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*Karma pov*
Class was FINALLY over. It really felt like it had been a long day. Noticing that his friend next to him was still asleep(probably an Italian thing) he decided to nudge her awake so they could hangout for the rest of the day. “Hey. Hey Angelina, wake up. Class is over now. We can head to my place to hang.” Seeing that she wasn't waking up, he simply thought that she was a bit of a heavy sleeper, so he shook her a bit. “Hey, sleepy head. We’re leaving. If you wake up now, ill buy you food.” Normally that last part could make her wake up with a jump...worry and concern mixed with dread started to pool within him. He shook her again with a bit more force. “H-hey, Venice, you can wake up now. This isn’t funny.” He shook her again. Seeing that she still would not wake up, he quickly took her wrist and checked her pulse, however to his concern, it was slow...almost too slow...he tried shaking her one only to be met with the same result. Seeing that she would not stir, he ran off to go find Koro-sensei. He was desperate, next to Nagisa, she was his best friend. Unlike Nagisa however, she was willing to get into all sorts trouble with him, haggling stores to get better deals, intimidating delinquents, and just doing things that could possibly be illegal in general. In turn he helped her with things such as helper her sort through piles of paperwork, helping set up large elaborate pranks, or just simply helping to fix her vegetable garden after a large storm. The two were a dangerous duo when it came to scheming, when together they were a dangerous duo since no one could ever seem to know what they were thinking. He would do whatever it took to wake her up, and so he ran until he found Koro-sensei. Finally finding him he slammed the door open without a second thought. “Sensei! It’s Angelina! She won’t wake up! I’ve tried everything. Her pulse is also abnormally slow.” He exclaimed hurriedly. Hearing the urgency in the boy’s voice the teacher quickly became serious. “Karma, where is she?” Koro-sensei asked. “In the classroom...still asleep at her desk..” he answered. Picking up his student he went to the said class room using his mach 20 speed. Seeing the girl still sleeping, he quickly went over to her and started to check over her to see what could have caused it. Thinking of what he could do while he watched his teacher, he asked, “should I call her brothers and tell them this happened…?” Glancing up from the girl, he responded, “that would be the best idea, as i’m assuming they’re her guardians.”
*In the dreamscape*
She looked around….it was empty….and she never felt so alone in that one moment. “Am I alone….?” She asked herself. She continued to search to try and find anything, or anyone, but quickly gave up. “I don’t want to be…” “alone…” said two voices in unknowing unison.
again thanks to unknownwolf1996 
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Submitted on
July 2, 2017