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NaNoWriMo 2011 Calendar

It's nearly that time of the year again. :3

I spent the extra time this year to make this available in a few resolutions. The wallpaper is also available with daily word count goals adding up to 100k since I got a lot of requests for that last year by overachievers. :3 I'm not going to make further adjustments to this set but you're welcomed to give me your resolution and word count preference and I'll keep them in mind for next year.

The ZIP download includes:
1024 x 768 (50k and 100k versions)
1280 x 960 (50k and 100k versions)
1440 x 900 (50k and 100k versions)
1600 x 1200 (50k and 100k versions)

Enjoy! And good luck in November!

Other years:

Stock: Tambako.
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IsleintheSkye's avatar
I'm going to try it this month! It sounds fun. And now I'm going to print those words so I can stab them to death later. Are you going to make a 2012 calendar?
Kiriska's avatar
I will most certainly be making a 2012 calendar. :) Good luck!
Yomandude's avatar
Coin flips are my one true love.
Thanks a ton for putting up this calendar; I'm sure WriMos the world over appreciate the effort you put into it.
SilveryBeing's avatar
I'm using this as my laptop background, not only does it have handy word counts and encouragement, it also has great autumn colors! Thank you very much! *goes back to writing*
DarkDoeAlysse's avatar
I'm totally using this as my laptop background!

By the way, the suggestion on the 11th has got me thinking (even though we're not there yet) and not only am I introducing a new character, I also have a death scene planned >.>
Kiriska's avatar
Haha, glad it's helped, even ahead of schedule! C:
ArkahnX's avatar
Thank you very much! I hope this will help keep me on track!
I like how each calendar year is a bit different too, you don't just copy and paste the old one with a new background and year.
For resolutions, 1920x1080 and 1366x768 if you would be so kind!

I anticipate looking up your calendar next year!
Kiriska's avatar
Thank you! I'm definitely gonna do 1366x768 next year, haha. Lots of requests for that. ^^
LadyBrookeCelebwen's avatar
:giggle: I might use this one later....
CurvyLemon's avatar

Love this! Thank you :]
TheUncutGem's avatar
Yay :D Thanks so much this will help alot ! :)
Snow3500's avatar
Ahhh thanks so much for this!! It is now my background pic~ :heart:
featherpirate's avatar
Awesome! Doesn't fit my screen properly but oh well. My screen res is stupid... 1366 x 768. Yay for 11" widescreens? >.>
Ladre's avatar
hee <3 Man every year I'm always too occupied by some other project to participate~
Kiriska's avatar
You will always have other things going on ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Just say "fuck it" and go for it. C; You got nothin' to loooose~.
Ladre's avatar
bbutt I've got deadlinessss Orz
featherpirate's avatar
DO ITTTT! Deadlines shmedlines.
littlemisssunshine49's avatar
wow i love this. iv been crawling around the web trying to find a calander that will make me laugh, and man i think i found it! thank you so much for making this!! its gonna be my first year doing nanowrimo and i will need all the smiles i can to stop me from, you know, FAILING!! :iconnooooplz:
Kiriska's avatar
Happy to help. Good luck on Tuesday and beyond!
littlemisssunshine49's avatar
traitorousValkyrie's avatar
I love this calendar. Thanks for putting it up for the crazy writers that will need something to smile at when we hit that mental wall somewhere during the month.
Kiriska's avatar
You are most welcome! Good luck on Tuesday!
Saria-the-kokiri's avatar
I am exceedingly fond of your calendars, I've used them the past two years as my November wallpaper and they're just... inspiring!
I always get interesting looks when I use them as well. Mostly the good sort of look.

Anyways, since this is my third year using them, I figured I might actually comment on one for once! Thank you for doing these.
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