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(Better) Windows 10 Wallpaper

By kirill2485
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Oooo! I like this tweak to the Hero Wallpaper! Gives' it a bit more than just the blue.

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Windows 10 Liquify Colour Logo Wallpaper by iamjcat
How about this ;) 
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Very cool bro!
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Thanks, I've been looking all over for this wallpaper. I love your recolor.
Me gusta voy a probar como queda de fondo de pantalla
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Just found this page here and saw the downloads. OMG didn't expected so many ppl would enjoy my recolor I did. xD
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10/10 best one again.
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Yeah, I definitely agree with you.
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very nice!
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great wallpaper! i like the official wallpapers and this fits the need! official blue is nice, but after a long time it became boring
Very nice, only 2 questions: Why is the red color much strong than green and yellow? Would it be better if the three colors get more balanced? Thanks!
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i agree! nice idea 

by the way, i think the yellow and green are harder than blue and red... yellow and green are floating more than red and blue which are facing the wall/back of the image

thats just my opinion :D (Big Grin) 
maker knows more in his editing Sweating a little... 
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But you're right with that, I'm the creator of this recolored wallpaper and I guess it got spread over the internet so fast and nearly everybody uploaded this picture to his own account but I can live with that. :P red is a strong color which I wanted to make more standing out, usually light will mix up the colors together which would result into something completely different but I wanted to do it in that way ^^
Very good :) i like it
Brilliante, gracias
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4K resolution, please.
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Coolies, yeah this is better IMHO
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