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I wanna draw some of you drawing for the "Draw this in your style"-challenge!

So if you have any drawings that I should draw in my style then just put them in a comment down below or send them to me via DM ^^
Of course every drawing will be credited to the original artist!
This is a little Q&A :3
If you have any questions about my art, myself or just anything your interested in me then write down your questions in the comments below Wink/Razz 
Thank you so much for over 150 followers and all the sweet comments  :happybounce: Heart
To express my gratitude for all of this I'm taking free art request!
I'll draw any anime or manga character you want me to Wink/Razz Just send me a note.

Forgive me but I'll don't draw OC's (at the moment it takes too much time...)

Until tomorrow (the 10th January) I'll aceept your request!

It depend on how much request you'll send me but it may take some time to draw all your characters so I hope you can understand if you have to wait some time until your request is done >w<

Yours Kuri
AKCat-blush (Acchi kocchi) 

Aye, mina-san
ich werde am Samstag, den 30. Mai auf dem Japantag 2015 in Düsseldorf sein <33 Natürlich nur als normaler Besucher, aber vielleicht treffe ich ja dort den ein oder anderen von euch Wink/Razz Freue mich auf jeden Fall schon sehr auf diesen Tag.
Wird bestimmt fantastisch und wer weiß, vielleicht seht ihr mich ja :D (Big Grin)

For all of you, who are not from Germany, here is a special Japanday at 30th may in Dusseldorf and I'm there as a visitor. Think this isn't so exciting for you, but just that you know, what I'm writing here Sweating a little...

Japantag 2015