefully it's informative. I'm honestly hoping word of AnC gets around Tumblr more, since Tumblr is where I see commission posts reblogged all day long and I'd love to see more of those users utilize AnC. If you could reblog my Tumblr post about the review, I'd appreciate it?

Other than that, it's been kind of a slow month, not because I've had too much to do, but the opposite? I've had a lot of time to do things and I don't know what I should be doing so I end up doing nothing at all. ._. It's dumb. My print deadline for Comicpalooza/A-kon is coming up really fast though, so we'll see how many new things I can finish between now and then. Nragh.

It's halfway through April when did this happen

FIRST UP. Late con reports. ECCC report is HERE:… (6700 words) and Sakura-Con report is HERE:… (5900 words)

SECOND. I got into A-kon, so my next conventions are Comicpalooza and A-kon back-to-back on Memorial weekend and the weekend after, in Houston and Dallas respectively. Come see me, Texas, 'cause I won't be back until IKKiCON!

I do really, really wish A-kon would finish sending out Artist Alley confirmations though because while I know I'm in, I think only a third of notifications have gone out, and I'd reaaaaally like to know if all my friends are in or not. .-. It is six weeks to the convention. I am really frustrated by this. Among other things, there are carpools and hotel situations to sort out, y'know?

I guess that's all there really is, update-wise....I went ahead and entered the lottery for Otakon (because I dunno!), but I didn't make it in the first wave of 'winners'. We'll see how the rest of the waves go. I'm not especially set on going, but...we'll see.

So how are you guys?


I'll be at Sakura-Con this weekend! Here's how to find me! (Click to enlarge)

A lot of other cool people are going to be there too, including Dr-Kara, torikat, dauntingfire, SarahsPlushNStuff, finni, and A LOT OF OTHERS I should just give up trying to list hahahaha. 8_8

New prints include:

I Do What I Want by Kiriska Six More Weeks by Kiriska Aurora Borealis by Kiriska Crepusculum Australis by Kiriska Not Actually a Harem Anime by Kiriska

The original drawing for Jack will also be for sale in the Art Show, along with Celestia, Nightmare Moon, and a few other older pieces. I don't think I want to part with the originals for Cadance or Twilight just yet, but we'll see, haha.

ANYWAY SEE YOU GUYS THIS WEEKEND. If you bring me coffee, I will draw you things and/or give you free stuff. For real.

Come visit me ;__;

ECCC is this weekend! Here is how to find me amidst the hundreds of other artists and shiny things there! x___x (Click to enlarge)

I didn't get as many new things done as I would have liked, but I will have prints of the below, as well as new buttons of Eeveelutions attacking.

The Sun Also Rises by Kiriska The Moon Rises by Kiriska The Easter Bunny by Kiriska i think you're slipping by Kiriska Prince of Lies by Kiriska

If you're in town for the show, be sure to also visit the Ltd. Art Gallery on Friday night for the MINTCondition #2 gallery opening~. Limited edition prints and the framed originals of these will be for sale there:

Sentiment by Kiriska Resentment by Kiriska

If you're holding out on coming over here until Sakura-Con, I WILL SEE YOU THERE TOO and hopefully have some more princess ponies for you aahhahaha. <_<

And also some late con reports

Last week, I finally finished my amazingly late con report for Aki Con. It's 8200+ words long, but only the last two sections are really important. The tl;dr version is that Aki Con is a shady business that doesn't really care about its customers, and I hope people think twice before supporting them in the future.

I also finished my IKKiCON report, which is far less drama-filled, but still manages to be 4000+ words. I think IKKiCON is the convention I've gone to the most number of times (3 as an artist, 4 total). It's kind of nice to have that since I've moved around too much in the last few years to make any other con a constant.



:bulletgreen: ECCC (Mar 1-3: Seattle, WA)
:bulletgreen: Sakura-Con (Mar 29-31: Seattle, WA)
:bulletgreen: Comicpalooza (May 24-26: Houston, TX)
:bulletyellow: A-kon (May 31-June 2: Dallas, TX)
:bulletgreen: Everfree NW (July 5-7: Seattle, WA)
:bulletyellow: Kumoricon (Aug 31-Sept 2: Vancouver, WA)
:bulletyellow: Rainfurrest (Sept 26-29: Seattle, WA)
:bulletgreen: Jet City Comic Show (Nov 2: Tacoma, WA)
:bulletyellow: IKKiCON (Dec 27-29: Austin, TX)

(:bulletblue: Attended; :bulletgreen: Confirmed; :bulletyellow: Pending)

I am really, really nervous about ECCC because it will be my new "biggest con ever" and still outside my comfort zone in terms of genre/audience. I really want to have a new minicomic or something by then, but I dunno what to do for it. x__x Really looking forward to Sakura-Con though because I will get to hang out with Dr-Kara and theartboss and torikat again.

New on the list are Everfree NW, which will be my first pony con (I'm stupidly excited for this, you don't even knowwww) and Rainfurrest. I haven't done a furry con in ages, so I'm kinda looking forward to that too. I'm technically still on the waitlist for a dealer's table at Rainfurrest, but I'm feeling pretty good about moving up on the list. Even if I don't get a table though, I'll have stuff in the art show and will be attending.

The rest of the schedule is pretty similar to last year. Fingers crossed as always for A-kon, and hoping I actually get into Kumoricon this year?

I guess that is all for now...I have a billion things I wanna draw, but the hardest part is getting started. <__<

And I am writing my first journal in 4 months to comment on it.

Warning: opinions ahead.

So, by now you might have heard about deviantART's new commission platform. The news article is hilariously vague about the details of commissioner/artist interactions and how the whole thing works, but the whole thing screams terrible anyway.

In the first place, 20% taken off the top is outrageous. There isn't even a better percentage for premium subscribers (though let's be honest, the "better" rates subbers get on prints are still outrageous). The $40 USD cap on commission costs is a bit hilarious to me. On one hand, since the 20% fee is outrageous, who would even want to offer more expensive commissions? If you set something for $60, you're losing a whole $12. If you set something for $100, you're losing $20. But even for amounts under $40, 20% is ridiculous. The cap also encourages artists to undersell themselves if they want to offer commissions through dA, and that has been a pervasive problem for a long time already.

dA has taken a "hands off" approach to commissioner/artist disputes and dispenses this hilariously terrible answer to the question of how to settle such disputes: "Artists should always consider issuing a refund in the case of a Buyer who is unhappy, however artists are not required to provide a refund." This line in particular really makes me go wtf: "Upon receiving a refund the buyer should return the digital file or provide the artist with confirmation that the file has been destroyed."

This sort of "policy" is helpful to neither artists nor commissioners. Suggesting artists consider refunds despite finishing their work just because the client is "unhappy" is irresponsible; and still it offers absolutely no protection to commissioners -- the pressure's on the artist to make a decision for better or worse. There are way too many reasons disputes happen and this solution to disputes is not a solution at all.

The platform doesn't seem to offer artists an opportunity to converse with commissioners before deciding to accept, which also means the artist cannot adjust the base cost of a commission should a client have something really complex in mind. While the artist can request payout via check or Paypal, commissioner must pay in dA points, which is really inconvenient, and ensures the commissioner also loses some money when converting cash to points.

The whole thing just screams of indifference to both artists and commissioners while generating maximum profits for dA.  As someone who takes commissions and also regularly commissions others, both sides of these transactions are important to me, and dA feels like it's trying to rip both sides off. Anyone can understand that dA is a business and needs to make money, but there are certainly ways to make money without ripping off the entire community. :/

For anyone liking the idea of a platform to manage commissions though, I urge you to check out Artists & Clients. It's still a very new site, and it's not yet perfect (among my complaints: 10% fee is still pretty freakin' high), but I think it's off to a way better start than dA. Its tiny development team is very responsive to questions and encouraging of suggestions. New ideas get implemented relatively quickly (most recently, I mentioned something about commission/artist disputes and the dev pushed through a solution in less than a week), and I'm interested in seeing it continue to improve.

And thus ends an impromptu journal FULL OF OPINIONSSS~~~.

I owe you guys some con reports and probably an entry about my 2013 con schedule, but this will have to wait for now. I PROMISE I'LL TALK MORE ABOUT CONVENTIONS SOON~. Hope everyone is having a good new year so far. x____x

How is it August already.

So my webstore,, has actually been properly up and running for a while, but I've been really slow and lazy about adding items, so I never bothered to mention it, haha. And I'm STILL adding things, but a majority of my con table offerings are up now. I have some button sets I won't add until my stock comes back from Baltimore, but other than that, it's just pages and pages of original drawings and ACEOs that I would like to get rid of. XD So yeah! Check that out?

International customers! Unfortunately, the store isn't set up to handle International shipping right now and it will be a while before I'll be able to configure that, but I'm totally open to shipping Internationally. If you email me your order and address, I will happily invoice you and handle your order via email. :heart:

In other news, Otakon was exhausting and the first thing I did when I got home was sleep for 18+ hours. Not even kidding. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, bought things, chatted, and spied me behind my ridiculous print wall! <3 Special thanks of course to my awesome hotelmates, :iconevui:, :icondragonbeak:, :iconprincrim: :iconchewibunny:, and Mukki, who were not as annoying as they could have been. ;3 Additional thanks to :icondauntingfire: who brought me coffee and gave me Pocky, :iconsarahsplushnstuff: who was an awesome across-the-aisle neighbor, and I GUESS :iconmiyukitty: who let me bum on her doghair-infested couch before and after the con, fed me way too much food, and sat me down for a season and a half of Big Bang Theory in between me making her watch BBC Sherlock. U_U

There will be a ridiculously long con report eventually, but man, right now I am supposed to be doing Camp NaNoWriMo or something, shit. D;

The con schedule for the rest of the year is pretty chillaxy, with the one-day Jet City Comic Show in late September, then Aki-Con in October, and IKKiCON near New Years. I will miss you guys at San Japan, but I am not sad I don't have to get on a plane again until December. U_U Four planes (I had a layover both to and from Baltimore) in a week is too many, man.


Ahahaha I am so tired of stressing over this con. D; But just about everything is done I think... just some art show pieces to figure out this week, and then I'm flying out to Baltimore on the 23rd and hanging out with Miyukitty a few days before the con.



Music Buttons by Kiriska Bird Buttons by Kiriska End of the World by Kiriska Face to Face by Kiriska Hawk and Spider by Kiriska Night and Day I by Kiriska Night and Day II by Kiriska lokidoki by Kiriska Sherotter and Johnhog by Kiriska AISHITERU by Kiriska Ruby by Kiriska

I sent in my print order before I finished these, but if I can, I might try to get a handful of copies of these too:

Archeops by Kiriska Prince of Lies by Kiriska

And whatever art show stuff I can get done. They will probably all be 4"x6" pieces because of space issues. But yeah! Come visit me at Otakonnnnnn. These other cool people will be there toooooooooo:

:icondragonbeak: :iconmukki: :iconchewibunny: :iconlochi: :iconevui: :icondr-kara: :icondauntingfire: :iconmissypena: :iconcinnamoron: :iconcryptosilver: :iconrockaaar: :iconwayah: :iconblix-it: ... actually, I feel like half of dA is going to be there and it would take me forever to list even just the people I know personally. SO JUST COME. COME AND BUY EVERYONE'S PRETTY THINGS.

It's 68 F outside and amazing.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by, chatted a while, or bought things from me at Comicpalooza and A-kon~. Things were pretty hectic while I was in Texas, but it was a good time all around and worth the trouble, I think. The two cons are back-to-back next year as well, so hopefully I'll be able to do both shows again. :3 My Comicpalooza report is HERE, but it may be another week or two before I can finish my A-kon report. Stay tuned~.

My next convention is Otakon, and I have a billion things I want to go between now and then. Still super excited about that since I haven't been on the east coast at all since I graduated in 2010. I should also be getting word about Kumoricon by the end of the week. If I get in, I'll need to figure out how I'm getting to Vancouver (WA, not BC) for Labour Day weekend. o: Do I know anyone going to Kumoricon? Ride/hotel share maybe?

In other news, my roommate is planning to move out and go back to school and I need someone to take over her half of the lease until at least mid-January. :> We live in a quiet, residential neighborhood just south of Capitol Hill in Seattle. We have easy bus access to Capitol Hill and downtown, a spectacular view of Lake Washington from one block west and have several acres of park and hiking trails nearby. If you know someone who might be interested, I'd appreciate if this could get passed around? Move-in date is flexible, but roomie'd like to be out by start-of-term in September. Interested parties can email me. "kiriska" uses gmail. Thaaaanks.

'Cause that's how I roll.

If you didn't already know, I'll be at Comicpalooza in Houston this weekend! Here is a map (click to enlarge).

And I will also be at A-kon in Dallas next weekend! Here is another map!

I have new things!

Canis mythos II by Kiriska Canis mythos I by Kiriska

I will also have some pieces in the A-kon art show, so if you were interested in owning the originals for any of these, be sure to check that out!

Kitsunetsuki by Kiriska Of the Rebellion by Kiriska The Deep by Kiriska halfway out of the dark by Kiriska Densuke by Kiriska Wheat Fields by Kiriska Chaotic Evil by Kiriska Stripes in the Mist by Kiriska Wish Giver by Kiriska

I won't be back in Texas again until Ikkicon in December, so come find me~~.

tl,dr Con Reports, ANN guest comics

Sun Apr 15, 2012, 4:16 PM
Kiri, you write too much.

My Emerald City Comic Con report is HERE and is 4915 words long. The tl;dr version is that it was fun and I spent too much money.

My Sakura-Con report is HERE and is a mind-numbing, record-shattering personal best/worse at 8628 words. The tl;dr version is that it was okay and hanging out with WhiteOblivion was awesome and lol I watched all of Tiger and Bunny in three days.

Also, I never mentioned it here, but I've been doing guest strips to Anime News Nina, Anime News Network's webcomic, for March and April. Four of the six strips I did are up, and the other two should be up by the end of the month. I'll probably post them all to dA after that. ANN is a pretty fun webcomic and is worth checking out in general, so I'm super stoked to have been able to contribute.

ALSO, you might notice that I updated my website and changed my main domain to because that is probably easier for everyone. You should go poke around if you haven't already.

I feel like I should have more to say since it's been a while since my last update, but I just wrote a 8.6k word report and I AM SO TIRED OF WRITING AHAHAHAHAHA.



And then I accidentally got into Otakon

(This schedule is on my main dA page, where it's always up-to-date, btw)

:bulletgreen: ECCC (Mar 30-April 1: Seattle, WA) -- Attendee ONLY
:bulletgreen: Sakura-Con (April 6-8: Seattle, WA) -- Attendee, Art Show ONLY
:bulletgreen: Comicpalooza (May 25-27: Houston, TX)
:bulletgreen: A-kon (June 1-3: Dallas, TX)
:bulletgreen: Otakon (July 27-29: Baltimore, MD)
:bulletyellow: Kumoricon (Sept 1-3: Vancouver, WA)
:bulletgreen: Jet City Comic Show (Sept 22: Seattle, WA)
:bulletgreen: Aki-Con (Oct 26-28: Bellevue, WA)
:bulletyellow: IKKiCON 7 (Dec 28-30: Austin, TX)

(:bulletgreen: Confirmed; :bulletyellow: Pending)


Wait, how did this happen. It isn't even April yet and almost all of my conventions for the rest of the year are confirmed and set? What? This is such a far cry from last year, lol. But this is good because there is more travel planning involved. I can't just jump into a car and drive over to the next city anymore. o_o I gotta book flights and stuff.

So yeah, I am going to Otakon! I was not planning on this at all. I was not planning on entering the lottery. But then I did. And then I got in. And so I'm going! U_U I've never been, and it's been a while since I've done an east coast show, and I'm pretty damn excited because I will get to hang out with people I haven't seen in a while. :3 IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME.

If anyone has room for one more in their hotel for Otakon, lemme know! Would prefer to stay with other artists, so we'll have the same hours and so I know we'll all want sleep. ;3 Hotel get! Will be hanging with Mukki, DragonBeak, chewibunny, AbelPhee, and some others! Wee~! We still have room, so if anyone NEEDS a room? Let us know??

I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con this coming weekend as an attendee, Saturday only. If anyone else is going and wants to hang out or something, lemme know? I don't have any plans at the show, really. There's only one or two panels I'm interested in, so mostly I think I'm going to bum around the place and buy a crap ton of comics?

Week after that, I will be helping WhiteOblivion at her Sakura-Con table all weekend~. I will have, hopefully, 6-8 pieces in the art show, along with as many prints as I can fit on a table. o: If anyone wants to hang out at Sakura, lemme know too, lol. I don't imagine that being WhiteOblivion's table slave will be terribly time-consuming. Though actually, if anyone wants to commission me at Sakura-Con for my usual at-con sketch cards and stuff, I think I'd be up for that?? It would be fun~. If you want to commission something for at-con pick-up, that would work too! c:

I am pretty stoked about Sakura-Con, actually. I am super curious about how the art show will goooo. And all those summer cons! Comicpalooza, A-kon, then Otakon? This is gonna rock.


Sakura-Con, A-kon, Comicpalooza! etc

I'm still a bit wired and jittery from the whole thing, but I got into A-kon's Artist Alley! If the confirmation number is the same as the order of sign-ups, then I was 8th. Not bad, considering I was so frantic I forgot how to copy paste things. I look forward to being able to sleep at night again now that this is over. Artist alley is serious business, guys. Congrats to everyone else that got in! And good luck to everyone on the waitlist!

Since A-kon's confirmed, I'll also be doing Comicpalooza, which is the weekend before, in Houston. See, look at me still doing shows in Texas even though I don't live there anymore. :3

Before all that though, I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con as an attendee, and the weekend after that is Sakura-Con! I'll have a few original pieces and some prints in the art show, but will otherwise be wandering aimlessly around the con and helping WhiteOblivion at her AA table. If the art show thing goes well at Sakura, I'll see about sending a few pieces to San Japan as well, since I won't be able to attend.

In the fall, I'm signed up for Jet City Comic Show, which is a one day con in Seattle. I'm definitely going to try to get into KumoriCon and Aki-Con as well, though I'm not entirely sure yet how I'm gonna get from here to Vancouver, WA, without a car for the former. O:

ALSO, I got confirmation last night that my girl and dinobird piece will be the cover of MomoCon's program this year. Pretty damn pleased about that, even though I won't be attending Momo either. ONE DAY. One day I'll do a con in the Southeast again. :>

Dust, Fog, and Cloud Cover by Kiriska

In the meantime, I guess I should really figure out what pieces I'm bringing to Sakura-Con, derpaderp.

The real New Years is Monday


I finished my super late IKKiCON. It is somewhat shorter than usual at 3,500 words, lol. I just couldn't remember as much since I waited so long to write it. I updated the front page of my dA and the conventions page of my website with my tentative convention schedule for 2012, which is hilariously still filled with Texas cons. If things go as planned, I'll be back in the south for Comicpalooza, A-kon, and IKKiCON again.

I'll also be looking more into getting some stuff into the art shows at cons I can't attend though. Has anyone here done stuff for art shows before? Especially for cons you're not actually attending? How did that go? Worth it?

Meanwhile, I'm more or less settled in Seattle. AbelPhee and I got a pretty nice place right on Lake Washington. Could do with some more furniture, but all the essentials are taken care of for now. It's been snowing and raining and slushing all week, but I'm okay with this. P: Most of the snow is already melting and the streets have been cleared since a few days ago, but it's still really windy. Beats the, what, 70 degree weather that's still happening in Houston? Ha.

I'm still posting twice a day to Tumblr. Scans from my sketchbook go up at midnight CST (I guess I'll keep it CST for now? idk! My new time zone is weird), and reblogs from the ongoing Sketchbet go up whenever I get it done for the day, haha. I haven't been as good about keeping a queue since the rules changed and since I'm doing all my Sketchbet pieces in color this year, but hopefully I'll fix that soon.

Still working on getting myself back into a routine, but I'm really hoping I'll be able to draw more comics this year since I basically only drew one last year. YUP.

Bring it, 2012~

Hey! IKKiCON is this weekend! Where did all the time go?? This will be my last mid-sized Texas anime con, so come visit me! Here is a map of the AA and where my table will be:

I am definitely going to gun for a table at A-kon, and if I manage that, I'll probably also come back for Comicpalooza, since they're back-to-back weekends, but otherwise, my time on the Texas con circuit has been pretty short, huh? I'm moving to Seattle literally the weekend after IKKiCON. XD

Unfortunately, I was not able to procure a table at SakuraCon, but I will prooooobably end up going as an attendee? Maybe? Honestly, I don't know what I'd do with myself at a con anymore if I'm not tabling, lol. If anyone is looking to share their SakuraCon table, let me know? :>

Otherwise, my 2012 convention schedule is pretty non-existent at the moment as most other Northwest cons seem to be in the fall and information won't be available for a while. If anyone has opinions/info on Seattle-area cons they want to share, I'd appreciate it! It will probably end up being a relatively lax year on the circuit for me though.

Hope everyone is having a lovely, relaxing holiday break. :3 Mine has been pretty excellent. See you in Austin for New Years~!

8 pg oneshot starts Monday!

If you remember, last year, I promised I'd draw a 24 page comic in the month of October as a sort of make-up for not really being able to do 24hr Comic Day. The resulting comic was The Z Train.

This year, still not really in a position to attempt 24hr Comic Day, I wanted to do the same thing, but I don't think it's really gonna work out. The story I was going to do is written (let's call it "DCBH" for now), but I want to do a better job with the pages than I could in the two weeks of October I'd have had when I finished it.

So instead, I'm going to re-tone/clean-up an 8 page comic I drew for class in March 2010 and never posted. I didn't post it initially because 1) I had bigger plans for it at the time and wanted to wait, and 2) I didn't get to finish toning it for the class (not required, but I wanted to tone it), and really wanted a break from it (I hazily remember staying up some absurd number of hours finishing the inks, but I've blocked most of it out...).

It's been weird going back through them again because the art is kind of terribad, lol. I... totally couldn't draw cats. Which is not good, for a comic about a cat. I thought about fixing them, but then I'd end up just redrawing the whole thing, and yeah, I don't wanna do that. So it'll be new tones on old, outdated art. What can ya do.

So yeah, the first page will go up at midnight tonight. o: The last page will get posted on Halloween. The story really has nothing to do with Halloween, but it works out anyway.

Other than that, there is not much else going on. NaNoWriMo is coming up and will occupy me through November, though I will still be posting daily sketches to Tumblr and mirror some of the best stuff to my scraps here. December will be prepping for IKKiCON and my move, etc. I probably won't get a chance to work on DCBH until February or something, but it'll get drawn eventually.