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So I saw this... by KirbyFan99 So I saw this... :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 8 5 Obvious by KirbyFan99 Obvious :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 7 5 Sign now! by KirbyFan99 Sign now! :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 8 13 Wut by KirbyFan99 Wut :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 4 14 20 FREAKIN YEARS BABY!!! by KirbyFan99 20 FREAKIN YEARS BABY!!! :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 10 5 PARTY TIME!!! by KirbyFan99 PARTY TIME!!! :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 18 27
Headcanons: Meta Knight
Name: Meta Knight
Age: over 2,000 years (on Planet Popstar), 16 years (on Earth)
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown, but NOT Kirby's
Occupation: Leader of videogame superhero squad
Personality: On Popstar, he used to be stern, serious, cynical, hardcore and courageous. But on Earth he is now easygoing, energetic and kind, but still has his bravery. He also swears sometimes.
Hobbies: Sword training, playing videogames, going for walks, singing karaoke (sometimes), playing a keytar
Relatives: Halberdo (father), Galaxielle (mother), Destiny (little sister)
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 6 0
Secret Superpowers?
Meta Knight: Shapeshifting, body manipulation
Evidence: He grows an extra pair of wings in his final smash in Smash Ultimate
King Dedede: Electrokinesis
Evidence: In a Kirby Pinball game
Mr. Game & Watch: Shapeshifting
Evidence: He changes into various other people when performing attacks
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 2 2
My opinions on SMG4 characters
SMG4 himself: He's only good when he's not being dumb. JUST KIDDING, HE'S 100% TERRIBLE.
Mario: Butchered personality, terrible script, worthless character.
Luigi: Okay.
Peach: Mediocre.
Waluigi: Insanely horrible.
Bowser: Cringy and stupid (in an insulting way).
Meggy: Lame at times, but mostly normal.
Steve: Functions poorly.
Fishy Boopkins: Poorly-thought-of name.
Bob: Also terrible even before he insulted Boopkins.
Tell me more characters and I'll add them!
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 1 11
Secrets Of The Stars Pilot
Narrator: Once upon a time, on Planet Earth, there was a large country known as Video Game Central.
*camera zooms into the country and we see a bunch of video game characters*
Narrator: This country was well known for its habitants, which were video game characters, of course.
*camera zooms in on a house*
Narrator: But there was one very special group of video game characters that protected the planet from peril...
*the camera zooms in on a bedroom door*
Narrator: But of course, they must train hard... and after all the blood, sweat and tears, the world will be safe from harm.
*the door opens and we see the main protagonist, Meta Knight, sitting on his bed playing Grand Theft Auto*
*Meta Knight gets startled and looks at the figure, who is his dad*
Meta Knight: But Dad, I'm still on a mission!
*a woman, who is Meta Knight's mother, walks by*
MK's mom: Sweetie, it's unhealthy to play too much video games. Besides, look! *points at windo
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 1 11
Random King Dedede Story final part
Holes popped from the skin on my wrists, and the green ooze shot straight up and formed into strings. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. The world blackened out before me...
When I woke up, I was in a huge, open area. It was dark. I tried to explore the area a bit, but something restricted me from moving.
I looked behind myself, and noticed my wrists were chained to the ground.
I pulled and pulled, but I couldn't free myself.
Just then, I heard a voice laughing.
"Foolish bird," the voice cackled.
I jumped a bit, then I yelled, "Identify yourself!"
The voice instead told me that I was inside my own mind, trapped until I had slaughtered every living being on Planet Popstar.
And the last words I heard from the voice were, "And if you try to escape, you will DIE!"
I began sweating nervously, thinking about the mistake I had made.
But I didn't care. I wanted to be free from this corruption.
I kept pulling on the chains that kept me down, and it hurt so much I began crying. Eventually,
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 1 1
Random King Dedede Story part 3
Kirby was very unamused. He thought I would help him, not show off in front of him. "Sorry," I muttered.
But at least I was a little closer to him.
I stretched my arm towards Kirby again, but I still couldn't reach him.
Suddenly, we heard something in the bushes. I looked around carefully to see what it was.
Then, the something came out of the bushes. It was a large, bulky person with a black cloak covering their whole body. And in their large, witch-like hands was an axe, dripping with weird, glowing green stuff.
I slowly, yet hurriedly advanced towards the cage, trying not to get stuck again. But the hooded person was coming closer and closer.
I finally was able to reach Kirby, but then...
the purple stuff below me hardened.
Thinking fast, I noticed a stick hanging from a tree. I somehow managed to grab it, and using it as a key, I unlocked Kirby's cage. The pink ball jumped into my arms cheerfully.
But that was when I felt something strike my back. It sliced deep into my skin. It wa
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 0 1
Every Balloon Boy in a nutshell
Balloon Boy: Hello I'm the OG BB and I'm the most hated character. #PreventChildAbuse
*title screen*
Balloon Boy: Also I like to steal batteries.
Balloon Girl: Hello I'm technically Balloon Boy but I hide under tables. That's all I do. Also I'm not a boy, I'm a girl.
Phantom BB: Yay I can finally get revenge on my haters!
Nightmare BB: Yay I can finally flip off my haters because I have fingers! Hey Markiplier!
*Markiplier arrives*
*Nightmare BB flips Markiplier off*
*Markiplier screams like a girl and runs off*
Ball Boy: Do I even count as a Balloon Boy?
Brow Boy: How do I even walk?
Deedee: Hello I'm another female Balloon Boy and I like fishing and I have a pretty singing voice. Also I like to make your life hard.
Xor: Hello I'm a black and white recolor of the previous Balloon Boy you saw.
Tell me about more Balloon Boys (or those who look like him) and I'll add them!
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 3 0
Random King Dedede Story part 2
I searched far and wide to find Kirby. I even looked outside of Dream Land.
I eventually found him in a cage that was stuck in this strange, purple liquid. Kirby was scared when he saw me, though. "Relax, Kirby," I called. "I'll get you out of there!"
Kirby still kept looking at me with a worried look, thinking I was going to kill him after saving him.
"Kirby, look," I said, trying to reassure him. "I'm very, very sorry about every single mistake I made and every sin I committed. I don't know why I was made like this, but I promise to the bottom of my heart I won't do it ever again."
Kirby gave me a tearful smile.
"It's okay," he said.
I smiled back, but then remembered I had to save him.
I didn't want to touch the purple liquid, afraid it would be dangerous, so I reached my arm out to the cage.
No use. It was too far away.
I tried it elsewhere around the big purple stain, but I still couldn't reach him.
Kirby suggested, "Try flying!"
I took a few steps back, then ran forward, jumped,
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 1 1
Random King Dedede Story part 1
It was an ordinary day in Dream Land.
I was sitting on my throne, the suede cushion under my rear (okay, that was a bit embarrassing).
It was hard being a king, because all I could do was sit, eat, fight, and command an army of orange, mouthless creatures called Waddle Dees.
That's it. Nothing else.
Ever since my coronation, life began getting difficult for me. I never wanted to be given this life. I wanted to be with Kirby. I wanted to be on his side. I just wanted a friend.
One day, my most loyal servant, a Waddle Dee with a bandana, made an announcement to me. He said Kirby was looking for more friends.
I was really excited about it because this would mark the first time ever in history that our rivalry would be settled.
But Kirby didn't listen to me.
He just gave me a dirty stare, stuck his tongue out at me, and walked away.
I knew I'd never get any friends because of the horrible mistakes I made in the past. I was very sad.
The next day, someone knocked on the castle door. I opene
:iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 3 1
Lazytown but in Papa Louie Pals by KirbyFan99 Lazytown but in Papa Louie Pals :iconkirbyfan99:KirbyFan99 18 19

Random Favourites

KB: HIIIIII~ by Nippo KB: HIIIIII~ :iconnippo:Nippo 78 5 Galaxia Drill by thatLD Galaxia Drill :iconthatld:thatLD 774 160 Hi Mom by FlawsofBrawl Hi Mom :iconflawsofbrawl:FlawsofBrawl 44 12 .: Floating Away :. by AssassinKnight-47 .: Floating Away :. :iconassassinknight-47:AssassinKnight-47 99 30 K - Stalker Knight by Marikuishiyutaru K - Stalker Knight :iconmarikuishiyutaru:Marikuishiyutaru 67 38 blue knight by gingaparachi blue knight :icongingaparachi:gingaparachi 46 2 Meta Meme by CelticQuailKnight Meta Meme :iconcelticquailknight:CelticQuailKnight 47 23 Meta Knight by MarcusWilliams Meta Knight :iconmarcuswilliams:MarcusWilliams 34 4 Guitar Knight IN COLOR by IzBigKirbyFan Guitar Knight IN COLOR :iconizbigkirbyfan:IzBigKirbyFan 12 16 Sm4sh Meta Knight Victory Pose 3 by Robinstic Sm4sh Meta Knight Victory Pose 3 :iconrobinstic:Robinstic 10 0 Meta Knight eating a PokePuff by Catakat Meta Knight eating a PokePuff :iconcatakat:Catakat 49 9 Meta Knight by Roxtopus Meta Knight :iconroxtopus:Roxtopus 36 0 meta knight by Kamakurako meta knight :iconkamakurako:Kamakurako 44 7 Meta Poppins by IblisDudeEvan Meta Poppins :iconiblisdudeevan:IblisDudeEvan 50 14 Meta Knight says Get In by EndangeredCDs Meta Knight says Get In :iconendangeredcds:EndangeredCDs 40 4 Knight in shining armor by Carurisa Knight in shining armor :iconcarurisa:Carurisa 93 24
Henlo today I will describe my fetishes. All in random order.
1: Pikmin
2: Kirby
3: The Binding of Isaac
4: Cute things
5: Floofy things
6: Cuddly things
7: Pikmin
8: Kirby
9: Did I say Pikmin?
10: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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Margaret Eleanor "Maggie" Gould
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Hey there! You might not get much from me, but I post randomness and more! Be sure to watch me so then you'll get updated on whatever I'm doing! Also, if you're new to DeviantArt, welcome! I hope you'll have a great time!

Gender: Female
Age when joining: 14
Place of birth: China
Date of birth: June 4th, 2003
Current location: USA
Family: Stepmother, father, younger sister
Pets: 2 dogs, lizard, cat
Date joined: October 29, 2017
And please note that I do sometimes swear, so there's a little warning for people who don't like cussing.

I take requests, but they take really long to do, but what I will NOT accept are...

Violent stuff
Sexual stuff
Private part adjustment
Muscular characters (unless the character is naturally muscular)
Anything I don't like
Ships (unless they are canon and I approve of them)
Hate art
Other stuff that could get me kicked off DeviantArt

Another note is that I only know English, so if you can't speak English, I'm sorry.
My YouTube channel:…
My Playtime fan club:…

Please note that I have autism, and I'm not always nice. But I'm trying my very best to be kind.

And please don't be scared if I ask you how old you or your creations are, I always do it.


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