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In darkness we shall be reborn
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Mask of Tengu

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Tulip Factory

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Elysium part 2

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How to THINK when you draw FLAGS tutorial!


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The Amphitheater


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Delightfully Devious Feature Pt. 2! 11/04/2021!

It's been a long time over due, too long but today I'd like to share some of my favorite highlights and brilliant works on DA that I personally find just so beautiful and inspiring, both the works and the artists with my DD, delightfully deviant award and feature! This one will be especially long since I am so backed up on featuring works and members of our community that I just adore! The seasons are changing, both the Equinox and Halloween have already Passed.. for us in the North, Autumn fills our lives with her bright, gorgeous coat of golds, auburns, and crimsons. In the South, Spring is in the air, flowers, and new live as we watch the seasons filled with nature's bright rainbow. Remember, You are all stars full of creativity, magic and skill so keep on shining your lights for us all to adore!!!! I do hope you enjoy this feature, once more, packed with gorgeous artworks! May your lives be filled with peace, health, prosperity and love! :heart: And don't


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Time lapses

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Black-n-White Dream 68

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Lake Side

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DeviantArt Skin (Dark)


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Countdown to New Year: 1!

HI ALL 2 0 1 6 For me, it will be a year of still being given the chance here on #deviantart to be a massive supporter of "Bleed and Breed Art" by becoming the #CommunityVolunteer for #streetphotography. The team of CVs and I have celebrated the Birth of 2016 with a series of jounals counting down the days to New Year's Eve. Today... I just wish you all a H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R Let's now Countdown:10Stripes! 9Legs! 8Hugs! 7Kids! 6I believe I can fly! 5Bum(bastic)! 4 Love and Kiss! 3Age(s)! 2Tribute to Masters! ... 1!L I F E AND GEMS... Celebrating L I F E:heart: Other awesome #countdownto2016 Journals from my dear friends

Countdowns 2016

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If I could DD : Photomanipulations

For "If I could DD" project  My special feature If I could DD Project 2016Didn't you wish you could DD some works sometimes because you found them amazing and thought that they deserved more exposure? Well, this is your chance! This December we are encouraging you to feature your fellow deviants with a journal of artworks that you would feature as a Daily Deviation (commonly called "DD") if you could. So let's embrace the Holiday Season and spread some good cheer by joining in and featuring our community! How does it work? Create and publish a journal feature of images that you would choose for a Daily Deviation Feature from your prefer

If I could DD

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