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The Rose Trims Again

Yes, the title is very Engrishy. Yes, it's because this was inspired by Dir en grey. Alternate title is easily OUROBOROS.

Um. No idea what category this belongs in. I can kind of imagine it as some kind of poster. I have no idea. I'm fond of it though. :>

Photoshop CS2
Texture is from CGTextures.
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thank god someone else is fighting the Ouroboros dearth at deviantART! this is really great; in fact it's so good i can hardly find anything to say about it, except maybe the snake could be a bit slinkier. the colors are exquisite.
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thumbs upppp
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Alchemy and roses!
Looks like i'd make a cute tatoo :D
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I thought so too, except my tattoos seem to have a habit of getting stolen, so I don't file things under tattoo anymore. XD
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stolen? like do people actually get the tattoo? o_o;
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Yeah. I don't really care for most of my designs, but now and again there's one I really don't want other people using, y'know? :|
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That is so awesome!!
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