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Lyra - Cheering

Lyra's cheering. For what you'll have to wait for the next version of this ;p.

Lyra is a combination of Rarity, Lyra's mane, and Amethyst Star's tail (since they have the same tail :)) Sources for her mane and tail were a bit on the bad side, so they may need some work.

Lyra's cutie mark curtesy of :iconnightmaremoons:

tools: photoshop cs6, vlc
time: 3 hours
sources: [link]
psd: [link]

mlp is copyright of :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:

edit: got rid of extra space around Lyra

If you would like to use to, you are free to. Please include a link back here and post a link here to the project it was in so I can see what you created :).
I do not allow the use this image in anything gore or porn related.
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If you would like to submit this to a group you're currently in, just pop me a note. I'll probably say yes :).
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That looks great! Thanks for linking back ^_^
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Thanks for linking back :)
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OMIGOSH she's so adorable! I just wanna rub that tummy so much! :D
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Good job Lyra!:D (Big Grin) 
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Bon Bon and Lyra should get the Derpy treatment and be able to become a minor character for certain episodes.
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Cool! Thanks for linking back :)
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Thank you for drawing it!
Judging by her expression, she just got the part of Megan in Tirek.
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[link] tada! it's a very lovely vector!
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haha. I hadn't even considered glove world when I made this :D.
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Definately going to make a deposit in the old favorites bank. :icondragonnod2:

Excellent work, know you have what it takes to do even more. :icondragonwant:
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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words :D
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Lyraaaaaaaa. This is a great pic, well done
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Thank you so much for posting this.
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You're welcome :).
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