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Elemental Magic - Blizzaga

Here's Blizzaga t-shirt design!

Firaga - [link]

Thundaga - [link]

Aeroga - [link]

Get your Blizzaga stuff ---> [link]

(I can't think of anything for Curaga... :( )
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use a few green stars for cure
a green ring around the guy with a few more green stars for cura
for curaga you can either do the person with stars shot into his eye lids or do himin a surgery operation! ^_^<br / />
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Love all the elemental magic's you've done

here's some ideas if you want them:

Stop - person with a happy new years banner that says happy 2200
Stopra - person with a happy new years banner that says happy 3000
Stopga - person with a happy new years banner that says happy 4000

Gravity - normal person
Gravira - person sloching
Graviga - person on floor crawling on belly

Cure - person with a band-aid, smileing :)
Cura - person with a cast, strait face :|
Curaga - person with full body cast in hospital bed, crying :'(

If you didn't notice, you forgot the mid-lvl verson of aero-> Aerora

Aero - same as what you have
Aerora - what you have as aeroga now
Aeroga - same as now, but with a house, a cow, a car... ect...

I don't mean to tell you what to do and I don't mean change it, I just wanted to comment and give ideas for stop, cure, and gravity...
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You should do one for haste.
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Nice............!!! LoL XD
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where is Waterga?? I love these btw so creative ^^
OmnimonhasaMasamune's avatar
I'm pretty sure there is no waterga.
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Well we know you've never played XI ;D
kevs95's avatar
kevs95's avatar
Look it up if you don't belive me.
OmnimonhasaMasamune's avatar
I never said I didn't believe you.
kevs95's avatar
Thats why i said "if". ;)
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Hehe, epic. Yeah, cure's a hard one to think up. I dunno, maybe you could end up growing extra limbs or heads, or even an extra person if you screwed it up? I dunno
BloodPigs's avatar
I finally found your dA. XD Hahaha...ahhh, I am SO buying all of those shirts when I get money to spend, I LOVE your work. :w00t:
KirbywithaMasamune's avatar
well Christmas is coming up, right? :D How did you know to find me?
BloodPigs's avatar
I just randomly stumbled upon your dA. I was like...that looks familiar. Then I was like, OH! That's one of those shirts I wanted from cafepress. xD
KirbywithaMasamune's avatar
haha, that's awesome!
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zomg! Fo-sho, I'm going to buy one of each of those shirts. :D You should make more of these, for I <3 FF themed shirts... sort of like how a fat kid loves donuts, only I don't eat the shirts, I wear them.... and I only buy one of them... ^___^

Do Water, Watera, and Wateraga [I think those are how they go] :D
KirbywithaMasamune's avatar
water will probably come soon! Have fun buying everything! :)
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Excuse me if I sent that message twice.
IvalicianAzulmagia's avatar
I love these pictures. These would make the best T-Shirts ever.

Maybe you could do Graviga, Curaga (milky white flowers smush the guy and reduce HP to 1), Stopga (frozen in time while someone is poking him), The Comet Series (Comet, Meteor, Doomsday), and The Contain (I think) series (Flare, Freeze, Quake, Tornado). The contain series would all backfire.
IvalicianAzulmagia's avatar
I love these pictures. I have some ideas for others you could do.

You could do Graviga, Curaga, Stopga, The Comet Magic family (Comet, Meteor, Doomsday), and maybe The Contain (I think that's what it's called) magic family (Tornado, Freeze, Quake, Flare)

For Graviga you could show purple balls that become bigger until they flatten the stickman.
For Curaga, those flower things in a milky white kind of color that get bigger until they fall on the guy and reduce his HP to one.
For Stop, maybe on the last one he gets frozen and another guy is poking him.
And as for the contain series, 4 different spells that all backfire on the guy.
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For Curaga... you could make some sort of holy light.

Cure, small light sparkles

Cura, light sparkles, bigger.

Curaga, giant light boom "AAH! MY EYES!"
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