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It's time to change my desktop wallpaper, so I made another quick retrowave-style picture. Also made a simple lookalike version of one of the Moscow-City skyscrapers, that I really like, Mercury City Tower. 
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Wow! Really like the chosen colors for this one! Good job!

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Very nice Artwork!
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I can relate to this! My team and I love so much the retro aesthetic and music that we developed a synthwave-retro-futuristic-80s anime style arcade game as a tribute to that decade :D (Big Grin) We worked with a great Hungarian band called Retroxx. If you don't know them, you should pay immediately a visit to their account on SoundCloud. By the way, If you are curious about the game,  you can find it on Steam by the name of Nirvana Pilot Yume!
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This is really cool and well done! Great atmosphere!
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This is my kind of future.
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This is beautiful.
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Moscow City Mercury TowerThumbs Up 
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Awesome work, dude!
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This is great, I would love to use it for a free retrowave EP I'm about to release (no money involved) - would it be ok to use it? Full credit to you and a link back to your page.. please let me know, thanks!
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Sure, feel free to use it :)
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