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the wolves are here - Triptych

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I did this comic back in January called the wolves are here. This triptych will be included in a small gallery show promoting a bunch of comics, including the aforementioned. It was originally just gonna be one piece, but that turned into two, and I thought three would be better than two. So there you have it. o:

Ink, watercolor.
狼来了 (the wolves are here) © me.
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the design on the wolves is pretty fucking killer.
only thing is i'm not crazy about the borders on the panels.
also i think panels one and three should be switched, would make it seem more like the wolves are multiplying, which would be more ominous. I mean granted I don't know the context of these panels so that might not make any sense to do. just a thought.
but yeah, bitchin'.
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Thanks. I'm fond of the wolves and want to do more with them. The borders were supposed to look like the frames on the physical pieces, but I guess it didn't work out too well -- they look a lot better irl. As for the context, I more wanted the wolves to look like they're surrounding her, though I suppose swapping the first and third would still give that idea while also making it look like they're surrounding her, lol.
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I have that comic of yours. It was good. congrats on the gallery show. ^^
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How neat! That's really fun. Love their fluffy noses! ^___^