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NaNoWriMo Calendar 2009

New calendar for NaNoWriMo this year. It is very hard thinking up things to write on every day, so forgive me if some of them are just dumb. Some of them are lifted from various LJ icons I've seen people make and I reused some of my favorites from last year as well.

Download for full size. Resize yourself because I have no idea what screen resolutions are most common these days.

Photoshop CS2.
Tree stock: RoryMartin~flickr
Notebook stock: Stompy~flickr

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I adore this one so much, it reminds me of the trees here on campus and at home.  I always hope you'll make a new version of it each year, but the ones that you do make are equally beautiful.

This has to be my favorite of them all, followed by this years blue. 
This was the calendar I used for my very first NaNo!! You helped me successful and I came across it again today, so thank-you!
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Aww, yay! Glad it helped you!
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what am i doing here looking at NaNoWriMo Calenders?!?!?!
I should be writing!!! -spazzes and runs away-
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Very cool :D Makes a great calendar even though the resolution is a little small for my monitor.
Sunset7's avatar
That reminds me of something..
Oh yeah, last November.. :P
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Featured in my NaNo journal [link] :)
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Thanks! And good luck!
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You're welcome, and so far so good! :D
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Oh yeah, I'm using this one right now :D

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Used your calender last year and am using this one this year.
you make the best calenders man. you could make a living on this.
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I found this calender from an LJ link and I have to say that I love you for this.
I'm obviously Downloading this for a wallpaper AND to print out for my door(for the extra reminder).
Thank you for making this piece of awesome.
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I've been looking for the perfect calender for this year, and this is it. Thanks so much for making it, I LOVE that tree. It makes me feel all artistic and novely. ^^
Love it! Gorgeous fall colors; that red is divine.

Points for the 5th of November reference.

Thanks so much for sharing.
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This is my desktop for the month!
ForsakenOutlaw's avatar
I love the NaNo ArT
LudicrousBox's avatar
I'm showing this to some friends of mine who participate ^^ I don't, but I enjoyed reading everything on the calendar! It's cute!
KitsuneSam's avatar
Desk-topped and favorited~ Thank you, this is great inspiration for my first year!
shananagin's avatar
Aaaaand desktopped. This is lovely!
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I'm so using this, it's great! XD
fishuu's avatar
I'm definitely going to use this as my desktop come next week! It's just so pretty <3
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*snags!* I love "shopping" for NaNo calendars and yours is by far the prettiest so far this year :D
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Oh man... this is AWESOME. I may just have to use this for my desktop- I'm going to need it. 50,000 words, here I come!! ...I hope... XD
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