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TOME: Splat
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By Kirbopher15   |   Watch
Published: January 15, 2012
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Username: Splat
Location: Unknown, US
Class: Morphological
Power: Ashesive Slime
Special Techniques:
Booger Bubble - A projectile that encases the opponent in a thick bubble of goop, trapping them.
Gel Dragon - A slow-moving but powerful projectile attack that turns into a sentient dragon head made of slime.
Flying Fist - A projectile technique in which the user throws pieces of their own body as punches. The fists can regenerate when attached back to the user’s body.
Spiketrap - The user protrudes sharp spikes from their body.

I’ve given a lot of crap to the personalities of the original TvTome Adventures characters, but I will admit that Splat was one I was very proud of. She had a bit more depth and intrigue than the rest; a very bitter, angry brat with a thirst for vengeance. At the same time however, I look back at her motivation and find
it a little too extreme. It drove her, but it made her seem a little…stupid. Like too overly-emotional and easily-influenced. That said, she was still entertaining and fun to follow through her little obsessive rivalry with Gamecrazed.

This new incarnation of Splat I tried to keep the same feel of her bratty, selfish and bitter “charm” of the original, but keep her a bit more real. In my head, I thought of both her and her brother Doubling as big computer geeks growing up, but Splat was always slightly better, coercing Doubling to want and try outdoing her, even though he’s not avidly interested in games. Splat is impatient and coarse, but still revels in what she does; she acts very in control…that is until GC appears to show her otherwise. My sister Alison, who never got the chance to play a villain before, had some great moments with Splat during the recording process. Design-wise I kept her look mostly the same, but fixed up the helmet a bit and went with a purposely gross-looking color scheme. I consider Doubling like a big wad of pond scum and Splat like a big booger, hence the fugly yellow-green. Making Splat’s hair into her trademark “Gel Dragon” attack was also very fun when animating her…my only regret is not finding an appropriate place to work in her classic “RIP HIM APART!” phrase.
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quinkenHobbyist Digital Artist
XD I find it hilarious that her move she used to trap Nylocke and Kirb is called BOOGER Bubble
startermania's avatar
And thus, we only saw her in one episode
LavaringX's avatar
LavaringX General Artist
Are you gonna do character breakdowns like this for the new Season 2 Characters? =3
MokaMcdowell's avatar
I hope she can reappear, i like Splat alot... i think, her slime is... like my fetish.
SSJgokuVSshinymewtwo's avatar
SSJgokuVSshinymewtwoStudent General Artist
NYE: They are...locked in combat. twisted, even! i am experiencing new feelings, squire.
KIRB: Oh... is this like your fetish?
KIRB: Groooooss....
loopoloopi's avatar
as someone who watched pete and pete as a kid i must say....your older sister is aweaome!
DarkblazeKnight's avatar
I like the rivalry idea of the Original - will that maybe appear in future episodes?
Raythedeku's avatar
When I first thing I thought when I saw Saturn was that she looked like splat.
FrenchGuyZ93's avatar
Yes, they are pretty alike! I mean, they have nearly the same outfit. Does that mean they are both the same person? Hmm...
Page-Mistress's avatar
Maybe you can work in the phrase next time she shows up!
pmaster3363's avatar
Can't wait for more TOME, although these profiles of the characters are VERY cool!
tiljix's avatar
She was... nicely disgusting...
I must say, my favorite part was when she and GC were fighting, and Nylocke... er... gets feelings...?
Light-Trainer's avatar
Light-TrainerHobbyist Writer
Both of Splat's design and her role in TOME is a wonderful improvement from in TTA. (She was certainly one of my LEAST favourite characters in TTA.)

I had no idea that her voice was done by your own sister! She did a great job even though the dogs thought otherwise in the blooper! :XD:
mizox's avatar
*rewatches every episode of TTA with Splat in it* she... never said "Rip Him Apart"

does fit though.
ProtronRazoron's avatar
ProtronRazoronHobbyist General Artist
In Season 3 on one episode of TTA she said that i think.
Banjoenelbano's avatar
BanjoenelbanoStudent Interface Designer
I found her to be very interesting, I hope to see more of her in the future!
BahamutSaintDragon's avatar
There's always next time for that phrase, especially if she wants revenge on the guy that made her look like a 'noob' (basically GC for taking her slime powers and using them against her and then flinging her out of the game).

She certainly looks fugly, facial expression and all, kind of meant to make you feel sick. A sharp contrast to her green and purple skin recolors. I like her.
Viper-X27's avatar
"Rip him apart!?"

I'm gonna have to pay close attention to Splat episodes of TTA because I don't think I've ever heard that, and if I did, I didn't understand it. Now I know what to look for.
JeffreyMonye's avatar
JeffreyMonyeHobbyist General Artist
it really defines her
JadtheDog's avatar
She looks like a fun character.
Junkyard-lurker's avatar
Wait, "My sister Alison"?
Literally or figuratively?
Kirbopher15's avatar
Literally! Alison Fanelli's my older sister.
Junkyard-lurker's avatar
Holy bleep on a bleep sandwich!
I guess you do learn something everyday :iconiseeplz:
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