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NaNoWriMo Calendar 2010

Another year, another NaNoWriMo calendar. Download for full size, which is really just the size of my desktop, but this thing is time-consuming enough to make without me needing to resize for every screen resolution ever. x:

Other years:

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Quality work, Thanks for sharing
pre-heated-death's avatar
I love this! It's sad that I didn't find it earlier, but it still makes me happy! Lovely design!
Equinox27's avatar
LOL I love day 25!
mackwrites's avatar
oh I like this a lot. :)
Kirito-Terrance's avatar
this is the first year I learned about NaNoWriMo
and it's the first year I'm participating
and I love these wallpapers
Kiriska's avatar
Good luck then, newcomer! :3 This is my 8th year. XD It still scares me.
Kirito-Terrance's avatar
I'm actually enjoying it
I created a new language, been told I'm mad and insane for doing this and now have something to work on when I get bored in class..
Kiriska's avatar
Haha, insane is the point! I keep making up characters on the fly and immediately forgetting their names. XD
Kirito-Terrance's avatar
I keep forgetting my plot.. and then randomly making up scenes until I think of it again
boke-chan's avatar
ok, i'm truly going to go start writing now...really...i mean it....
accidentprone392's avatar
Ooooh, awesome! I was gonna make my own table on Word and then put that on my desktop, but then I was all "DURRRR DEVIANTART" and now...well, I think this one is my favorite. It is now my desktop! COOL
Kiriska's avatar
Glad you like it! Good luck this month!
accidentprone392's avatar
Thankles! ^^ You too!
Saria-the-kokiri's avatar
Yay! I loved using your calendar last year and I look forward to staring blankly at it again as I struggle through to victory once more!
koeltje's avatar
Ah man this is awesome! I just set it as my desktop :D
goodnightgirl's avatar
Lovely! Downloading for my use ;) Thanks for sharing!
Luinrunya's avatar
This is such a beautiful calendar and it has everything I need! Thank you so much!
Yellowporsche's avatar
<3 I have so many calendars now! I'm glad my computer lets me cycle backgrounds. I love the Halloween candy mention.
StrawberryJam1313's avatar
Abso-frickin-lutely amazing! xDD I especially love day 14s...I'll be sure not to read it *coughcough* when the time comes =D
Kiriska's avatar
Haha, glad you enjoy! Good luck in November!
Raphaeline's avatar
I think I have to say this one is my favorite ;) Very nice!!
KitsuneSam's avatar
C: You always make my favorite calendars for NaNo.
Kiriska's avatar
Aw, thank you. c:
MarsEclipse's avatar
This is amazing. Hello new desktop!

Good luck this year! :excited: May we both succeed with the horror that is NaNoWriMo. *Insert cheesy horror movie scream here*
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