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Two characters in another quick series idea I came up with recently, about an escaped psychopath and a little boy who befriends and keeps her like a pet. Did this in flash in a little under an hour. I'll probably scrap this later.
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blackladybinary's avatar know, now for actual comments? I REALLY like the faces, god damn
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SeizureDemonProfessional Filmographer
Very interesting concept. Doesnt seem like the kinda thing that's along your border, but I find it cool anyways.
If ya ever make this a series, sign me on as a writer.
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Totli. I actually pictured it as a comic possibly.
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Well, if you ever decide to make this a series, I'd definitely watch it. A very interesting and good concept.
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You should TOTALLY make this XD
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The name is absolutely great.
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Cornelious-RaidonHobbyist Digital Artist
The idea's pretty good, but it seems like the type of show with no story progression and it's just a random episode each time, but nevertheless it sounds like a funny idea. Keep it up with these concepts they are all really interesting! ^^
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This concept is pure GOLD!! The very idea is just GUSHING with originality! PERFECT Adult Swim and/or Comedy Central, or maybe even the next Invader Zim if the content is played with right!

Or maybe perfect Cinemax After Dark if ya wanna go REAL hardcore......XD
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Sprite37Professional Digital Artist
He's staring at her boobs
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Which I didn't plan at all 8D;
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Sprite37Professional Digital Artist
HA HAAaaaa! Happy Mistake!
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TaxidrawbyHobbyist General Artist
Somehow... This reminds me of you and Rina.
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That is the happiest little boy I've ever seen.
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i look forward to seeing the series and additional art that accompanies this
Question: Do you still seek advanced critique? Because you dont seem to be flaming people anymore
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Very good use of basic exaggerated facial expressions, and sharp edges for the characters; it conjures a very anarchic feel, which is probably the best way I could imagine their relationship to be. Good show.

P.S. I realise this is probably not helpful at all :/ Oh well.
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NintendoFreak135Hobbyist Digital Artist
i never seen the series, what is it called? i may enjoy it
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It's not a series, it's a concept I came up with.
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NintendoFreak135Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh its a concept, sorry about that, there's somethings i don't know yet.
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is so original, so simple, so evil, so easy to make porn of it XD XD XD...

You are a genious, man; seriuously
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If you ever get to air that other series you have planned for Cartoon Network, you should have this as a mini-series between episodes like they used to do with Evil ConCarne on Billy & Mandy and I Am Weasel on Cow and Chicken. Just a suggestion.
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Matt: This is awesome and brilliant!
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