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The first thing you should know is that this account is inactive! Here is some additional info, if needed,

:bulletorange: I RARELY reply to my deviantart notes. Unfortunately I can't disable them.
:bulletorange: I don't check this account and most likely won't reply to messages here, or see them!

:star:My Art and Concepts:star:
:bulletorange: My art, characters and stories are for my use alone and should not be taken from my gallery or edited. They are not available for purchase.
:bulletorange: My characters and concepts are fictional. They come from my imagination. All characters and events are make-believe, and should be regarded as such. In other words, take all my bull honky with a grain of salt. It's fake y'all.
Sometimes I store art. My reasons vary, but they are mine and mine alone.
This account remains and will remain inactive (I think). I mass deleted all but the most recent journals. It was less trouble to delete them than to go through and decide which were worth keeping and which weren't. Most referenced old events, requests, commission lists and things potentially full of dead links and confusing information.
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This account remains inactive, however, I stored a lot of it's deviations today. I stored anything that had a character not of my own design in it, unless I felt I was still pretty familiar with that person or that they wouldn't mind the art being up. If yours is still posted and you would like it put into storage, or if your deviation was put into storage and you would like it taken out of storage, let me know! It make take me a little while to respond. My new account is GreekCeltic ( and will receive messages much faster.
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I just came back to clear some correspondence messages by request. XD I noticed this account still has.. a lot of messages. A lot of comments, watches, and more correspondence messages. I'm sorry to say I don't check this account anymore so a lot of the gallery submission requests are in vain. My new account is located here: ~GreekCeltic (
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What is a furry? Exactly? I draw myself as an animal, but not an anthro. I don't want to think of myself as a furry, so...please explain? x3
you can be like me and call yourself a digital illustrator. You happen to have a fursona, a animal representation of yourself, this doesn't mean you are a furry though. Furry's are extreme examples of dressing up as your character, wearing collars etc. Nothing wrong with furrys or people that want to do this, its just a different way to classify one self.
sorry but that isn't a very good answer, to define "furry" is like defining "water". you can break it down to the most basic components, the basic answer for "what is a furry" is a person interested in animal style creatures. their are furries that dress up, make suits, both anthro and feral, go all out, and they aren't the extreme end. And then thier are furries that don't like to dress up or anything, they only like animal art, even those that only like feral animal art, but if you ever have the thought "what if" then you most likely are a furry as well, in the sense of "what if I could talk to animals, what if they could talk, what if I were that animal, etc etc". It is the same with human beings, the "norm" aren't at the extreme on either end, there's a lot of middle ground where most stay. a few venture out and get labeled for being different until a lot venture out in the same direction, then that becomes part of the norm. Being different really is just a lack of understanding on the viewers part of those that are different. hope this helps.
Sorry I didn't go into depth or as much detail as you did.  Of course there are extreme and tame examples of every sub culture. 

I guess I should have just game a wiki link…
Yay! You're a Texan!