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Tutorial bubble SAI

how to draw bubbles? Now, you know Emoji02 


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how come the fringe effect doesn't affect the erased part?
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I added some other colors on different lumi layers, and this is what I got!
Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!
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finally!! I found it!!! thankz!!! >w<
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I tried but failed~ XD but this is a really wonderful tutorial ^^  <---  the link to the bubble i made :>
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Aaaah i'm a new sai user and your's tutorials are so helpful ! >w<
Kirimimi's avatar
You're welcome :D
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But for step 10, which layer do we copy?
Do we merge?
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Umm...what's a luminosity layer? (I'm dumb)
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While this was helpful, I feel like it needs more detailed instructions towards the end where the bubble is getting the color and shine spots. I tried to follow it and mine didn't turn out like the end product because I was confused on 8,9 and 10. I know how to do the overlay and luminosity and how to make a copy but it doesn't tell me what brush to use, or where/how you make the extra shine spots. Also, the luminosity at 100% is way too high for number 9, but you don't say what % looks and works best for this or if you used the airbrush or just the brush or whatever tool you used. 
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Hii ! Sorry for my very very late reply !
For the brush at the end ( for the shine spots ) I only used the pen , then the water tool to blend the color
but It really depends what kind of effects you want , that's why most of the time I don't mention my tools .

also for the luminosity I would say It's more about your tastes , like if you want something reallyyyy shiny then the luminosity would be around 80-89 % 
If you want something more natural it would be 20-30% and so on....

I don't write all the details to avoid confusion , ( I think It's more interesting for people to develop their own brushes and try new colorings  :) (Smile) )
but thank you for letting me know , I'll be more careful on my next ones xD 
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How do you erase the center? I'm so confused
(Never mind, hehe~)
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I take the " Selbrush" not with my tablet but with my mouse ( it's easier to create the circle this way :) )
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i'm confused on 7 
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You add a one new layer with your main color ( here it's a blue, step 2) and you change your layer into a "screen layer" :)
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I used this as part of my 'tutorial a day' challenge ^^ Thanks! I learned a lot :)
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Ohhh I'm glad it helped you , thank you!

and of course, you're welcome 
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Been trying to bubble all morning ;u;
This is going to be helpful
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I could use this. :D
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Thanks for the tutorial. I used it here…
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