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Dreamtalia chapter 4
The dreamscape was often a lonely and barren place. The ones who were kept there decided how they wished the area to be. It could be anything, ranging from large mansions to just simply scenery. Looking through the young girl’s memories, he was unsure of what appearance to take on, and so he decided to take on the one form he had used so long ago.(Reve’s appearance from chapter zero.) Using this appearance he carefully approached the girl. “Hello~” he said cheerfully. He watched as the young girl looked up at him, she seemed to be analyzing him, trying to see if he was trustworthy and so he smiled kindly at her and knelt down. “Are you okay?” He asked. “It’s alright, don’t worry, you’re safe here.” He said softly to her. She blinked and cautiously asked, “R...really….?” He smiled and replied “of course.” Seeing that she had put her arms up wanting to be held, he gladly did so. “See? It
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Dreamtalia chapter 3
*Karma pov*
Class was FINALLY over. It really felt like it had been a long day. Noticing that his friend next to him was still asleep(probably an Italian thing) he decided to nudge her awake so they could hangout for the rest of the day. “Hey. Hey Angelina, wake up. Class is over now. We can head to my place to hang.” Seeing that she wasn't waking up, he simply thought that she was a bit of a heavy sleeper, so he shook her a bit. “Hey, sleepy head. We’re leaving. If you wake up now, ill buy you food.” Normally that last part could make her wake up with a jump...worry and concern mixed with dread started to pool within him. He shook her again with a bit more force. “H-hey, Venice, you can wake up now. This isn’t funny.” He shook her again. Seeing that she still would not wake up, he quickly took her wrist and checked her pulse, however to his concern, it was slow...almost too slow...he tried shaking her one only to be met with the same res
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Dreamtalia chapter 2
Finally arriving onto the E class campus, she was able to see that class was still in session. Not wanting to disturb the class she silently climbed up into the nearby tree and watched.(after all, living for almost two centuries helps to teach you how to be super sneaky at times.) She smiled a bit as she took out a small compact mirror to check how she looked. Looking at herself she briefly blinked as she could have sworn that her reflection smiled back at her. "Thats stupid.."she said quietly as she shook her head. Looking back she sighed, "i'm sure it's just that i'm tired." She put on a smile once more as she watched the class learn about various things. Looking at the sky, she sighed again trying to shake off how lonely she still felt. She went back to watching the class with a small smile. "Karma seems to be having fun in this class, that's nice." She let her mind wander as she thought about her brothers and all her others friends. "....I wonder how everyone has’s
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Dreamtalia chapter 1
She felt lonely, so unbearably lonely. Her brothers were always busy and she didn't want to constantly bother her friends. Feliciano was always with Germany for training and such, while Romano was always busy with being with Spain(he did have a thing with him after all.) She felt so lonely with her brothers not being there often. Their house felt so empty and quiet, it was unbearable. Often times even though both her brothers called frequently to check up on her, she still felt like crying, it just wasn't the same as them being there. She sighed for what seemed to be the thousandth time that day. Hugging her pillow close, her mind drifted off to think about everyone she knew. "Everyone is so busy...I don't know who I can talk to......" she carefully thought about who would possibly be available and could only come onto one person...Karma. "Karma...! Si of course! I'm sure he wouldn't mind!" Perking up immediately she ran off to the E class campus to see one of her best friends, Karma A
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Mature content
Crack fic #1 :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 2 2
A drawing by kirbylover226 A drawing :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 0 0 Blouse and skirt design by kirbylover226 Blouse and skirt design :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 0 0 Human Toy Freddy by kirbylover226 Human Toy Freddy :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 1 4
the world would be better if
The World Would Be Better If….
If people would learn to love so people could stop crying.
Learn to stop lying so people could stop dying.
Learn to swallow their pride and learn to apologize, and to stop saying empty words with empty meanings.
What is the point of our life if we can't even learn to take caution with what we say?
When will we learn to get along in order to live as one?
If we created a world for me and you where the gender assigned roles no longer mattered and the stereotypes were no longer in our existence, then the change would spark and we would become more accepting to others and we would learn to love others all around us.
But, sadly we live in a world where the broken and rejected are only mocked and ridiculed  and told not to be so “selfish” or that they only seek “attention.”
We live in the time where the emotionally dying are mocked to the point where they see life as only a place a misery. Everyone is fond of beautiful things,
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Fnaf by kirbylover226 Fnaf :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 0 3 this is what love is. by kirbylover226 this is what love is. :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 3 2 spider pig by kirbylover226 spider pig :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 1 2 pokemon by kirbylover226 pokemon :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 5 0 james by kirbylover226 james :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 4 0 YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF NO. by kirbylover226 YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF NO. :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 3 8 The Dance Master by kirbylover226 The Dance Master :iconkirbylover226:kirbylover226 1 0


Average Saturday (Dave x Reader)
This is what you and the youngest Strider do every Saturday night, no one's home, the lights are dim. Just you, and Dave. Locked in his room for the whole night, bodies close, hardly any conversation other than the occasional moan.
"a-ahhh, wait ___, l-let me breathe real quick." Grinning slightly, you give in to his request, left hand pressed tight against the skin of his bare back. You let the teen have his breather, though you knew you shouldn't have, it just makes it worse.
"Are you ready, Dave?" With a shaky nod from said boy and a new found strength in both of you, you reached down just a little further.
Mumbling soft apologies in his ear over his short, heavy breaths. He braced himself, eyes shut tight, as you.....yanked the string on his corset causing a muffled shout to come from his mouth.
Yes, you and Dave trade clothes for a whole night every Saturday. You bring something cutesy and over the top to his house, and he gives you whatever he pulls out of his closet first, but i
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Babysitterstuck Summoner
Babysitterstuck summoner.
A tall man with red streaks in his hair answered the door.
"Hi! Come on in!"
You step into the house and see a little boy with brown eyes peeking around the corner of the front hall.
The man laughed,"thats Tavros. He's a little shy. But he'll warm up to you."
He looks at his watch,"I should be back around nine. You think you'll be ok?"
You nod,"ya I've got this."
He smiles,"bangarang!"
With that he walks out.
The little boy peeks out a little more and whispers something.
"Im sorry I didnt catch that," you say kneeling to his hight.
"I'm not that shy..."he says bashfully.
You smile,"I'm sure your not. Your Tavros right?"
He nods.
"Well my name is (f/n)."
He walks closer to you,"do you wanna come and watch Peter Pan with me?"
"I'd love to!"
You walk into the house behind the young boy and he sat down on the couch. You sat next to him and he un-paused the movie.
He leaned over to you,"my older brother showed me this movie. He says if I'm more confident I could be
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 164 18
Babysitterstuck Eridan
Babysitterstuck Eridan
The man who opened the door had two long scars across his face opened the door.
"Ah there ye are. Come in."
You walk into the extravagant looking house. The man takes out a gold pocket watch and looks at it.
"Im afraid I'll have to be short, my boss is expecting me. My son Cronus, is watching Grease in the living room. His bedtime is eight thirty. His brother might be home before then, but he'll make up an excuse to get away from his brother anyway so just wait until I get back to leave."
You nod and he leaves.
You follow the sound of a movie playing and see a little boy with dark brown curly hair and violet eyes transfixes on the TV.
The movie Grease was playing and he didn't even notice that you walked in.    
"Hi Cronus."
The boy turned his eyes to you,"oh. Hey," he said shortly.
"What are you watching?" You say sitting next to him.
"Oh! Thats a classic!" You say.
He turns his head excitedly,"I knovw right? My brother and my dad hate it," h
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 249 33
Babysitterstuck Kankri
Babysitterstuck Kankri
The door was opened by a kind looking man. He smiled brightly at you,"ah you must be (f/n), come in come in."
You step into the middle sized house.
"Please call me Mr. Vantas. And if you'll come with me Ill introduce you to Karkat," he was about to lead you into the kitchen when he paused,"just to warn you, he can be a little crabby. If he gets too grumpy just put on fifty first dates. Calms him right down."
You nod as he leads you into the living room.
The little boy was sitting in the middle of the room playing with a large crab plushy.
"Karkat," Mr. Vantas called, the boy looked up,"this is your babysitter (f/n)."
He pouted,"I already told you I dont need one."
"And I already told you, you do," he grabbed his keys off the table,"oh I almost forgot. My son, Kankri, might be coming home before I do. Just stay until I get home so I can pay you."
"Ok sounds good."
"Ill be home by nine, his bedtime is eight thirty," he kissed the boy on his brown hair and left.
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 316 35
Babsitterstuck dave
Babysitterstuck Dave.
The door is opened by a girl a few years older then you. Her black hair is long and her light green eyes shine.
"Oh! You must be (f/n) come in!"
You walk into the house and she continues,"I'm Dirks nanny Jade. His brother had a premiere to go to tonight so he'll be home late but I couldnt stay late. I wrote that email when I didn't have time to explain my predicament. His bedtime is nine. Food is in the fridge and boy is in the living room!" She grabbed a purse and left the room.
That happened fast.
You walk into the living room and see a little boy in triangular shades watching anime on the couch.
You walk up and smile,"hey Dirk."
He looks up at you and nods,"sup?"
"What are you watching?" You ask.
"Soul eater," he responds casually.
"Oh cool," you respond,"who's your favorite?"
"Because he's so cool."
"He is pretty cool," you smile.
"I only know one person thats cooler!" He exclaims.
"And who's that?"
"My bro!"
"Ohhh how old is your brother?"
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 258 29
Babysitterstuck Dirk
Babysitterstuck Dirk
A boy your age opens the door. He's wearing a white shirt and pointed shades.
"Sup. You the babysitter?"
"Ya I'm (f/n)."
"Cool I'm Dirk, come on my bro is in here."
He takes you into the small house.
"So where's your dad?" You ask.
"Oh uh...about that. He's kinda gone...I take care of Dave myself. I would have said in the e-mail, but generally it tends to scare away the babysitters."
"Fair enough."
He walks you into a room where a little boy was sitting with a camera, clicking through the photos.
He looks up and sees you,"sup?"
"Hey little dude," you say in response.
Dirk smirks,"seems like you've got this. I'll be back in like two hours."
He walks out and you sit next to the boy.
"What are you doing?" You ask.
"Looking through my photo's."
You look over his shoulder and see him clicking through some surprisingly artistic photos.
"Those are impressive,"he looks over and try's to smirk but just ends up smiling.
"Wait until you hear my mixes."
*time skip*
After two h
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 297 29
Dirk Strider x Reader - Postponement
       "Diiiiiiiirk?"  You're laying down on your boyfriend's lap at the moment, watching Ouran High School Host Club with him.  You look up at him, trying to get his attention.  Calling his name in an annoying manner for fifteen minutes straight did nothing.  An idea popped into your mind.
       "Hey, Senpai?"  The show was paused faster than you thought humanly possible, and Dirk's breath was shallow.  He looked at you from beneath his shades, his orange eyes scorching.
        You scoffed in your mind - senpai had noticed you.  "I'm hungry."  He nodded, urging you to go on.  "And I know for a fact that we're out of ice cream.  Will you come get some with me?"  Your Strider acted as if he was gonna say no, but he 'reluctantly' agreed.  You smiled.  "Thanks babe!"
       You jumped up before he could change
:iconmelynie:Melynie 55 11
Mature content
.: teething??- Bro X Reader :. :iconximona:Ximona 51 3
Dirk x Reader (Really really short)~ Sugoi as hell
"Come on [Name]. You promised me," Dirk called out to the bathroom door, slightly ajar. His lopsided smirk complimented his now shades-less face, his hair slightly disheveled.
"No! This makes me look...ridiculous!" retorted a meek voice from the bathroom. Dirk sighed and stood up, knocking on the wall besides the door with his smirk still firmly into place. 
"C'mon. I dressed up and acted like Johnny Depp for an entire night just for you. Now it's your turn."
He backed away from the door, crossing his arms and waiting. Finally, the door creaked open and out walked [Name], wearing an uncouthly short maid outfit, complete with hairband and stockings, the whole deal. Dirk couldn't see her face, since she was staring at the ground, but he could guess she was blushing profusely. He chuckled and took a long time to look her up and down, taking in every detail before stepping forward and wrapping his arms around her.
"How do I look?" she asked timidly, leaning against him as
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 241 39
You Know Nothing About Kids { Dirk X Reader}
"Nothing happening, again" you complained while spinning in circles in your desk chair.
Nothing exiting ever happen to you, but that was about to change. You continued to spin when suddenly your cell phone began to ring.
You picked up the device and answered only to her the voice of your best friend secret crush, Dirk Strider.
"Hey. yo what's up __?" you hear him say through the phone.
"Nothing really." you start to reply shyly "how about you?"
"Everything is alright" he stops for a moment. You can hear what sounds like a baby's screaming in the backround.
"Are you sure everything is alright?" you ask.
"Yeah I'm pretty sure",you hear more yelling in the background, "Dave just won't shut up!"
 "Wait who's Dave?" you ask curiously.
"Oh the kids my little bro."
Your jaw dropped. Dirk never said anything about a brother let alone a younger one.
You absoultly adored little kids. Your mother was never around much when you were younger but you loved to give the attention you
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 632 115
Bro x kid! Reader ~ Bro?

"Bro? how come none of the other girls will play with me?" 
"Because lil girl you're  too cool." 
He remembered the little girl with the original Strider shades that used to stand at his feet, he and Dave had taken her in after finding her digging through there garbage a few years back. (Name) didn't have many friends other then Dave all the kids labeled her as weird for no reason at all they just didn't like her so Bro always tried to keep her in the dark about her social deficiency she was being raised Strider she isn't weird shes cool.
"Bro? How come Dave doesn't like to hang out with me anymore?"
"Because lil girl you two are too cool you rival one another." 
He now saw the young girl now a twelve year old still in her shades, busted up from the many strifes she had encountered so far in her young life. Dave one of her only friends was now abandoning her she was desperate to keep him in her
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 503 212
Jubyphonic Home for Christmas by Shippa-chan Jubyphonic Home for Christmas :iconshippa-chan:Shippa-chan 82 16 Star Galaxy by Aka-no-Sekai Star Galaxy :iconaka-no-sekai:Aka-no-Sekai 383 16 Lil Monster by StarrdustCrusader Lil Monster :iconstarrdustcrusader:StarrdustCrusader 325 7 Peace by TurquoiseGirl35 Peace :iconturquoisegirl35:TurquoiseGirl35 144 12 She learns fast by rikoudu She learns fast :iconrikoudu:rikoudu 441 60


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