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Over Acting Dragon- Drawn by Art-of-MomokaB


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Over Acting Dragon- Drawn by Art-of-MomokaB


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Comic 1 for Pokemon Wolley


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Christi Trainer Sprite


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Lexine in Dawn from Platinum

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1k Pokemon Plat Party: Lukario

My Pokemon Party

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Tales of a Copycat's Training

Warning:  what is mention in this Prologue will only make slight sense if one were to read Wanderer by dfreak235 of deviantArt.  Otherwise, the second paragraph won't make sense.  Thank you for your consideration. I have killed; those three words always have touched my mind.  Why does evil delight in killing?  Why do the good do things which might be good but end up causing unnecessary harm.  It is what I have learned all these years; pain, strife, death, life, joy, and harmony.   I have fought and protected good and evil.  It always makes me question my powers and powers of others.  If one causes Destruction in the name of good, is it still

Tales of a Copycat's Training

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Hiro Filmstrip


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