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Callie C.F.O. Cashbot's Headcanons
1. is Sweet like her Mother, but Hotheaded like her Father.
2. absolutely LOVES the Squid Sister Callie! {sings and dances to the squid sister videos, dresses up like her, and even sings like her too!}
3. Has a missing shoe but doesn't care.
4. has one Green eye and one Blue eye.
5. She is 6.
6. Has the voice of Chibiusa from Sailor Moon.
7. Listens to Pop music.
8. Likes to roam around CBHQ and watch what the other workers do!
9. Loves ALL of her Goon brothers and sisters!
10. Often invites herself and her Goon siblings to cuddle and sleep with their parents.
11. Likes Peach flavored things.
12. Sneaks in her Father's office to help him with work.
13. AND sneaks into the Mints too.
14. Has a Miniature Cashbot Train.
15. Enjoys playing with Sharky, Clara, and Jacquelin.
16. Birthday is December 12th.
17. Likes the Snow and the Holidays!
18. Possibly Future CFO of Kadunk Cliffs.
19. Always gets an A+ on Math.
20. Laff is 326.
21. Makes Duck and Cash Register Noises.
22. is an explorer,
:iconkirbyfan1234:Kirbyfan1234 7 2
Zoe C.F.O. Cashbot's Headcanons
1. Squeaks when she's Happy/Excited. {Which is bascially all the time!}
2. Fell in love with Charles the first time she saw him.
3. is ALWAYS at Cashbot Headquarters! {if not, then at least at Donald's Dreamland! She considers both as her home.}
4. Loves Pink Roses, Sweets, and Spring!
5. absolutely loves her Husband, Children, Cashbots, and Friends.
6. Used to didn't wear glasses, but now she does thanks to her husband. {and it turns out she's actually nearsighted too.}
7. She has Toon-up, Trap, Sound, Lure, Throw, and Squirt. {No Drop!}
8. Doesn't normally wear shoes. {well, she used to. until she and Charles had their first kiss and they just flew off her feet!}
9. there isn't a Cog she dislikes.
10. Does her best as a Co-Chief.
11. Didn't know anything about Math before. {until Charles came in and helped her learn!}
12. listens to Piano music.
13. Eats fast like an actual Duck.
14. Mother is a Human. {aka, Me! I created her in 2006.}
15. wears a tiny dollarsign hairpin just like he
:iconkirbyfan1234:Kirbyfan1234 5 5
Charles C.F.O. Cashbot's Headcanons
1. Full name is Charles Richie Money.
2. Located in the Kadunk {Kaboom} Cliffs District.
3. Was never a Baron, has always been a Cash Register.
4. Wife is Chief Zoe. {Pink Duck}
5. Children are Callie, {Cog-Toon Hybrid} Sunshine, Sunset, Dusk, Twilight, and Coppy. {Goon Children}
6. Pets are Sharky {Loan Shark}, Clara, {Nurse Sharky} and Jacquelin. {Great Grey Owl}
7. Workers are Franklin, {Short Change} Sparkle, {Penny Pincher} Richard, {Tightwad} Jacob, {Bean Counter} Veronica, {Number Cruncher} Sleepy, {Moneybags} Sharky, {Loan Shark} Robbie, {Robber Baron} Jokey, {Supervisor} and Clara. {Nurse Shark}
8. Eats his own white shirts. {When he's Nervous or just Hungry}
9. Birthday is Feburary 17th.
10. Likes Mint flavored things.
11. Can speak Train language.
12. Suffers from migranes a lot. {Because of all those safes and goon children those pesky toons hit him with!}
13. Likes the night better than the day.
14. Loves driving trains and boats. {Doesn't even have a car! Would much rathe
:iconkirbyfan1234:Kirbyfan1234 5 2


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Hiii Kirby by Kittykun123 Haiiii! Welcome to my profile!! I'm Zoe, I'm 19 years old, and I'm just your typical everyday girl that loves eating, drawing, and obsessing over my fictional hubbies!

I absolutely love Kirby, Toontown, Animal Crossing, and more I just can't name of!

so don't be shy talking to me! I don't inhale. well, unless I'm hungry, of course. I have a big appetite!

I've been drawing for possibly about 10 years now. I just love it so much.. it makes me so happy. and I wouldn't mind doing it for a living!

I don't have very many social medias either. so if you see someone with my username or impersonating me, then that's NOT me. otherwise I would add the account on here.

but I do have a Discord! Discord (color) Icon ultramini by linux-rules Note me for it if you wanna add me. I'm a bit more active on there than on here.

Curious what I like/relate to? THEN CHECK OUT ALL THE STAMPS I HAVE!

Donut Dividers by hanar0 Donut Dividers by hanar0 Donut Dividers by hanar0

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Stamp by Mel-Rosey Art saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey Inspire Stamp by Mel-Rosey Christopher Robin Stamp by Mel-Rosey Starry Stamp by Mel-Rosey I Love Cute Things by AlbinoSeaTurtle Chubby User Stamp by MadamStargate Chubby is pretty by ima-M0NST3R Mental Illness by ima-M0NST3R Computer nerd by ima-M0NST3R STAMP | Splatoon by Myuwa be nice to yourself (Stamp) by ELLlOTT you can vent to me (Stamp) by ELLlOTT It's ok to cry (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Forgive Yourself (Stamp) by ELLlOTT im sorry stamp by arinwins I believe in you (Stamp) by ELLlOTT You matter (Stamp) by ELLlOTT 007 by pastelpink-fuckery Llama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Cute Tablet user Stamp by VocaloidStamps Disney Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius i collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAI Cute Crafts Stamp by li-sa Photography stamp by StampMakerLKJ Kirby Stamp by MajinPat stamp - CONSOLE WARS by eternalsaturn Cupcake stamp by Mel-Rosey Girly DA Page Stamp by Mel-Rosey purrfect by hoopas stamp - HAVE FUN by eternalsaturn Fandom stamp by eternalsaturn f2u - Pink aesthetic stamp #2 by Pastel--Galaxies If It's Not Pink Then What's The Point??? by King-Lulu-Deer-Pixel Heart Candies Stamp by King-Lulu-Deer-Pixel Love Letter by Gay-Mage-Of-Space Sketchbook pro User STAMP by Drayuu User STAMP by Drayuu Make People Feel Good Abt Themselves Stamp by Gay-Mage-Of-Space Pyjama Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose sailor moon pixel stamp by stargirlcaraway I Heart Music Stamp 2 by StampMakerLKJ .~Pink princess stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess .~Girly and gamer stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess STAMP: I Love Winter by Crystal-Moore Stay Artsy (Stamp) by Kuqqiz Optimism (Stamp) by Kuqqiz 10- Vanilla Ice Cream by Fadinqlight Cooking Mama Stamp by ginacartoon It Just Bores Me To Death by Mintaka-TK Never Repeat by Sergeant-McFluffers Flapjack drinks seawater... by GrimRose13 Looking at You, Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans! by Mintaka-TK Crayon Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Cloud Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Kinda goes with the last one by Khallysto Summer Stamp by mylastel roblox stamp by stampyy What Do You Expect When Your Fandom... by Mintaka-TK my life motto at this point by aesthetic-garbage Roblox Death Sound | Stamp by H-ARP00N God Won't Answer | Stamp by H-ARP00N 18 (kirb) by HEXDOQSTAMPS I support Kirby FCs Stamp by Kokiri-Kidd I love Underrated VGchar stamp by JigglyPuffGirl Rainbow Kirby Stamp by hearttaco Stamp - Don't Hate Kirby by MoonWarriorAutumn Usagi Stamp by King-Lulu-Deer-Pixel Bomb Kirby Stamp by Cozigiraffe Star Confetti Stamp by King-Lulu-Deer-Pixel 028 by ufocatchers Radda Stamp by GeneveveX

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 21, 2018, 3:05 PM

Seriously..? when I make polls and add the option with Dedede and Zoi, someone seems to vote for them. Why is that? KirbyCalm I mean, I appreciate that and it's fine to vote for them. but I'm not focused on them anymore. heck, I don't even miss them. Kirby :P I'm way more focused on Charles and Zoe. and the other ones coming eventually.

I know I asked this before, but I'm a forgetful puffball. KirbyDizzy 

Why do you prefer me with Dedede?

I never really gave those two a backstory. and they were always with eachother 24/7 and being all lovey-dovey. and that seemed to bother some people. I'm giving you guys something different for once and this is how you repay me? KirbyBeam Remember, I used to feel bad about only having those two in my gallery. now there will be tons of fresh new things that aren't Kirby related. KirbyHungry {of course I'll ALWAYS draw Kirby! It's just refreshing to draw something different sometimes.}

ALSO! the couples we currently have are Dedede & Zoi, {although I don't draw those two anymore.}  and Charles & Zoe. KirbyMusical 

the couples that are coming in my gallery in the near future are: Gary and Paper Kirby, Heat Miser and Zoe, Dr. Shrunk and Mayor Zoe, and MugMan and MugZoe. KirbyNyan 

I really hope you guys are as excited as I am! cause when I get my ideas back, I'll be making over 400+ drawings!! KirbyJoyful 

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