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Rescreatu Madness

Requests from my art thread on Rescreatu from last June through November. Tried to really channel my inner "simplistic artist" with these, and I really like how most of them turned out but I still went a little too detail-heavy with some of them. Wouldn't mind possibly doing quick little commissions in this kind of style in the near future. All pets are ©
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love your art style
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Thanks so much, Flix! ouo ♥
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How many nice and cool creatures)
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eeeeee eeEEEE :la: so awesome to see them all in a huge big batch fullsize! so very awesome arts gosh *u*

 any chance you'd open these again on res(since i'm a poor fart on dA and real-money -wise)? ;o; understandably you'd get more reasonable profit if you made USD commissions or so, but still thought to ask! ;u;
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Thanks Omena! ouo ♥
Next time I take requests on Res, it will probably be in a similar style to this, yes. I changed my policy to only drawing creatu for points/credits though, so if someone wanted a drawing of their character or their irl pet or something, it'd have to be in USD. I might take a long break before I open up another art thread on Res though, I kind of want to go over to Flight Rising and see what the market is like over there ouo