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Destructive Cuteness

Got around to drawing Megumin since the 2nd season of Konosuba is out. Had a lot of fun playing with her pose!

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Kazuma: "So it's like a seal?"
Megumin: "Well, that was a lie. I just wear it for looks."
Kazuma: ":I" *Grabs and pulls on eyepatch!*

I love that bit. x3
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la la la!
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I love the pose!
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Best girl!

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Gosh, that belt is large. She could probably fit her arm through the buckle! 
Great work, by the by. You seem very skilled at drawing clothing!
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Man, I love this character! A mage who only uses a single once per day spell. Sounds like games of D&D I've been a part of! lol
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Love it. Any plans to do one of her eternal rival?
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There's a lot of characters I wanna draw, so I'm just trying to do my favorite ones.

People can commission me to do a character I haven't done yet though~
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I dig the laser-pointer eye effect there.
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Liking this a whole lot^^ Great job~
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nice drawing!
i like how you did the shade and her eye it sooo reminds me of Kurumi from Date A Life
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