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Train Hoonk
He has a meeting to go to, so he has to travel to it by train. so I kiss him goodbye and tell him I hope he'll have a good day. He smiles, gets in the train, and honks it. and a steam of cloud comes out of it and spells out "I LOVE YOU!"
:iconkirbyfan1234:Kirbyfan1234 6 2
I can see him coming home after a stressful day of work, and he's all exhausted. I'm laying on the couch, saying: "Aww.. did you have a bad day? Come here, Sweetheart. I'll help you feel better." with my arms opened out wide. and so he does and he snuggles up on me, resting his head on my chest. as I stroke his wires, whispering sweet words to him. he starts to feel relaxed, he smiles and starts closing his eyes. as he falls asleep to my heartbeat. I kiss him on the forehead, and fall asleep, too.
:iconkirbyfan1234:Kirbyfan1234 4 0
A nap that really wasn't a nap
I was picturing asking Charles if he doesn't mind if I took a nap in his arms, he chuckled and said he doesn't mind at all. so he lets me snuggle up in his arms, and tell him to wake me up in an hour or two, he nods. and I smile at him and fall asleep to his warmth and kadunk. he smiles and watches me for a bit. playing with my feathers and rubbing my back with his hand. but he started to grow sleepy just by watching her. so he falls asleep with her too. eventually, he wakes up. and looks at the time. he panicked a little, and wondered if he should wake me up, or let me rest longer. he did hear me say I wanted him to wake me up in an hour or two, but those hours have definitely passed by. but.. I looked so comfy in his arms. and I wouldn't want to leave. I'd stay in his arms forever if I could. so.. he let her sleep longer.
:iconkirbyfan1234:Kirbyfan1234 4 5
Toontown VP CJ CEO and Chairman Headcanons
Vincent: 1. is Silly! 2. Headcanon voice is Peewee from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. 3. Has the Windows 3.1 start-up sound when he boots up and shutdown when he goes to sleep. 4. has a Purple tongue. 5. SQUEES ALL THE TIME! 6. has Inflatable shirts! 7. oghooyoohooh! 8. if he were a Toon, he'd be a Cat. 9. likes Grape flavored things. 10. unknown if he has a Kadunk or not. 11. fighting theme is Haltmann's theme. 12. has his own Playhouse like Peewee Herman! 13. has a fear of Trashcans. 14. Birthday is December 19th. 15. favorite season is Spring. 16. if Kirby inhaled him, he would get the Ninja ability. 17. unknown what his HP is. 18. He is 26. 19. Full name is Vincent ??? Money. 20. has an Intel Atom processor. {Bluescreens A LOT.. poor guy.} 21. favorite animal is Cat. 22. Favorite color is Purple. 23. has Purple eyes. 24. jumps in joy a lot! 25. is nice to everyone he meets. 26. listens to Pop music. 27. Single. 28. has an award for the sweetest cog in Toontown. 29. supports Toons and Cogs t
:iconkirbyfan1234:Kirbyfan1234 7 4
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Hiii Kirby by Kittykun123 Haiiii! Welcome to my profile!! I'm Zoe, I'm 19 years old, and I'm just your typical everyday girl that loves eating, drawing, and obsessing over my fictional hubbies!

I absolutely love Kirby, Toontown, Animal Crossing, and more I just can't name of!

so don't be shy talking to me! I don't inhale. well, unless I'm hungry, of course. I have a big appetite!

I've been drawing for possibly about 11 years now. I just love it so much.. it makes me so happy. and I wouldn't mind doing it for a living!

I don't have very many social medias either. so if you see someone with my username or impersonating me, then that's NOT me. otherwise I would add the account on here.

but I do have a Discord! Discord (color) Icon ultramini by linux-rules Note me for it if you wanna add me. I'm a bit more active on there than on here.

Curious what I like/relate to? THEN CHECK OUT ALL THE STAMPS I HAVE!

Donut Dividers by hanar0 Donut Dividers by hanar0 Donut Dividers by hanar0

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