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                 ✒📒 “An Inky Refill” 📒✒
                         (Short Fetish Story)

It was a common day on GreenWoods, Shery and Cartoony Shery was resting on the sofa, but something wrong was happening with Cartoony Shery...

Cartoony Shery: Sigh...

Shery: “Umm... Cartoony? Is something wrong?”

Cartoony Shery: “Oh... No no Shery... I'm okay... It's just... That I don't think I'm a true cartoon...”

Shery: “Umm... What do you mean?”

Cartoony Shery: “You know... There are tons of famous cartoons characters that are very famous... Including that ink demon of a game...”

Shery: “You mean Ben-”

Cartoony Shery: “I don't care about his name!... I just... Wanna be a big cartoon star... A very famous big cartoons star...”

Shery was concerned by seeing her Cartoon version really sad, she was thinking a way to give her help... But then...

Shery: “Wait a minute... I think I know how to do it!”

Cartoony Shery: “R-Really?! Tell me! Now!”

Shery: “Alright! Follow me!”

Shery quickly took Cartoony's hand and took her to a very dark and abandoned room of the house, it was dark and misterious, still, Shery turned on the lights... It was a weird tank filled with Ink, with a hose on it and a power knob, Cartoony was really speechless and confused

Cartoony Shery: “Umm... What is this, Shery?”

Shery: “This is the refill machine! I made it a very long time ago in one of my dimensional travels”

Cartoony Shery: “It's very nice! Buuuut... How is your machine going to help me to be a huge, famous and attractive cartoon sta-”

Without a waste of time or a warning, Shery shoved the hose inside Cartoony's mouth and chained her hands to the wall

Cartoony Shery: “Mmmph!! Mmm!!”

Shery: “Don't ya worry Cartoony me! You'll be the _biggest__ cartoons star of aaaall the times!”_

Shery said, releasing a soft giggle and slowly spinning the knob of the refill machine, suddenly, the machine started to make creaking sounds, and... “WOOSH!” the ink started to flow through the hose, quickly filling up Cartoony's cheeks, she couldn't handle the big amount of ink inside her mouth, being forced to start to swallow it as quick she could

Cartoony Shery: Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Mmph! Gulp!

Shery: “Whoops! I think it's too much pressure for ya!”

Shery said giggling softly and turning the ink pressure to a lower level, making that tons of ink turning into a soft flow of Ink, but Cartoony Shery's belly was already a big, round and ink full belly, Cartoony had a bit of ink on her face, that she tried to spit out with the high ink pressure, her legs was trembling softly by holding the weight of her full big belly, her hair messed up a bit, and her breathing got accelerated, while she was looking to the floor

Cartoony Shery: “M-Mmph... Mmh... _Gulp...__ Mgh... Mm... __Gulp...__”_

Shery: “Hehehe... Oh silly Cartoon... You must be more specific with your wishes~ but hey... At least you'll be a huge cartoons star~♥”

Shery softly said, slowly rubbing Cartoony's cheeks and looking at her into her eyes, it looks like this was a plan of Shery from the start

Cartoony Shery: “Mmph... M-Mmgh... _Gulp...__”_
(Please... Let me go... I don't know how much ink I'll handle... I'm feeling too full...)

Shery: “Don't you see it?~ you'll be a huge cartoon star~ And my official ink balloon~ Because... Do you think the real Shery would betray you like this?~”

Cartoony Shery: “M-Mmph?!?!”
(Th-The real Shery?! What does she means?!)

The young girl slowly rolled her eyes an blinked one time, to reveal a pair of orange pupils, it was Evil Shery from an altern Dimension, she had the plain of make Cartoony Shery turn into her own ink balloon to take revenge by what the original Shery did to her

Evil Shery: “Surpriseee~ Hahaha! You thought I was your stupid and lovely Shery?! Well, too bad! Because I... I'm going to take everything and everybody who she loves... Starting with you!! Cartoony Shery!!”

Cartoony Shery: “Mmm?! Mmmh!! _Gulp!__ Mmmph!! M-Mmgh!!”_

Evil Shery: “Awww... Boo-Hoo! Screaming is useless here, she went to one of her InterDimensional missions, and I don't think she will come back... Alive.”

The poor full and weak Cartoony Shery just could start to cry and keep swallowing the flowing ink from the hose, while her belly was growing slowly, with a bit of pain on her

Evil Shery: “Now keep going, my balloon girl...”

She just turned around, seeing one of the Shery's family photo of the wall, and she evilly smiled, shooting a laser to Shery's face part...

“... Now... Everything is going to change Shery... Everything... Game Over... Shery... Hahaha... Hahahahaha!”

                        To Be Continued...
Yeah, I have been working on a FanFic and in a way to get better at drawing, so here it is guys, I hope you enjoy!
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