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TOME: Kizuna by Kirbopher15 TOME: Kizuna by Kirbopher15

Username: Kizuna
Location: Unknown, US
Class: Animalistic
Power: Sharpshooting
Special Techniques:
Golden Bullet - Infinite ammo fired from the user's weapon.
Cat-like Reflex - An agility-boosting power-up that combines with the user's physical attacks for deadly accuracy.
Beast Armor - Creates a temporary metallic shell that slows the user's speed but increases their physical offense and defensive powers.
Sonic Screech - A powerful sound-wave attack that can cover a large area.

In the original TvTome Adventures story there was a character that appeared in its last season named "Ruri"; a long-time player who was an implied love-interest to Zetto. She joined Alpha and company during a mission of theirs and then was ultimately part of the final battle. She was very kind...but sadly was left being very "inserted" unnecessarily for the story as a whole.

I knew "Ruri" was a character I wanted to go in an entirely different direction with this time and I felt my idea was a better route to go in the long run. Changing her to a completely different entity, now known as "Kizuna" (Which means "bond" in Japanese, and also contains the word "Kizu" which means "scratch") I decided to have her be the employer of the various hackers seen throughout the show, hiring them for different tasks in an attempt to capture a mysterious item she names "The Forbidden Power". There was another equivalent character in TTA named "Voltarius"; the hacker leader disguised in a powerful armored-suit. Using that basic idea, Kizuna is the player's original account and "Tigerlilly", the metallic cat-monster that attacks our heroes at certain moments, would be her disguise. In truth, she has hacked her "beast armor" technique to last for as long as necessary in order to keep herself hidden and protected when the situation calls. She also takes the form of a small cat when trying to be further discreet. Kizuna's cold and professional attitude made for a good foil to Zetto's smarminess and confidence; keeping him in line and showing an implied deep history between the two. Since she's been around since the beginning of TOME, having her be a purely-skilled player made it fun to animate her fight scenes with such limited attacks. There's a lot about her mysteriousness that makes it fun to try and figure out what she's thinking. While her "Kizuna attacks" are unchanged, her disguise, Tigerlilly, has two abilities that are hacked. The metallic cat was a design I had come up with years ago for another project and had a lot of fun drawing during its appearance. The sonic screech attack was also an interesting quirk; meant to be another technique Kizuna hacked to be so loud and tweaked that it could physically strain any surrounding players that hear it, in order to distract our heroes and rile up the forbidden power.

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sonicluke Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
Cool :)
Apophis324 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
I totally love her design, with the Kitsune-ears hairstyle and the somewhat Western look.
Viper-X27 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
This is the nicest I've ever seen her.
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