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Based on an easter egg when you hack the game and Bendy appears with that terrifying expression with a message about the consequences of hacking

black heart bullet Bendy (c) TheMeatly Games

black heart bullet Artwork (c) Me

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mirror mirror on the wall, whom in this dark world is the most tormented of them all

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The devilll withennnn~

You'll never know what hit you!~
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bendy: (walks across mirror
sees other bendy)

bendy: hi 

(sin bendy shows up) 

obendy: hi

rbendy: 😱
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I can imagine Bendy starting out thinking the same thing along with Boris and Alice.  “We made a terrible mistake...”
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Anytime I see something like that, I see regular bendy looking into a mirror of the Ink Monster.
"You are a terrible sin"
I see that wrote on it...
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remember kids...

dont go to places you are not suppose to

or you might go to hell
and you would not wander over there, would you?
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Ok,that would be terrifying!poor Bendy!
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At least the hackers won't try to hack into the game anymore.
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We all know they will hack it JUST to get this Easter Egg
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This is a nod to where if you use hacks to teleport in the game you can see this creepy bendy cutout that has a sign saying: "Wandering is a terrible SIN". There is also a Alice Angel one.
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Oh snap! I never knew that!
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Well you can look this "character" up in the bendy wiki. He actually has a name.
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Dude....that's terrifying. How'd Meatly know someone would do that?
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He probably figured that with the 2nd, 3rd, and remastered updates that people would do that to unreachable areas. Do you want to know that things name?
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The name? TELL ME THE NAME....o_o
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Now bendy's not going to sleep for weeks XD
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