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Christmas Gifts - 2015
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Published: December 24, 2015
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To anyone and everyone, who has ever been nice to me. Talked with me. Helped me. Worked with me. Given to me. Believed in me. Inspired me. Entertained me. Forgiven me. Spent time with me. Listened to me. Been honest with me. Pushed me. Accomplished goals with me. Supported me. Shared their lives with me. Trusted me...thank you. Thank so much, for everything. I don't show appreciation nearly as much as I should and this year I wanted to try to give back to everyone. Although it's a small gift, I wish all of you all the happiness in the world. Happy Holidays.
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Dead... This is sad, I've loved TOME and your art
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Whadda ya mean "Dead"?
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His Deviantart is dead
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Wheres da homestuck bruh?! Also love your work 
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Dreamers-DesireHobbyist Traditional Artist
Couple things
1) Amazing as always
2) Flamey's outfit is goals, I plan to cosplay her eventually //has no cosplaying material, rip
3) As I noticed all the fandoms incorporated into this I got increasingly more happy. Everyone you did this for has hella good taste
4) Just wanted to mention, you're a HUUUUUGE inspiration to me. Like, as of right now I just put my (bad lmao) art on dA, but I have a LOT of planned storylines already that I had intended to do something with but had no motivation or reason to do it. But after seeing all of your work and all that, I was really motivated to do it, and now I'm set on learning how to animate and finally doing something with my billions of storylines/timelines/universes. Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for inspiring me so much!
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Thanks a lot; good luck to you!!
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Dreamers-DesireHobbyist Traditional Artist
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futuramaiscool2938Student Digital Artist
Hell o mr.kris,
 U have been a bigb asspiration to me and i have been inspired by your work. i love your stuff can you check out my page plz?

love, bobby
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HOLY CRAP! That's a lot of people! o.o I'm jealous. XD lol
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skysoul25Student General Artist
Welcome Chris, saw your work on those old newground days. :D Always knew you'd be great.
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YBGR General Artist
Keep it up Kirb you're doin' great!
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The Critic going full christmas.....
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I saw Robo Fortune and Monokuma and Togami! C: Nazz too.
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XxAlphaTomeLoverxXStudent Artist
Oh my god is that Kill-La-Kill????
Brony fandom too...
Welp Rick and Mortgage
Megaman, Sonic, Stitch..
VIZIMIND????(hope I spelt her name right..) welp Ladybug got in here
Undertale too??
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Don't forget Eilemonty's pony persona.
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Epic line up! Happy Holidays KIRB. :D
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Characters I can Spot in This Picture: Nazz from Ed, Edd, Eddy, Agumon, Lupin III, Time Patroller Trunks from DBX(Dragon Ball Xenoverse), Akiterra & Gaijin Goombah, Professor Drake Mcwhorter, Ken Landefeld, Ravio, Geno, Doraemon, Grunkle Stanley Pines, Fox Mchloud, Arceus, Mewtwo, Beck AKA Mighty No 9, Rayman, Stitch, Trowzer the Snake from Yooka-Laylee, Pearl from Steven Universe, Gohan, Fat Evil Buu(Fat Buu with the Grey Coloration of Evil Buu), etc.
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KaioConnorStudent Digital Artist
Is that . . . Dumplin? Wait, what's this box-shaped thing appearing next to- no . . . NO PLEASE NO!! STOP!! AAGGH- . . .
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GaijinGoombahHobbyist Artist
Love you bro!
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SealestialStudent General Artist
Haha its so fun to look at this and find characters can name so many!
Also do I spy Rio Nakamura from AssClass in there somewhere between pearl and gijin goomba? Lol
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LunarGirl2zHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm very happy to see how far you have come and how thankful you are to everyone.  I don't know if you will read this, but at the very least I want you to know you have been a big inspiration to me and many other fans here.  I really must thank you for all the great things you did and all the fun stuff that happened because I couldn't ask for any more than just seeing you keep going.  I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a happy new year! Merry Christmas Sign 
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Julie947Student General Artist
I'd like to say thank you to you as well. From the old TTA days you've been there to motivate myself and probably others as well. You just doing what you do is so inspiring that I too can achieve my dreams. It's been a wild ride but I'm glad that I have someone like you to look up to. Thank you so much, I hope you're having a excellent holidays and to have a happy new year.
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Sword-wielding-gamerHobbyist General Artist
Thank YOU Chris. I've said this one thousand times now, but you're my hero. Merry christmas and expect something for your birthday next week! ;) (Wink) 
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