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YinYang Rats Vinyl Stickers

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Finally got some awesome stickers available for sale in my Etsy store! :D Come have a look!

My ever-popular yinyang rats now come in sticker form! 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) large and made with vinyl. This design is also on buttons and magnets! c:

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Thank you! ♥

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I'm finally glad to see the original creator of these! I remember seeing the warning on tumblr about the theft of the design and how you've been battling it, and I'm so glad to have found you on here and see you actually posting them yourself (I didn't know it was you at first and was afraid someone was trying to steal again LOL). I love the design grealy, and have a love of rats. I hope they sell well!
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I'm really thankful for the number of people who are looking out for me because of that art theft post ;u; I never expected it to go as far as it did on tumblr, but I've been warned of infringement I otherwise wouldn't have found because of it. Despite all the people looking to take and steal from me, it's nice to know there are those out there who have my back! ♥ Your kind of support means the world!
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I think I remember hearing about this design, didn't you say it got pirated from a bunch of sites? I was really sorry to hear that.
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Yes, it continues to be stolen and put up on Amazon and AliExpress, among other various lesser-known websites. Doing my best to combat the infringement and report things when I see it happening, but I don't know if it'll ever stop completely. Anyway, I hope that by continuing to add new products with this design into my Etsy store, it'll help show that THIS is the appropriate place to buy it and support the artist! n.n
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These are lovely! If you don’t mind me asking, where do you get your stickers printed? :)
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I've tried a couple different companies, but if you want to get into the sticker game I would recommend trying out Stickermule! You can get sample stickers made for only $9 and free shipping, AND if you use my [referral link] to sign up, you'll get a free $10 credit! :D 
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Many still available! :D [link]
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Lovely design! :+fav:
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Dawww that is cute!
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Aww! Rats!! :heart: They’re so beautiful!! :love:
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love rats ♥ ♥ ♥ blue pixel rat baby 
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I saw this and immediately thought about going out and getting a pet rat today, haha. SO CUTE!!
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Haha I am 100% for that!! ♥ Love these little buggers so damn much ;o;
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You'd need more than one - they're very social animals.
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so cute ;__;
I wish my rats would behave that well towards each other Q__Q

I was wondering, if I would order these stickers, how many would be in a package?
( I like stickers in pairs that's why)
I might conside ;x
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The stickers are priced individually, so it would be one sticker :) Though I do have some other sticker sheet designs in my Etsy as well
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