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NEVER Take Two~

Take Two!
This is a bunch of cool dude who I'm friends with. We're on the hunt for Adam Sandler.
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"Kill him with hats!"

The first that popped to mind was everybody's favorite hat simulator. Yep, Team Fortress 2!
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Lol. Best hat similation game EVER.
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Do I sense something here?
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If I recall the history correctly, originally four of us had the SOFA group (Ship Of Fools Alliance), but then Daimyo disappeared on a farm for months. A new group/members congregated on Skype, which Razy recommended calling SYAWLA. None of us got it as none of us were even aware of Always. At that, someone (Gobbo?) pointed out that Never would be the opposite instead of just reversing it, and thus is history.
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It's a tad bit clever, I'll admit!
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Indeed you do~
Never is the manifestation that all that Always hates.
Honestly, I'm surprised nobody has asked this yet. :U
What with Bimbesnaff's, Ometon's, Jamesghost's, and Dedede-Daimyo's Group Pics.

Hope you're not insulted or anything. It's just for teh lulz.
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I never bothered thinking much of it much until recently, it just kinda hit me suddenly.
Though, I wouldn't say me and Always exactly hates anyone as much as we have some complications with some other individuals.... Okay well I can't speak for all of them, but I definitely don't hate.

I wouldn't say I'm insulted as much as it was a thing I noticed.
It's definitely... something though. Cute? Quirky?
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Quirky maybe. More like depraved and angry 50% of the time, utterly bonkers the other 50%.
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Quite the group of party animals I see. :y
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Heheh. I wouldn't say cute or quirky. It's mostly just us being annoying.
Are you the only ALWAYSite who's aware of NEVER? I'm still surprised nobody's said anything.
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Few others noticed, but they don't seem to exactly care much.
Whether I care? I dunno! But it is a thing I noticed for sure.
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Clearly ALWAYS and NEVER should mix to become SOMETIMES.
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That would be an awful idea. I'm sure venom would be spat.
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Is this the new some sort of Mailbag gang? It's cool.
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Sorta! It's a group of people who I chat with and stuff on skype.
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Cool! Funny how a part is from KRR. XD
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"A part" being "the whole dang kaboodle."
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Heeheeheeheehee! This makes me giggle quite a bit! Dang, I'm kinda starting to really like that weird caricature-consisting-of-my-old-initials you made too, even though it's not what I'll be sticking with!

Oh hey... Are you a boo or a kirby here? Boo kirby? You kinda look like a boo with legs there. Cute either way!
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Whale I think.
Gives me an idea.
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I like that varmit Veech with its thick brow. Looks like it could be its own cartoon character rather than the one it was originally based upon.
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