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Happy Me-Day! I've now reached the big 'ol Two-Zero.

I started on and finished this poster long before the big TTA picture ever even came to mind. I've been planning this for quite a while, as kind of a joking "Kirbopher 20th Anniversary", since this picture's loosely based on the Megaman 20th Anniversary poster from a while back. I tried to make a good mix of characters, mainly ones that you guys would be familiar with, so I chose a good few from each of the casts of characters derived from the likes of TvTome Adventures, Go! Go! Parody Rangers and GameSavers as well as some of my lesser-known concepts like Blu-N-Grin and Savage Cabbage, plus a few other little random characters I threw in there. This isn't NEARLY the amount of characters I've made combined throughout my entire lifetime, but hopefully this is a good amount and I'm glad with how the final thing came out. Happy New Year's Eve and here's to Oh-Nine.
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theres nothing like seeing Willy,a perfect little whiz kid!,by the creator of my FAV parody of ANY SHOW!
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primalivysaurStudent General Artist
Don't tell me how to play my game!!!! LMFAO!!!!
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JeffreyMonyeHobbyist General Artist
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Scorpio1996Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you, Arceus for there being a pic with my two fav characters (Kirbopher and Brawny) from my fav artist.
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DJaxs312Student Filmographer
lol Kirb. The pumpkin cat. Nice one Kirb. Is your birthday is in the 30th?
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Wow........the person below me never saw that..neither have i.......
i just saw nin10doh series and brawl tuants
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I never knew you made the power rangers spoof
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ArtKirby-XIVStudent Digital Artist
I found you on newgrounds funastic picture by the way
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Wolf98456Hobbyist General Artist
Nice pic and I love the Parody Rangers series. Sadly, I'm not familiar with most of your other work since I don't look at flash stuff often.
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Is that you in the upper right corner?

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hey kirb! I know i'm sickening late with this comment, but i cant help posting it anyway:P
i havn't been on your DA since... last year?:O so... yeah, i really just saw your pic now, and i still think it's awesome! it's really a shame your TTA series ended so soon... (i watched it in like... 1 week two years ago?:P) but i was showing the series to my brother today, and now i want to see it all again!xD you still rock dude, keep everything up, you're so fucking awesome! and you're even more awesome for having your birthday on NYE!:D
oh btw, i liked all the taunts, and the go go parody rangers!:D
check ya later!:peace:
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bossman12 Traditional Artist
did u liv in new york when the twin towers fell WTF! BOOM
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Happy Belated Birthday!

I haven’t checked out any of your other works yet, but this poster looks to be a parody of / reference to half the franchises I’m a fan of. Needless to say, you’re a skilled artist. Also, your name almost sounds like “Kirby”. So here’s to the next 20 years.
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Quite the awesome celebration!
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theamazinglizardStudent Digital Artist
happy birthday and awesome work man, but is it just me or does Meat look a bit like this? [link]
Maybe it's just me and I'm not saying it was intentional (if it was, that's funny, but if not, whatever.)
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awesome your in DA,i'm a big fan of your video they were wicked:D
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wut about big gay dance =(
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ACFan120 Filmographer
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Dear god... I did something so spontaneous, I forgot about it.

*Ate a chili pepper drink while playing Ryuuseigun backwards on a Jew's harp*
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GigaB00tsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhhh, no wonder your awesome flashes are so "dirty", your an, er, adult! :p
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:iconjokerclapplz:Welcome to the twentyness....

Happy birthday, stay awesome, eat your veggies and dont put your finger on the sockets of the wall...
*put his finger in the socket and dies*
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OliviaJMStudent Filmographer
you're sooo effin creative! all that stuff on one poster! it amazes me!
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looks sweet! You sure don't hesitate at producing what s in your mind, so you ve got a vast archive of characters as we se in the pic.

btw I think it d be awesome if you make TTA into a proper anime ;)
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cool, no rina-chan though?
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