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The dreamscape was often a lonely and barren place. The ones who were kept there decided how they wished the area to be. It could be anything, ranging from large mansions to just simply scenery. Looking through the young girl’s memories, he was unsure of what appearance to take on, and so he decided to take on the one form he had used so long ago.(Reve’s appearance from chapter zero.) Using this appearance he carefully approached the girl. “Hello~” he said cheerfully. He watched as the young girl looked up at him, she seemed to be analyzing him, trying to see if he was trustworthy and so he smiled kindly at her and knelt down. “Are you okay?” He asked. “It’s alright, don’t worry, you’re safe here.” He said softly to her. She blinked and cautiously asked, “R...really….?” He smiled and replied “of course.” Seeing that she had put her arms up wanting to be held, he gladly did so. “See? It’s alright.~” he grinned happily and rubbed her back as she laid her head on his shoulder. “No one will be able to hurt you here, not now, and not ever. I’ll make sure of it.” He softly promised her. “You can trust me, so don’t worry.” He said. She nodded slightly trusting him. “Call me Reve, what's your name?” He asked. “Chetari…” she softly replied. He smiled softly “that’s a nice name.” He said to her.
*pov venice*
She looked around and sighed at the emptiness. “Am I alone…?” She pondered. “If I am alone….why…..” she quietly asked. “What are you talking about? You’re not alone.” An all too familiar voice said to her. She spun around to face whoever it was, and soon grinned. “KARMA!~~” she exclaimed tackle hugging her best friend. “Yo.” He casually said. “I’m so glad you’re here, Karma! At least I have you.” She trailed off. “Of course.” He replied steadily. “This is great! I’ve been alone for what seems like AGES!!” She exclaimed. She watched as he smiled at her. “Well, that’s no fun.” He said. She leaped up and exclaimed “EXACTLY!! SOMEONE FINALLY GETS IT!!” She watched as the “Karma” grinned at her.
*outside of dreamworld, Karma pov*
He tried calling her brothers but not receiving any answers each time. He tried Feli’s again...the phone had been picked up to his relief. “Feli! Where are you?!” He hurriedly asked. “Hello Karma, this is Arthur speaking.” He blinked, confused. “Arthur??? Where’s Feliciano and Lovino??” He asked. He heard a sigh on the other end. “Well we currently have Feliciano here, along with Canada, and Austria. Who are currently not waking.” He couldn’t believe it...others were experiencing this too…? “Then….it’s just like…..Angelina….” he said softly. “Pardon?!” England exclaimed. “She’s been affected too?!” England shouted. He winced a bit at the shout. “Yeah…” he replied. He could hear muffled curses from England on the other side. “Karma, bring her to the Allie’s mansion. I’ll explain what’s going on then.” England said. He blinked but nodded. “Alright, i’ll be there soon.” He said as he hung up. He then looked to his teacher. “Hey sensei...I have a person who knows what's going on and can i’ll see ya..” he said as he picked her up and put her on his back. “I’ll explain what happens later. Bye.” He quickly exclaimed quickly as he ran off with her.
*mini timeskip*
Finally making it to the mansion he ran in and head to Arthur. “I’m here! I brought her!!” he quickly exclaimed. England looked over and nodded a bit. “Bring her here Karma, and place her on one of the beds we have set up, if you would please.” Nodding he quickly and carefully placed her on one of the beds. He then turned his attention to England. “So….what happened….?” He asked. “A Fauchereve happened.” England replied. “A...what…?” He asked blinking. England sighed a bit and started to explain. “Just give me the short explain.” He said. England huffed a bit. “Essentially, it is a dream demon that has a hold of all of them and we must save them.” England said. “So what's the plan.” He asked. England looked at him, “well, first, we must find who the host is, using that i can finish the potion, we head into the dream world, and save them.” England explained. Gaining a determined look in his eyes he quickly made his decision. “I’m coming. I’m not taking no for an answer.” He stated. England sighed. “Very well. Keep in mind how dangerous it is.” He said. “Don’t worry. I can handle it.” He said confidently. After all, if he couldn't do something simple like saving his best friend, then how was he supposed to be able to kill Koro-sensei one day. “Alright then. Once everyone comes back we can get started.” England said. And soon enough, one by one, everyone came in. America, China, Japan, Germany, and etc. “Yo Karma dude! What up bro? Long time no see! Whatcha doin here!” America shouted. “Karma is here because he will be coming to help us.” England replied. “Now that everyone is here, we will test to see who the host is, from there we will ascend into the dreamworld.” England said. Everyone watched as he put a drop of the potion onto each person, soon glowing when the potion had been put onto Venice. “So Venice is the host…” England said. He watched as England soon completed the potion and poured out little bits to everyone. “Now on the count of three we will all take the potion at the same time, understood?” England said. Everyone nodded as they prepared to drink the potion. He took one last glance at his friend he thought of her. “Please wait for us. We’re coming to save you, Venice. We’ll surely save you.” he thought and drank the potion with everyone, beginning their new harrowing adventure.
Thanks again to unknownwolf1996 for helping with the story and thanks for letting me use Chetari. If anyone would like to make suggestions of any kind, feel free to leave me a comment saying so! I do not own Dreamtalia, it belongs to Kyokoon64
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July 13, 2017