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Over Acting Dragon- Drawn by Art-of-MomokaB by kirby144 Over Acting Dragon- Drawn by Art-of-MomokaB :iconkirby144:kirby144 30 10
Another wacky DA moment by kirby144 Another wacky DA moment :iconkirby144:kirby144 2 29 Erica the Trainer 1st Generation style request by kirby144 Erica the Trainer 1st Generation style request :iconkirby144:kirby144 8 10 Luna's Relationship chart by kirby144 Luna's Relationship chart :iconkirby144:kirby144 3 6 Annegift by kirby144 Annegift :iconkirby144:kirby144 2 2 Bad DA, bad by kirby144 Bad DA, bad :iconkirby144:kirby144 7 16 Lunaea Head Sprite by kirby144 Lunaea Head Sprite :iconkirby144:kirby144 2 2 Request: Gaia Walking by kirby144 Request: Gaia Walking :iconkirby144:kirby144 1 0 Art Trade: Hiro Full Sheet by kirby144 Art Trade: Hiro Full Sheet :iconkirby144:kirby144 9 0 Lea The Anansi Sprite girl by kirby144 Lea The Anansi Sprite girl :iconkirby144:kirby144 6 0 Human Lea Sprite sheet x4 by kirby144 Human Lea Sprite sheet x4 :iconkirby144:kirby144 2 0 Sea Turtle plush by kirby144 Sea Turtle plush :iconkirby144:kirby144 2 0 Talalorn Farvizal by Whatura by kirby144 Talalorn Farvizal by Whatura :iconkirby144:kirby144 5 0
Thoughts on Vampires
Research conducted by Rebecca Farnsworth
Vampire, creatures of the night and sleepers in the dawn, well that was I used to think.  They are a very interesting species.  Relations with vampires have always been rocky.  They are doomed to undeath, one of the worst curses to plague someone.  Yet they still strive to carry on like us, well most of us living beings try to.  In fact about 60% of successful businesses have at least 4-5 vampires on the Board of directors. They used to be hunted but they faded into the normal hustle and bustle that all of us deal with.  Spawn of vampire and pure blood seem to be on equal playing fields in this business age.
The numbers of vampire children are unknown, even to me with my vast resources.  The family structure is still the same as I observed in the past.  In most cases a child is adopted and then turned.  In the rarest cases though, two vampires truly in love
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Human Azalea Sprite Sheet by kirby144 Human Azalea Sprite Sheet :iconkirby144:kirby144 5 6 Ashura sprite sheet x4 by kirby144 Ashura sprite sheet x4 :iconkirby144:kirby144 3 0 Ashura Sprite Sheet by kirby144 Ashura Sprite Sheet :iconkirby144:kirby144 1 2 Toana gift comic by kirby144 Toana gift comic :iconkirby144:kirby144 1 0 Halloween Tg sprite art by kirby144 Halloween Tg sprite art :iconkirby144:kirby144 10 4 Christi Trainer Sprite by kirby144 Christi Trainer Sprite :iconkirby144:kirby144 0 0 Full Jenna Sheet by kirby144 Full Jenna Sheet :iconkirby144:kirby144 5 9 Jenna HGSS Sprites by kirby144 Jenna HGSS Sprites :iconkirby144:kirby144 1 5
Tales of a Copycat's Training
Warning:  what is mention in this Prologue will only make slight sense if one were to read Wanderer by dfreak235 of deviantArt.  Otherwise, the second paragraph won't make sense.  Thank you for your consideration.
I have killed; those three words always have touched my mind.  Why does evil delight in killing?  Why do the good do things which might be good but end up causing unnecessary harm.  It is what I have learned all these years; pain, strife, death, life, joy, and harmony.   I have fought and protected good and evil.  It always makes me question my powers and powers of others.  If one causes Destruction in the name of good, is it still good, or is it an excuse for the desire to cause harm, which we all have inside of us?  I do not know.  I thought I did once but it was a while ago, at least seventeen years.   The year of my training was the best prepar
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Lexine Insignia by kirby144 Lexine Insignia :iconkirby144:kirby144 0 0


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