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Calvin Chia
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United States
I'm a 15 year old boy, living in New York, USA. What do I like?

Video games. ha

can't draw for shit.



She never understood it. She never understood how people got in it. But now, she was in it.

Shina never understood how it started. Maybe it was on a mission with him. Or was it when he found her? Probably. She remembered exactly what happened that day...


She awoke in a field. A sakura petal fell in her hand. A boy was standing above her. He had pitch black hair and equally as black eyes.

"There're better places to take a nap than on the ground, you know." he said. The boy stretched out his hand. It seemed to be made out of metal.

She didn't take it. Shina stood up herself. Shina's ninja gear had still been on. The bag of gadgets had still been attached to her waist. The only thing missing was her sword. Shina panicked.

"What's wrong?" the boy asked.

Shina stared at the boy. She gave him a cold, hard stare. The girl pulled out a knife and pinned the boy down in record time.

"Woah, woah, woah! I didn't take it!" he argued.

Shina took him off of the ground. "Where is it?" she commanded.

The boy shook his head. He responded with a completely different topic.

"What's your name? I'm Wright!"

The girl gave him another stare. "Shina." she said.


That day always held a place in her heart. The sakura petal that had fell into her hand was nicely preserved in a tiny bottle in her room. It's still beautifully pink, thanks to Florius. She had kind of a small room. Shina spent a lot of time on her bed. Next to it was a desk. On it was Shina's laptop and sketchpad. A random assortment of doodles that looked similar to Wright were drawn all over both the desk and the sketchpad. A small drawer was standing opposite of it. Shina didn't like the idea of fashion much.

"You done staring off into space there?"

Shina jumped.  Wright had walked in. 

"When did you-?"

"Five minutes ago."

Shina blushed. She remembered the days when she used to try to kill this boy for fun. They were fun. They were also the days of misunderstanding. But something was off. Shina had recently gotten very close to Wright. Especially that one particular starry night. She tried to ask Hikos for advice on the matter. She just laughed and replied with, "You'll see."

"Come on, we have dinner." Wright said. He turned to leave.


Shina grabbed his arm before he could get anywhere.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Shina stood up from her bed and hugged Wright.

"Need a cuddle?"

She nodded. "Mmhm." At this point, her head was buried into Wright's back. He turned and hugged her back. Unfortunately for Shina, Wright had started to grow very quickly, making hugging him very awkward. Wright had become a towering 5' 11". Shina was still 5' 4". Her head reached his shoulder.

Wright giggled. "You look like a tomato right now."

Shina recoiled from him and covered her face. Stupid...

She uncovered her face once the heat dissipated from her face. A surprise was waiting for her.


Wright's face was not two inches away from her's. He looked like a combination of panic, bravery, and calmness. Meanwhile, Shina's face was composed of just panic.


Smooch~ red heart bullet 


 "Where were you two? You missed dinner!" Rin asked. "And why are you two red?"

Wright and Shina's faces were both scarlet. They were both holding hands, but they were looking away from each other. Wright was whistling some song, and Shina kept stuttering. They walked in the mess hall after everyone finished. Unfortunately, they were all still there.

"Don't tell me..." Regni whispered in awe.

Rin looked confused. Gaius carried her and ran off. Everyone could hear him muttering, "I'll explain later."

Regni fainted. Jackson laughed. Volkner actually looked awake. Hikari seemed shocked.

"We only smooched, okay!?" Shina shouted.

Wright turned his head to look at Hikos. The words, "GOOD JOB" could be seen above her head. Shina glanced at Yukiko. She seemed to be very excited.

"I don't get it..."

Everyone who was still here and conscious looked right at Euky.
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