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Overworking [Vanitas x Reader]
Set in modern AU
Vanitas' not exactly sure what happened when he came to in the staff room. lying on the couch with his head on your lap. The last thing he remembers was helping Tifa with liquor inventory.
He sits up and opens his mouth to ask, but you answer his unspoken question.
"Tifa called me." You fidget in your seat. "Said you passed out while working."
Oh. So that's what happened.
He see your gaze shifting to the staff room's door and hears the muffled voices of patrons enjoying themselves in the bar. Your eyes shift back to his golden irises.  
"Have you been getting enough sleep...?"
He's told you his home life wasn't exactly stable-with his mother having to work 2 jobs and him taking care of his baby twin brother, Sora. He claims it's not a big deal, but Vanitas knows how concerned you are about his wellbeing.
He scratches the back of his head and mutters out an answer, his eyes averting yours. "I've been getting enough." Vanitas hates
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Hand-Holding [Vanitas x Reader]
Set in modern AU!
Vanitas was never much for hand-holding.
Or rather, he didn't care much about the intimacy of the act itself.
Sure, he held his mother's hand when he was younger, but he's no longer a kid. And dragging his younger twin, Sora home by the hand every he stays out late doesn't count. He's done that too frequently to consider it "intimate." He never understood what the big deal was about hand-holding.
Not until he started dating you anyways.
He wasn't the most overly affectionate person when it came to dating you. The most he's done so far was pat your head. Vanitas thought you would've been fed up by the lack of affection by now, but you were patient with him and he was grateful to you for that.
So when he told you to hold his hand, he didn't put much thought into it. He just didn't want you to get lost in the crowd. That was pretty innocent enough, right?
But when you slipped your delicate fingers through his palm and wrapped it around t
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gotta get away to galaxy by kirby456 gotta get away to galaxy :iconkirby456:kirby456 16 0 Megaman X: Reploid OC by kirby456 Megaman X: Reploid OC :iconkirby456:kirby456 13 1 poison masters by kirby456 poison masters :iconkirby456:kirby456 41 1 are you sure by kirby456 are you sure :iconkirby456:kirby456 6 0 Card Swipe by kirby456 Card Swipe :iconkirby456:kirby456 46 2 Star Rod by kirby456 Star Rod :iconkirby456:kirby456 19 1 Happy Merry Marxmas by kirby456 Happy Merry Marxmas :iconkirby456:kirby456 8 0 Bubbly Clouds by kirby456 Bubbly Clouds :iconkirby456:kirby456 9 1
TM 100: Confide [Gladion x Reader]
'...It's cold.'

You quietly complain to yourself as you wrap the blanket tightly around your body. For being a tropical region, even Alola gets fairly cold in the nighttime. After a small scuffle with the blanket, you eventually tie two ends of the blanket around your neck. It reminds you of those heroes that were always shown on TV back in Kanto.
You scoff at the thought. 'Some hero I was.'
A heavy sigh escapes your lips. You rest your arms on the white, metallic balustrade on the balcony. With the blanket embracing your back, you scan the surrounding area.
Even after visiting this place twice, Aether Paradise still feels foreign to you. The sheer, white color of this place feels...ironic to you now. A color meant symbolize purity is in a place full of dark secrets.
On top of the balcony, you see a small glimpse of the building that Lillie's staying in-the same one you stormed into trying to save her a few hours ago. You replay the events in your head, flinching as you
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Bubble by kirby456 Bubble :iconkirby456:kirby456 7 0 JUNK O by kirby456 JUNK O :iconkirby456:kirby456 6 0 Spoopy Egg by kirby456 Spoopy Egg :iconkirby456:kirby456 18 0


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I decided to make a Kirby prompt for Inktober! For Days 3, 10, 18 and 26, feel free to interpret it however you want!

Day 1: Your 1st Kirby game 

Day 2: Favorite character  

Day 3: Kirby    

Day 4: Favorite Helper   

Day 5: Favorite Kirby Cafe menu item   

Day 6: Create an ability  

Day 7: Easiest boss 

Day 8: Favorite stage   

Day 9: Favorite Animal Friend 

Day 10: Meta Knight 

Day 11: Favorite elemental ability 

Day 12: Most memorable episode from the anime 

Day 13: Least favorite enemy  

Day 14: Favorite Mid-Boss   

Day 15: Favorite spin-off game  

Day 16: Favorite main sub-game from SS/SSU  

Day 17: Favorite Kirby minigame  

Day 18: King Dedede  

Day 19: Least favorite collectable    

Day 20: Favorite mixed ability in 64 

Day 21: Hardest boss   

Day 22: Favorite OST (Draw what comes to mind as you listen to it!) 

Day 23: Favorite Robobot Armor ability   

Day 24: Most desired fight scene (ex: Meta Knight vs Dedede, or Magolor vs Galacta Knight   

Day 25: Draw your favorite character humanized  

Day 26: Bandanna Dee   

Day 27: Favorite character from the anime  

Day 28: Most intense boss fight   

Day 29: Favorite ability  

Day 30:  Favorite Kirby game of all time 

Day 31: It’s Halloween! Dress the characters in common Halloween costumes   



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