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Cushion Flower Tutorial

By kirilee
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Created for the "Get Crafty Contest": -> [link]

If you need any help with some basic stitch terms, there is a great tutorial here: -> [link]

This tutorial came out of two things:
a) I had so much fun doing my first tutorial.
b) I've been meaning to put this cute idea I had down on paper for about 8 years now.

I encourage everyone to give it a try - I'm happy to give pointer wherever I can. This is super easy, super cute and only your imagination is the limit for what you can use the "Cushion Flowers" for.
If you do give it a go - please drop me a line to show me what you created. I would love to see!

I would love your feedback on this tutorial - it is only my second one. I have enjoyed doing this again - so perhaps another at some point.... when I get another idea (or it is requested enough).
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They're so cute! Gotta try this some time! ^^

I think they could be used on a headband as well :3 Like a flower crown but with these, maybe on an elastic band to keep it on the head.
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Yes - go ahead! :) Try it out
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This is so cute and it looks so easy! I'll have to treat myself and make some flowers once I get a break from school.
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I'm glad you like it :)
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Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing. Perfect for Christmas gifts for the girls in my office.....They usually get chocolates or scarves that I've knitted - will be nice to be able to give them some different....and a good use for some of my bead and button stash. :squee:
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Pleasure :) i am glad it will be put to such good use!
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Going to start working on these this summer. Get my christmas gifts out of the way early. :D
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Fantastic! Will you give me a sneak peak?
kawaiistock's avatar
I shall. I'll post a picture up here when I'm done
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These are gorgeous! Lovely work!!! :)
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Sweet and simple. I just might use it for making some gifts....

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Great idea :) Please show us when you are done :)
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:heart:Thanks for a great and easy tutorial,will definitly try my hands on making some of these later on!:heart:
kirilee's avatar
Glad to hear it- they are super simple.
If you
Can try to make some for the 'get crafty' contest :)
Maiko-Girl's avatar
I will definitly try,Yes:tighthug:
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Great! I look forward to seeing your entry!
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