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Massively Multiplayer Epic

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© 2008 - 2020 Kirbopher15
Sketching process: 5 Hours
Inking process: 3 Hours
Rough Coloring & BG: 4 Hours
Shading: 5 Hours
Total Completion Time: Approx. 17 Hours

Every single TvTome Adventures character, ever. I suddenly got the inspiration to draw this piece of insanity up during the last few weeks of my Anatomy class. I started working on it periodically after finishing the actual class assignments, took the massive thing back home to finish sketching it, got up around 3 in the morning and decided to start inking it, spent the rest of that same day laying out the color and eventually got around to the shading. Dunno HOW I physically did this, but ah well.

This was essentially meant to be the final scene of TTA had I gone all the way to Episode 100: "Ultimate Creature II". TOME is officially set to be taken offline one week after the deletion of all three of Darkeyes' viruses. The Netkings, in this last week of time, conduct one final tournament open to all players of the game before their virtual world is shut down. At the very end of the episode, it fast forwards to an undetermined part of the tournament, where Alpha walks past his closest friends as they see him into the area. The audience is composed of every character in the series that isn't banned, in jail, hospitalized or dead by that point. Zetto stands tall, ready to take on his online rival in the fair, all-out final battle they've sworn they would have for pratically forever. They charge in and lock fists, as the screen freezes and zooms out to show this picture...yes, that's how it ends. You don't see who wins the battle. So even if I HAD done Season 4, I was prepared to screw you guys over anyway, HAAAAAA~

I thought including the characters that weren't actually in the 'audience' would be worth it as well since it'd be better to simply have everyone that the viewers were attached to. I think I DID leave out a bunch, I conciously nixed the Flux Gang's inclusion because I just didn't care for them and didn't include the contest winners since I felt they weren't quite my characters, although to give credit Ichinar is still Kevin Klontz' and Fauna is Spring's, as well as the Fireball20xl members part of the Season 4 newcomers belonging to their respective creators. Anyone else I had forgotten probably wasn't incredibly important anyhow.

For the ones included, I tried to divide everyone into their respective "categories", being the main characters, the secondaries, the D-Bug Org & Purple Flame members, the Guild of Anubis, the Ranks of Sanctuary and the Netkings. There're some stragglers about, such as the moderators being scattered around, but I tried to apply certain characters in appropriate places. Flamegirl and Ruri are reaching out to their respective love interests, the D-Bug Dragon stretches past characters specific to it such as Zetto, Phaxal, Kirbopher and Gamecrazed; other little nods to the storyline like that. I also tried to make little background that correspond to their appropriate groups. All of the TOME regions are in there, the Netking Path, the D-Bug Org HQ, Motherboard's Maze plus the auras of all three viruses running throughout different places.

I'm very proud of this piece and would absolutely appreciate any feedback you guys can give on it. Those've you who're still disappointed about the series' premature ending, I hope you still enjoy TTA for what it was and will hopefully have an appreciation for this picture as well; it certainly means a lot to me.

- Character Roll Call -
Alpha, Zetto, Kirbopher, Flamegirl, Nico the Dealer, Gamecrazed, Gamecrasher, Phaxal, Nailock, Ichinar, Sniperwave, Saturndiva, White Queen, Rob*, Giga, Tamerlisa, Foreva, Bokuden, T-Bones, Grounder, Shogun, Hamstar, Tsuzuku, Thunder256, Byte, Majin, Neomutant, Torben, Raccoon, Blingbling, Sojojo, Splat/CosmicDebris, Simdragon, Dustbunny, Demon King, Tormentros/Kalasu Angel, Ravenfreak, Sk8rboi, Erti, Purplethorn, Swiffox, Flashblade, Ryouko, DarkEyesofAnubis, Xirra, Kazaa, Ohma, Fauna, Psycho, Niidol, Anidoug, PaperAceChase, Ruri, Dikayes, MysteryX, Darkblazer, Orbit, Kinetix, AKAKK, D-Bug/Super D-Bug, Volarius, Webmaster, Kindarspirit, Rubyrulz, Blitz128, EXE, Motherboard w/ Virus Excalibur, Rapmaster Flux, Kagemamoru, Kagetou w/ Kageryuken.
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SuperMarioMaster170Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This Picture looks Truly Amazing!
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Wow they all looked so different back then...
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SSJgokuVSshinymewtwoStudent General Artist
Nye was and is a sexy beast XD
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Joseph-JoecloneHobbyist Artist
Whoa I recognize a few of them.
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Retirw-TsitraHobbyist Artist
Holy. CRAP. This is AMAZING!! It just goes to show how much dedication Kirb has put into this. It also shows what has been used on TOME and what may still come. Keep rocking and BRING ON THE SECOND EPISODE OF SEASON 2!!!!
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Where do you find TV TOME Adventures ('^') I want see
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naiksanuStudent Digital Artist
KyndallChildOfHades's avatar
I just found that thanks
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WarpaintPon3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this is really good. Great job Kirb! :D
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By god... This is...AMAZING!!!
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mine-kid23Hobbyist Digital Artist
well DUH cause it IS Amazing and AWESOME
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pic's missing alphazett
mine-kid23's avatar
mine-kid23Hobbyist Digital Artist
well since alphazet is alpha and zetto i guess it makes sence
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mine-kid23Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is AWESOME it has my two favorite characters in the middle and its just to AWESOME for words to describe I do wish that season four was made but now we have TOME which hopefully wont end like TTA did but I'm very very grateful and happy for all you've done Chris
this was DEFIANTLY worth a fav in my opinion
I love TOME and I love TTA so keep up the AMAZING AND AWESOME WORK KIRB
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PathofTheAwesomePieStudent Traditional Artist
I means Collage >w <!
PathofTheAwesomePie's avatar
PathofTheAwesomePieStudent Traditional Artist
:squee: :squee: :squee: BEST MULTIPLAYER COLAB I HAVE.... ALMOST EVER SEEN ( cause this is the ONLY one i've seen XD)!!!!!!!!!! FIVE STARS!!!! d('wd') :squee: :squee: :squee:
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DeathKiller00Hobbyist Artist
Holy Crap! This is one of the best things I've ever seen! Keep up the good work. :wow:
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ObsidianWaspHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice job, man! I saw most of your videos, and they're great!
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JoshtheOverlanderHobbyist General Artist
How come you didn't put the D-Bug dragon in this? Did you want to save time or something? Not that I'm complaining or anything.
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JoshtheOverlanderHobbyist General Artist
Oh, never mind, I see it now!
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amazing work dude! just amazing!
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Kugglelovesanime9Hobbyist General Artist
I commend you for the fact that you made such an inspiring series, that it brought me out from a depressed state (We're talking near suicide here) My friend showed it to me one day and I just kept watching, and by the time I hit the end of the series, I was up and running again. Your work inspired the very foundation of a new manga I am currently in the production of.

This piece reminded me to thank you for all you have done Chris. Wholeheartedly, I thank you.

God be with you always.
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aquawarrior123Hobbyist General Artist
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